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We’re a Copenhagen-based fintech company with an office located in the heart of Copenhagen, and our international team counts people from England, Scotland, South Africa, France, Brazil and Denmark. We value thoughtfulness and transparency, as well as ambition and innovation, and strive to encourage this in each other, as well as in our practices and products. We want you to feel as a part of the journey, to share ideas and concerns freely, and invite you to join our company trips, Friday bars and other collective endeavors. We support flexibility, so you’re able to combine working at Matter with the demands of family life, an interest in horses, or kite surfing. We do. Our journey is backed by a range of Danish and international investors, and we are increasingly facing new opportunities that go beyond the pension market in Denmark. We hope to go there with you.


Monsenso is an innovative health technology company offering an mHealth solution to help optimise the treatment of mental disorders. Our mission is to help healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals overcome the burden of mental illness. Based on continued research and development, our team is committed to developing comprehensive solutions that fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals, increasing the quality and efficacy of their treatment.   We are a young, international company with employees from many different countries and our working environment is relaxed and fun.  We offer the flexibility to work from home sometimes, and we believe that work/life balance is important. We organise social activities on a quarterly basis where everyone is invited to join and have fun. Some of the activities we have organised are paintball, mystery room and the cable park among others.


Vakansa vision is to create a sustainable urban planning by meet peoples needs without constructing any new buildings. A platform that wants to make it as easy as possible to share facilities when they are not being used through our platform We are an AirBnB and GuestIt in one platform. Watch this TedX -


We are creating a new generation of digital communication in the healthcare sector. Our apps are reducing anxiety for people undergoing hospital treatment and educating skilled birth attendants in developing countries, in order to save the lives of mothers and newborns. Using visual narratives and technology, we are working to set new global standards for digital health and modern communication. Our work has been featured at WWDC 2016 in a Tim Cook keynote, we have won the Danish Design Award 2018 and a German Design Award 2019 and we still feel we have just started.


Every year 6 billion SEK of personal accident insurance compensation go unclaimed in Sweden! Why so? One of the main reasons is that it is extremely difficult to go through the claims process, which requires both time, knowledge and a lot of patience. With Insurello, there is no need to understand insurance specific language, have all the time in the world or have a certain background. We want to help all people claim their accident insurances money instantly online and change the insurance landscape for the better. WHAT HAVE WE ACCOMPLISHED? As of now, we're helping more than 80 000+ people claim their insurances through our platform, and the user count is growing by the hour. We were awarded the Start-up of the Year 2017 award by Business Challenge, and top-100 InsurTech start-ups in the world by Fintech Global. Since 2018, we have raised more than 100 M SEK from leading Venture Capitalist firms and trusted investors who've brought in not just money but credibility, network and business assets. We have built a winning team of ~80 awesome and highly motivated Insurellians based in Stockholm. During the first half of 2020, we have doubled the team! Right now, we are providing opportunities for fair compensation in Sweden and Denmark, expanding to France and Germany in 2021!


Who we are Each year in Denmark, over 2 million people upgrade their smartphones, but few have a clear idea of what to do with their previous device. Of course, they could sell it or trade it in, but today these options are primarily perceived as a hassle, a scam, or a waste of time. This results in Danes often having two or more smartphones wasting in a dusty drawer. Our mission to reduce this waste and to make the best use of their potential by providing a transparent, fair, and simple way to ensure that our old technology gets used to its fullest extent. The user can then support sustainable causes through our platform with the value of their used phones. Why do we exist? Used phones are extremely valuable. In fact, every year we estimate that at least one billion kroner worth of used phones enters the market in Denmark alone. On top of this, smartphone production has tremendous environmental and social impacts that are seldom talked about. Making the best use of minerals and labor that has already been put into our phones is the least we can do. Through research, we found that most people do not sell or trade-in their devices today for various reasons. However, over 90% of people responded that they would donate the value that their used phone could be sold for, entirely or in part, to philanthropic causes so long as it was easy and transparent. Therefore, not only are the causes we support genuinely good, but they provide the motivation to awaken a large and growing market. Today there is no platform where this can easily be done. Lokalist aims to fill this gap in the market and be the platform where people and businesses can easily donate all or part of the value of their used technology to support sustainable actions we all want to see more of. What happens to the used phones? The used phones we receive are safely wiped, complying with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They then have a 92% chance to be refurbished or harvested for working components. The semi-new phones are sold in markets across the world to be loved by future users. The phones that cannot be refurbished are responsibly recycled, making sure to reuse minerals that are otherwise impactful to mine. Our values As a company, we focus heavily on integrating the Nordic values of transparency, honesty, community, and simplicity into our mission. This is not typical of our competitors in this space. By being active in the carrying-out of the sustainable causes with our partners, and showing our users instantly how their device could support them, we believe we can help make the best use of our e-waste while spreading the love.


