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The Pitch Mimbly is a Gothenburg-based startup that aims to provide accessible water recycling by developing products that break down the biggest impediment to recycling - simplicity. Our journey is just beginning. We believe in creating innovative solutions that directly tackle water scarcity. The What Changing the way water is consumed today The How We develop innovative products for the household that directly tackle water scarcity. Household water consumption has a tremendous effect on the world's overall freshwater resources. In the western world, each household consumes 950 litres of water per day. Accounting for 10% of the total freshwater resources, which account for 978 trillion litres of water per year. Everything started by searching for an answer to a critical question: "Do we really need potable drinking water in our washing machines?" The Mimbox directly tackles that question, providing an interesting outlook for the use of greywater in the home. The Why We believe in tackling water scarcity by acting at the source of water consumption.


The Pitch KiteX develops a mobile wind turbine using kite and drone technology. Being mobile opens up new financing options and makes hard to reach places accessible. The energy created replaces costly and polluting diesel. Cheaper energy will help societies reduce the average amount of “hard” work required to sustain a given living standard, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits. The What Renewable energy through kites The How We are building a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper. It utilises drone technology to autonomously control a flying wing tethered to the ground, and this wing acts as the blade of a traditional wind turbine. Because it needs no tower, only a small foundation and uses its “blades” (the wings) much more efficiently, it only needs a fraction of the material of a conventional system, for the same power output. This is where costs are saved, and it is the reason it can be installed almost anywhere, without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure. The Why We are developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost-effective option.

Gro Play

The Pitch Gro Planet is an immersive digital learning platform, which helps teachers K-3 prepare children for 21st-century skills and abilities in an engaging learning context that matters to the students. The What Securing the future of our children The How At Gro Play, we create GOOD GAME experiences in order to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. We believe that Play is not only the most fun but also the most powerful way of learning. By entertaining and inspiring children and their parents, together we are shaping a healthier and more sustainable future. At Gro Play we publish our own titles which are available for a global audience. See our apps here. We also help brands, companies and organisations develop games and entertainment. Read more about some of the work we have done so far. Gro Play is a STING alumni and has been part of the Reach for Change program with the aim of helping children and youth to a better life. Gro Play is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green award 2012. The Why Our mission is to give ALL children access to a future-proof education to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. We want to support a sustainable, democratic and innovative society.

Flow Loop

The Pitch We have developed a shower panel that can save up to 85% water and 75% energy while providing a much better flow than a standard shower. Our system is easy to retrofit in existing bathrooms and also reduces problems with lime scale and the risk of legionella. The What Saving water through comfort The How At Flow Loop we have a vision to change the way we use water as a resource and help to secure sufficient clean water in the near future. We believe the best way we can do this is to provide innovation that changes how we use water in our homes and support the integration of sustainable living into the mainstream market. By doing so we also aim to change the mindset towards the way we use water as a precious resource and advance public awareness towards a more sustainable future. After initiating the shower in the regular mode, all you need to do is step on the drain cover - which will automatically activate the circulation mode. Instead of letting all the warm water go to waste down the drain, Flow Loop recovers it from the floor and passes it through the filtration system, before recirculating it to your shower head cleaner than before and with 50% higher flow - while adding just a little bit of warm water to keep the temperature adjusted. The Why We want to enable any household to save water and energy without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Exero Technologies

The Pitch Exero is developing adaptive sports equipment for people with disabilities. We believe that everyone should have the same possibilities to stay active and live a happy lifestyle. Therefore, we are focusing on making outdoor exercise more accessible and fun. Exero is changing the game of adaptive sports by focusing on design and functionality. The What Empowering people to stay active The How The team behind Exero Technologies consists of dedicated product developers and motivated entrepreneurs located in Oslo. It all started by trying to solve today’s issues with equipment to stay active for people with disabilities. The lack of equipment makes it difficult to stay active if you are disabled. Due to heavy and large solutions it is hard to maintain the functional parts of the body independently. Due to this and non-existing steering mechanisms on today's sleds which is often used, Exero started developing Spike. Spike has been developed in corporation with end users and is the first solution in the market that makes it possible to steer and create forward power simultaneously. Spike has been well accepted from the market as it can be individually adapted to each end-user and has a sporty and unique design. It is now ready to be launched to the market in Norway through paying customer the Norwegian Welfare system. Our goal is to develop new solutions in a market with huge potential by focusing on functionality, individual adaption and design. The Why Everyone should be able to have the same possibilities to stay active and live a happy lifestyle. At Exero we want to make this possible.

Zabai AS

Zabai Online Learning is a cloud-based solution that enables you to efficiently administrate training and competence your learners. Our solution is designed to meet the needs of local organizations and learners in developing countries. Zabai Online Learning gives access to a generic course catalogue with a variety of courses relevant for young people in developing countries and available in local languages. Zabai's mission is to deliver modern learning experiences that improve the learners performance. We have two decades of experience to develop interactive learning programs that engage learners and accelerate skills development, including web-based training, video based training, mobile learning apps and blended training.