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The Pitch We live in the digital world of smart phones that Grandmothers have access to, but don't understand or use to their benefit. Many Grandmothers don't know what an app is. They don't know how to engage with it. The KAMA app was made for Grandmothers and they will intuitively understand it. And they will feel less lonely with it. KAMA makes your family grow closer together. The What he love for your family is always there for you. Connect with it! The How At the heart of KAMA is a grandmother-friendly app. It is based on algorithms that suggest how families can communicate to preserve what they have, remember the past and prepare for the future. As copywriters would say: technology of tomorrow for stories of yesterday. What remains after us? What is our legacy? Who will remember us in 100 years? How did our voice sound? What did we love? What do we want to be remembered for? With KAMA these memories are preserved. As photos, videos and voice recordings. This way, we will enrich the lives of our future generations. The KAMA - App encourages conversations and creates memories that will enrich your life. With photos, videos and a user-friendly interface. The confidence and warmth of the past will come back and your family memories will blossom. The Why We believe that family is the most important thing in life. The less we see each other and hear from each other, the more we are missing out. Such as the love of your grandmother.


The Pitch SaltX Technology® stores energy in salt crystals and converts it to heating and cooling, reducing energy consumption and costs by 1/3. Think of it as a battery, but storing thermal energy rather than electricity The What Enabling a carbon emission free future The How SaltX has invented a patented technology to store energy with salt. When SaltX is implemented it enables a significant higher energy efficiency to end customers. The material and science can be applied in many different applications. Today, SaltX's technology collaborate with partners in the Solar, Heat-pump and Heavy-duty Vehicle market to create sustainable and resource efficient products. Our newest application -EnerStore- is designed to store large amounts of energy. Renewable energy is stored in the SaltX material and can be released when needed. The size of the application can be adjustable from family home size to large energy plant size. Think of it as a battery, but storing thermal energy in a sustainable way with small energy losses to a low cost. SaltX Technology’s technology addresses the global climate threat. When fully implemented SaltX could in a large scale reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. The technique itself is environmentally friendly and does not require any toxic substances. The Why SaltX Technology’s vision is to be the “Intel inside” in sustainable heating, cooling and energy storage products.

Nordic Mapping Technologies

The Pitch Nordic Mapping Technologies has developed a versatile digital solution designed to accurately map and automatically generate addresses to rural and semi-rural households all over the globe. The system is designed to facilitate the capturing of key data about these households, thus generating a user database that can be accessed by providers of essential services. The flexible interface of the solution allows us to adapt the application to each type of user, providing them with the information that they need and nothing else. Benefits include having a physical address is a requirement for accessing so many of the services that many take for granted. By literally putting people on the map we make them easier to find when they need emergency assistance, they are allowed to register to vote for national elections, and are able to participate in the economy for example by being able to apply for credit. This opens up new socio-economic and democratic benefits and opportunities for people. The What Connecting people The How We aim to map and provide physical addresses to households, clinics and other public buildings in rural areas of developing countries. Having an address will enable rural households and communities to access emergency service, post and most importantly receive essential government infrastructural benefits like water, electricity and toilets efficiently, other community oriented institutions like schools, kindergartens and clinics will be enabled to be exposed to international donors. People who do not have a physical address lack access to essential services such as rapid emergency response to policing and medical needs, receiving post, applying for credit and registering to vote. The Why Nordic Mapping Technologies opens up new socio-economic and democratic benefits and opportunities for people.