The DrugStars ecosystem comprises the DrugStars medication app, the SaaS platform for pharmaceutical companies and payors, and the "Trustpilot" for meds. DrugStars is committed to empowering patients. The company donates 20% of its revenues to over 240 global patient organisations and enables the users to earn donations for their chosen organisation. To date, DrugStars has donated €506,000 to 240 patient organisations around the world.


Om Learnlink Learnlink er et raskt voksende, norsk selskap som leverer skreddersydd læring på nett. Siden lanseringen i 2016 har vi vokst til å bli den største leverandøren i Norge av online én-til-én-undervisning og hjulpet tusenvis av elever på grunnskolen og VGS til å få høyere motivasjon og mestringsfølelse. Å JOBBE I LEARNLINK Learnlinks kjerneteam på 7 fulltidsansatte og 4 deltidsansatte driver selskapet fra dag til dag. Et erfarent og kompetent styre bidrar sammen med teamet til å stake ut selskapets retning, og de mer enn 300 personlige lærerne gjennomfører selve undervisningen. Vi har i tillegg et knippe dyktige rådgivere som bistår med alt fra kundeforståelse til strategi. Læring og utvikling i fokus Felles for alle som jobber i Learnlink er at vi er manisk opptatt av å lære. Vi legger opp til å vokse raskt fordi det er den beste måten å få jevn tilførsel av nye utfordringer på, og har en åpen dialog om hvordan vi selv og andre i teamet kan bli bedre. Påvirkningskraft Som et raskt voksende selskap i tidlig fase er det sjeldent mangel på utfordringer å løse eller områder å forbedre. Nye ansatte får raskt ansvar og er selv med på å stake ut retningen for å utvikle seg selv, stillingen sin og teamet som helhet. Datadrevet resultatorientering Vi bruker data aktivt i beslutningsprosesser og måling av fremdrift, og hver ansatt har ansvar for et knippe KPIer som definerer ansvarsområdene. Dette gjør det tydelig hvilke utfordringer som er de viktigste å løse og gjør det enklere å samarbeide om å komme videre. Du oppfordres til å være deg selv Learnlink-teamet består av ulike personligheter, men felles for alle er at de er spesielt gode på det de gjør. Det skal være komfortabelt å ta med seg både styrker og svakheter på jobb. Vi har mye sosialt i forbindelse med jobben, både planlagt og ad-hoc. ENGLISH In Learnlink, we make learning personal. As all children have different needs, it makes little sense to teach everyone in the same manner, which is why we provide learning that is tailored to the specific need of every child. Learnlink was founded in 2016 by three university students who experienced the tutoring market as old-fashioned and inefficient. Learnlink offers a tailored, personal one-on-one learning experience through their online platform in order to help children learn better and faster. As of 2020, Learnlink is the largest provider of online tutoring in Norway. More than 400 University students are engaged as tutors, helping thousands of children gain self-confidence, become motivated, and overcome learning obstacles.


Frekis mission is to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships. We believe our contribution is important to make a positive change to our environment, whilst making business and having fun. We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and new jobs are created


Fresh.Land is a startup with a new model for the food industry. We developed a pioneering platform that shortens and digitizes the food supply chain. It allows farmers to sell fresh products directly to consumers, using the trees as their “warehouse” and cutting 3-5 middlemen. Our platform provides all the logistics, payment, legal, and knowledge required in one integrated solution. Fresh.Land was coined “truly pioneering” (WWF) and “one of the most promising green startups in Denmark” (Forbes). Our disruptive idea won the European Youth Award (Austria), EcoSummit Gold Winner (Germany), Nordic Cleantech Open (Sweden), WWF Climate Solver Award (Denmark), Portugal Digital Awards (Portugal), and Green Tech Challenge (Denmark). We have offices in Copenhagen and Portugal. The company is profitable and growing at a very fast pace. We are preparing to launch commercially in 8 EU countries. The management team includes former senior McKinsey consultants and senior executives from the food industry, with a proven track-record in building and exiting successful companies in the past. According to WWF, “Fresh.Land can save 88% of CO₂ from storage and reduce food waste by 10%, saving 12.7 million tons of CO₂ annually by 2026”. Our just-in-time model is at the forefront of the green transition in the food industry and fostering a shift to a more plant-based diet.