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The Pitch Tomorrow is a tech startup building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities, and gives you mean to compensate for your emissions. The What Citizens care about climate change, but don’t know how to act. They ask what they personally can do to fight climate change, and find it’s too cumbersome to understand their emissions and to compensate for them. The existing solution is simply to cumbersome: to compensate for emissions, one has to manually enter all activities into a carbon calculator, or to use an estimated value which is not precise enough. The How We're building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities. It does so by connecting to third parties to reach the history of activities performed by the user. For example, by connecting to emails, we can retrieve the list of flights from the receipts. By connecting to Uber, we can retrieve the list of Uber trips. We're building an open source community of people helping us build all those integrations. Furthermore, we want to make it easy for users to expense work-related emission compensations to their employer The Why We're doing this because there's a high demand from people around us to act more sustainably and to understand their footprint. As climate change is the most challenging problem of our time, we're here to build the single source of truth for carbon information based on an open movement. To know more about why:


The Pitch We provide an affordable high-quality facility service for businesses, by employing well trained, motivated and friendly refugees. While simultaneously ensuring good working conditions and fair living wages for refugees in Denmark. The What Creating jobs for refugees The How YES CPH CO. is an impact startup that works towards alleviating some key social issues in Denmark. We work primarily towards challenging the unacceptable working conditions for migrants and refugees in the unskilled labor market in Denmark. Through our work as a service company, we provide an affordable high-quality facility service for businesses, by employing well trained, motivated and friendly refugees. Everyone should have the opportunity to prove themselves. We at YES give refugees in Denmark that opportunity. We need you to be part of the mission BTW, YES means'​ Young, Excellent & Social '​ The Why We enable a better life quality and independence for refugees outside of Danish labor force.

Lulu Lab

The Pitch Lulu Lab is on an empowering mission! We <3 technology and strongly advocate for using technology to empower small communities, children in rural areas and many others who do not have the same access to digital life like you and me. Lulu Lab is an impact start-up developing digital tools for social development, to empower our users and ensure that the future is in their hands! The What Learning must be fun The How Learning must be fun! We wish to empower girls and boys with our simple, fun and visual gamified learning experience called Lulu’s Journey to help them pursue more opportunities in life! There is a huge need for sexual and reproductive health education in Africa and beyond, and we love seeing our users benefit from using our digital learning tool. While our users play, we learn more about their knowledge level and learning progress within various topics such as pregnancy, STDs, menstruation and other sexual and reproductive health related concerns, which is of great interest to our partners. The Why Lulu Lab is currently developing the game Lulu’s Journey, where we are giving our users the power to learn!


The Pitch TinkerBlue is a start-up hub platform which contributes with necessary support functions, networking and community building for tech entrepreneurs. The company is focused on facilitating a platform for technology entrepreneurs from minority groups in the startup phase, mainly with immigrant backgrounds. The What Support integration via job creation The How TinkerBlue moves the perception of immigrants in the greater society from being job seekers to job creators. This will happen in the long term through featuring highly skilled and successful immigrant entrepreneurs in Norway. The motivation is to utilize technology skillsets among immigrant groups that are not used or underutilized today. TinkerBlue will provide a fast tech development platform where concepts will be developed with agile methodologies – a place where the tech market can place fast orders and receive value through developing prototypes on demand. Further, TinkerBlue will provide a supportive and nurturing environment where tech entrepreneurs with immigrant backgrounds will be able to build their own business on their own terms, receiving exactly the support they need to succeed. The Why TinkerBlue’s mission is to support integration of members of minority groups into the greater society through job creation in the technology sector.


The Pitch SubReader helps people with reading difficulties by reading aloud subtitles on TV, movies and shows as well as in the cinema. Today, dyslexics and people with reading difficulties can get the subtitles read out loud in more than 20 cinemas. The What Empowering people with dyslexics The How The company is based on behalf of founder Alexander's personal experiences with his own little brother, who suffers from dyslexic. The two brothers love to watch movies together, but he has reached the age where he wants to watch english movies, which requires his mom to read the subtitles aloud for him and everyone else. Because of this, he never attends social gatherings like cinema trips and movie nights. These experiences inspired Alexander and the other partners to develop SubReader in order to allow people with dyslexics to enjoy a new world of movies together with their peers. SubReader offers an app that reads subtitles aloud on feature films. By using one of the earplugs of the phone, you can hear both the sound of the movie and the sound from the reading at the same time. This also avoids disturbing other cinematic readers. The Why SubReader's purpose is to develop a tool, that can help people with reading disabilities in their spare time, to remove the barriers it creates.