The Pitch To us, climate change is personal. If equipped with the right tool, every single person can make a global impact. CHOOOSE provides climate positivity as a monthly subscription. For companies, we are CSR 2.0, and for individuals, we make sure your carbon footprint is more than just neutralized. The What CHOOOSE is your personal climate action streaming service. Fight climate change by subscribing to the best solutions available to reduce your environmental footprint. We enable people and brands to take instant climate action by offsetting their carbon footprint. The money goes to funding closely selected CO2-reducing projects in developing countries replacing oil and coal with renewable energy - verified by the United Nations (UN). Now you can also contribute to reversing climate change through carbon drawdown projects. CHOOOSE is proud to be one of the world’s first providers of captured and stored carbon. The How More than 35000 individuals, big brands and events have already joined, making themselves, employees, and fans into Chooosers. We are the largest acquirer of climate credits in UNFCCC's history. We have reduced 30 000 000 kilos of CO2 and the climate effect equals over 532 000 fewer flights from London to NY. Our monthly subscription makes you 'climate positive' (meaning you reduce more CO2 than you leave behind). We are five founders with different backgrounds.One corporate lawyer, one management consultant, one PR guy, one digital marketer, and one tech engineer. We were part of the Katapult Accelerator program, as 1 of 12 companies (out of more than 1000 applicants). We are proud to say that we have recently won the Bootstrapped Startup of the year in Nordic Startup Awards, we won the 100 pitches at DNB NXT 2017, and won best Nordic tech company at Extreme Tech Challenge at CES in Las Vegas in 2018. The Why To us, climate change is personal. If equipped with the right tool, every single person can make a global impact. We also combine real climate action with sports and culture making the fight against climate change more fun! We work with ambassadors such as Matoma, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, The national Norwegian hockey team, the national Norwegian ski jumping team and many more. Check out some of our projects here:

Duara Travels

The Pitch Duara is an online travel service that gives independent travellers the chance to experience everyday life in rural, low-income villages in Africa, Asia and Latin America – even on short holidays. Travellers stay in a local homes or guest houses, eat and cook with their hosts and join the daily activities in the village. Host families, and especially women in the families, get extra income and a way to employ themselves. The What Raising income levels in rural villages The How We advocate living with locals in a mutually beneficial fashion. One that not only enriches your travel experiences but directly and responsibly benefits and empowers the local communities within which you’re invited. Staying with farmers, following host families to work, dining together around the table, getting a glimpse into their world and leaving a piece of yourself behind as a way of fostering cultural understanding. Our mission is to raise the income levels in rural, low-income villages by offering the local community new employment opportunities (mainly outside harvesting season). While gaining extra income the villagers get a chance to share their culture - which often makes them want to improve the living conditions in their village. Our business model entails that the payment from travellers is divided: The family hosting the travellers receives 40% of the payment, the local Duara contact receives 10% of the payment, 10% goes to a carefully elected savings group in the neighborhood to benefit the whole community, and lastly, Duara Travels receives 30% of the payment to help maintain and develop the service. The remaining 10% goes to international money transfer costs, caused by paying each party separately. The Why When we travel we want to meet local people and experience real life. We dream about being treated as friends, not as guests.


The Pitch CodersTrust is a financial firm that provides education and micro loans to students in emerging countries. The What Replacing a 100-years old workforce model The How Learn more, earn more! CodersTrust is providing education and micro loans to students in emerging countries, so they can improve their coding skills and earn more money on freelance markets. Our business idea is essentially very simple: one of the biggest barriers to technology-based economic development in developing countries is the relatively high cost of - generally poor quality - of appropriate education and particularly access for "base of the pyramid"​ to education and jobs within the tech-based economy. Be part of our mission and become our backer, advisor or mentor - We provide access to online tech based education, and you can empower young talented individuals, give them the tools to change their lives and prospects for the future! The Why The educational system as we know it needs to go through some major changes. Unfortunately, not much has really changed about school as a whole since back the 18th century.