Bridging offline and online for retail - Instantly connect with your customers via text, chat, and video. Millijoin is a Saas-solution that helps build longterm and loyal relationships between brands and their customers while generating new revenue. POST COVID REALITY The coronavirus is accelerating the structural changes in retail – towards digital interaction, direct-to-consumer, and away from brick and mortar. Brands and organizations that haven’t historically been easily available digitally must rapidly adapt to the “new normal” or they won’t survive. Shoppers will remember and value which retailers and consumer goods companies met their needs and formed a personal relationship during these times, influencing long-term loyalty and affinity.

MASH Biotech

The Pitch We specialise in taking waste resources and turning them into valuable and sustainable commodities such as electricity, biofuels and fertilisers. Our unique approach to dealing with supply chain and technology development enables us to provide these commodities at a price similar to that of the unsustainable competing products. The What Making waste valuable The How We possess a deep understanding of the practical and economic implications of extracting value from feedstocks of many types. Our experience comes from practical development and operations of many different process plants using a wealth of different feedstocks such as woody biomass, waste plastics, municipal solid waste and used car tyres. We have perfected the process of quickly and precisely establishing whether a given feedstock is viable and how to process it. The Why Our mission is to leverage our unique technological insights in creating cost-effective, high-impact solutions for the developing world. We are motivated by the fact that our solutions can fill important gaps in the livelihoods of people and communities and the fact that we can see a way toward sustainable, thriving communities.


The Pitch Diretto is a platform for jobs between private individuals. We have built a platform for P2P employment that streamlines this process by automating everything including potential tax payments and RUT/ROT deductions. We are the ethical alternative in the gig economy, ensuring that taxes are correct for employment between two private individuals. The What Job creation through direct employment The How Diretto is a Swedish startup. We are developing a platform for P2P employment ensuring that taxes and necessary documents automatically are correctly generated. Anna, the founder of Diretto is terrible at cooking. She employed people who had recently arrived in Sweden to help her family with cooking. It created opportunities for meeting new people and trying out new and exciting dishes as well as providing a job opportunity for someone who wanted to get going in the job market. Others liked the idea and wanted to do the same but thought the administration of being an employer was complicated. Many people were not even aware that individuals can hire each other without any company being involved. The idea of Diretto was born; building a platform to facilitate for individuals who want to become responsible employers and create more job opportunities. The Why People who are new in the country should have an easier way of finding the first job and getting started with creating a network, practising the language and earning money. We want to contribute to a more cosmopolitan, inclusive and sustainable society.


The Pitch We connect farmers in rural Africa through their phones with local agriculture SMEs and international corporations to help them getting more harvest per acre and a higher price per sack of harvest. The What Enabling East African farmers with mobile services The How Sibesonke wants to bring life empowering mobile services to the world’s 2.5 billion phones users in the developing world who are without Internet. We leverage cost efficient server technologies for mobile agriculture, mobile health, mobile SME, and mobile education services. Sibesonke works on every mobile phone using SMS and USSD; a text based browsing protocol allowing faster information download than SMS. Sibesonke's phone service (USSD) allows customers to review important information on agriculture and interact with companies and other farmers. The Why Sibesonke's mission is to solve the poverty of millions of smallholder farmers in East Africa and beyond.


The Pitch We make 360-videos into interactive VR-experiences. Our software tools make it possible for brands and filmmakers to create and publish deep and interactive stories in VR using 360-film. The What Telling stories like never before The How SceneThere founders - and long-time friends - Marcus and Marcus built their first 3D world in 1998, but it’s not until the last 2 years – with the advent of VR – that they’ve been able to fully realize their vision around interaction and 360 films. Having helped world-leading research institute “Stockholm Resilience Centre” to use VR to boost empathy for life and challenges for the inhabitant in a Brazilian favela, their technology was shown in 2016 to top-level energy ministers at NYTimes Energy for tomorrow as well as UN’s conference Habitat 3. Our mission is to empower storytellers to tell deep stories about impact, transparency and sustainability. Using cutting-edge VR technology, we hope to cut through the ignorance and create empathy and understanding for causes on social as well as environmental issues. The Why We want to create empathy & understanding around social and environmental issues.

Pangea Accelerator

The Pitch Pangea is an accelerator program and an investment platform that matches African startups with investors. We create an enabling environment, where African entrepreneurs can develop competence, access relevant network, and capital in order to reach their full potential. We currently organize programs in Kenya and are looking to expand to more countries. The What Empower youth in Africa through business The How Pangea is an accelerator program, Investor program and Investment platform The Pangea Accelerator Program is a three months milestone based accelerator program focusing on validation and scalability. The Pangea Accelerator ensures the investment readiness of your startup and connects you with the right angel and diaspora investors. Pangea has incubated over 40 Startups from Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt The Pangea Investor Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors. Investors gain first-hand experience through direct interaction with startups in the accelerator. The investment program encourages interaction and cooperation between investors in evaluating startups and learning practical skills in making smart investments. The program comprises of 6 sessions that run simultaneously to the accelerator program. At the end of the program, money is awarded to one or more companies and angel investors become limited partners in a venture fund. The last Pangea investor program had 30 investors and we will soon open up for application to the next program. The Pangea investment platform enables you to learn, invest and make an impact. We are currently building our platform. The Why We are an investment and competence development platform that connects talented & impact driven start-ups with international angel investors


The Pitch Mimbly is a Gothenburg-based startup that aims to provide accessible water recycling by developing products that break down the biggest impediment to recycling - simplicity. Our journey is just beginning. We believe in creating innovative solutions that directly tackle water scarcity. The What Changing the way water is consumed today The How We develop innovative products for the household that directly tackle water scarcity. Household water consumption has a tremendous effect on the world's overall freshwater resources. In the western world, each household consumes 950 litres of water per day. Accounting for 10% of the total freshwater resources, which account for 978 trillion litres of water per year. Everything started by searching for an answer to a critical question: "Do we really need potable drinking water in our washing machines?" The Mimbox directly tackles that question, providing an interesting outlook for the use of greywater in the home. The Why We believe in tackling water scarcity by acting at the source of water consumption.


The Pitch KiteX develops a mobile wind turbine using kite and drone technology. Being mobile opens up new financing options and makes hard to reach places accessible. The energy created replaces costly and polluting diesel. Cheaper energy will help societies reduce the average amount of “hard” work required to sustain a given living standard, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits. The What Renewable energy through kites The How We are building a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper. It utilises drone technology to autonomously control a flying wing tethered to the ground, and this wing acts as the blade of a traditional wind turbine. Because it needs no tower, only a small foundation and uses its “blades” (the wings) much more efficiently, it only needs a fraction of the material of a conventional system, for the same power output. This is where costs are saved, and it is the reason it can be installed almost anywhere, without large cranes and other expensive infrastructure. The Why We are developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost-effective option.

Gro Play

The Pitch Gro Planet is an immersive digital learning platform, which helps teachers K-3 prepare children for 21st-century skills and abilities in an engaging learning context that matters to the students. The What Securing the future of our children The How At Gro Play, we create GOOD GAME experiences in order to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. We believe that Play is not only the most fun but also the most powerful way of learning. By entertaining and inspiring children and their parents, together we are shaping a healthier and more sustainable future. At Gro Play we publish our own titles which are available for a global audience. See our apps here. We also help brands, companies and organisations develop games and entertainment. Read more about some of the work we have done so far. Gro Play is a STING alumni and has been part of the Reach for Change program with the aim of helping children and youth to a better life. Gro Play is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green award 2012. The Why Our mission is to give ALL children access to a future-proof education to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. We want to support a sustainable, democratic and innovative society.

Flow Loop

The Pitch We have developed a shower panel that can save up to 85% water and 75% energy while providing a much better flow than a standard shower. Our system is easy to retrofit in existing bathrooms and also reduces problems with lime scale and the risk of legionella. The What Saving water through comfort The How At Flow Loop we have a vision to change the way we use water as a resource and help to secure sufficient clean water in the near future. We believe the best way we can do this is to provide innovation that changes how we use water in our homes and support the integration of sustainable living into the mainstream market. By doing so we also aim to change the mindset towards the way we use water as a precious resource and advance public awareness towards a more sustainable future. After initiating the shower in the regular mode, all you need to do is step on the drain cover - which will automatically activate the circulation mode. Instead of letting all the warm water go to waste down the drain, Flow Loop recovers it from the floor and passes it through the filtration system, before recirculating it to your shower head cleaner than before and with 50% higher flow - while adding just a little bit of warm water to keep the temperature adjusted. The Why We want to enable any household to save water and energy without compromising on comfort or convenience.