Joukon Voima

The Pitch Our crowdfunding service provides understandable, impactful and profitable investment targets for ordinary people in the fields of sustainable development and renewable energy. For project owners, we provide an alternative stream of funding and create marketing value through active campaign management and an access to our funder base. The What Collaboration: eradicating energy poverty together The How We’re happy to announce that, to do our bit in eradicating energy poverty, Joukon Voima is now collaborating with Swedish crowdfunding platform TRINE. 1.2 billion people around the world currently lack access to electricity and TRINE seeks to solve this problem by closing the gap between private capital in developed countries and local solar partners in emerging markets. As of March 2017, the Joukon Voima-website will be exhibiting TRINE’s projects alongside our own, so that contributing is even easier than before for Finnish crowdfunders. The Why We want to provide ordinary people with a direct way to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow without trade-offs on profitability. Make a buck - make an impact.

The Human Aspect

The Pitch The Human Aspect strides to be the hub for people facing life head-on. Instead of letting a challenge grow into a mental trauma, you can now tap into our global experience library and let it be part of your development. The What Sharing experience-based knowledge The How The Human Aspect is the foundation of the worlds first online video life experience library. We have gathered life experiences from all over the world through video interviews and organized it in a library, easily accessible to all. We all have people around us guiding us through life, but this is limited to your closest circle. Now, this circle can be expanded with the global THA network. Access experience guidance from all over the world in the flick of a thumb. We make it possible for anyone to find someone who has been in the same situation as themselves independent of race, culture, religion, age and social affiliation. The foundation has created the library, now they are building the community for interactive experience exchange. The next level is the matching function to match external actors working to support people on challenges, like support centres, coaches, psychologists, physiotherapists, the health sector and similar with those who need them. To be able to host a complete service. The Why Making experience-based knowledge globally accessible and trustworthy.


The Pitch Vipicash is more than a fintech company. We’re on a mission to change the way money is being sent abroad. We understand the frustrations that come with sending money back home and we’re here to do something about it. Whether you want to pay for loved ones or invest in a business or property, you shouldn’t have to guess how your money is spent. The What Empowering women, and making sure remittance and donations are able to be tracked and spent in the right way. The How VipiCash is a decentralized remittance and aid transfer platform built on the ethereum blockchain. Empowering women, and making sure remittance and donations are able to be tracked and spent in the right way. The Why Vipicash let’s you to lock your money into the goods and services you choose so your family get the support they need and your projects can really take off.

AddSeat by AddMovement AB

The Pitch AddSeat by AddMovement is designed to maximise mobility of the individual with a small footprint electric gyro based wheelchair that is environmentally friendly. The AddSeat creates a new level of mobility allowing you to reach places that in a normal wheelchair would be exhausting. The What Repositioning mobility The How AddSeat is created to give both the user and the family freedom to live a richer life with more independence. Following your friends and family on adventurous trips with challenging environments should not be a struggle, but a joy. The AddSeat creates a new level of mobility allowing you to reach places that in a normal wheelchair would be exhausting. With a footprint as small as a manual wheelchair, getting the AddSeat into an elevator or transporting it in a car is much easier. The variable height seating option allows a greater access to different areas plus a more natural height for communication, the active suspension giving even greater comfort in daily use. The AddSeat is based on founder Marit Sundin's own experience: "I lost my legs in a car accident when I was three years old and had always had to find solutions for obstacles of all sizes. As a twelve-year-old I discovered skiing and it quickly became a passion in my life. In 1990, I won all of the sit-ski disciplines at the World Cup in Winter Park, Colorado. Two years later, I won Olympic gold in the giant slalom in French Albertville, but my Olympic venture ended with a crash and a spinal injury that forced me to give up my alpine career. A sedentary life has never been on the books for me...having as active an everyday life as possible have turned me into a problem-solver and innovator on many levels." The Why Everyone should have the ability to go where they want when they want.


The Pitch tiimo is an app for smartwatches and smartphones, specifically designed to help children with ADHD, Autism and Brain damage in their everyday lives. tiimo guides and supports the child throughout their day. As an interactive little friend, tiimo will consistently give helpful advice to the child and provide a clear overview of what he or she has to do. The What Empowering children with extra needs The How tiimo is working to improve the lives of children with need for extra structure and independence in everyday life, including children with ADHD, autism and light brain damage. We do that by using strategies and tools recommended for children with special needs - like structure, focus, time management and pictograms - and combine them in one digital solution. Our app is specially designed for smartwatches and works as an interactive friend on the arm that guides and supports the child throughout the day. Through a visual calendar with icons, small vibrations and time management, we provide the structure, overview and independance the child needs. The Why The purpose of tiimo is to give children peace of mind and a robustness to succeed in life.


The Pitch Wattero offers solar energy projects as an investment opportunity for Norwegians. We connect Norwegians who want to make ethical investments with profitable solar projects that need funding. We find the projects through our local partner and market them to the Norwegian market. The What Providing clean energy all over the world The How Our vision is to offer access to clean energy to people all over the world. With the help of our local partners, we look for areas without access to grid electricity and develop off grid solar energy projects. We are social entrepreneurs that are motivated to contribute towards the 2030 agenda about developing technologies that can empower people and are eco-friendly at the same time. We believe that it is possible to invest in an ethical way that we can allow others to have access to clean and renewable energy and improve people's lifes. Currently we are working in Tripoko, a small village located in the south-west of the Ivory Coast. We chose to launch the first project in Ivory Coast as it is a country with huge potential for introducing solar energy as an alternative energy source. Although solar power already exists in the country, it is still many people who need access to energy. The Why We are motivated by the possibility of providing clean energy to people who need it, enabling development, empowerment and sustainability.


The Pitch Nextmile is a service and community for senior employees and retirees for long and healthy life. Work is crucial part for well being, we have developed a solution for smooth retiring from working life and enabling flexible ways to work during retirement. The What Western societies are struggling with costly age structure. In European Union almost 70 million people are reaching retirement age within next decade. Pension costs are rising millions and millions every year. We enable retired citizens to be active and meaningful part of society by enabling flexible working. The How We want nobody to retire alone. We have noticed that the overall attitude toward work is changing. We also look at our own work history in a new way. We strive to provide tools and guidance so that the new phase of your working life will start naturally and at the pace you like. We are piloting a web service for motivated senior experts to introduce their professional experience and know-how to potential employers to hire. The Why Retirement doesn't mean the end of dreaming, vice versa, we need to pursue our dreams as long as we live. And that keeps us living and healthy. Senior citizens can be the real force of change in this time we live. We want to bring them up from forgetfulness back to bright lights and driving forces of societies!

VenomAid Diagnostics

We create impact by providing affordable rapid diagnostics for snakebite envenoming. Each year more than five million people are bitten by venomous snakes. Snakebite envenoming calls for rapid diagnosis and correct treatment to avoid death and disability. VenomAid presents a solution to this problem: An affordable, easy-to-use, point-of-care device that provides a reliable diagnostic result within minutes. We provide a fast and reliable diagnostic tool, ensuring that the required treatment can start at once. This will minimize both fatalities and permanent sequelae that victims suffer from, especially in the poor rural parts of the world.


The Pitch Tomorrow is a tech startup building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities, and gives you mean to compensate for your emissions. The What Citizens care about climate change, but don’t know how to act. They ask what they personally can do to fight climate change, and find it’s too cumbersome to understand their emissions and to compensate for them. The existing solution is simply to cumbersome: to compensate for emissions, one has to manually enter all activities into a carbon calculator, or to use an estimated value which is not precise enough. The How We're building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities. It does so by connecting to third parties to reach the history of activities performed by the user. For example, by connecting to emails, we can retrieve the list of flights from the receipts. By connecting to Uber, we can retrieve the list of Uber trips. We're building an open source community of people helping us build all those integrations. Furthermore, we want to make it easy for users to expense work-related emission compensations to their employer The Why We're doing this because there's a high demand from people around us to act more sustainably and to understand their footprint. As climate change is the most challenging problem of our time, we're here to build the single source of truth for carbon information based on an open movement. To know more about why: