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The Pitch WeMotion wants to end the cycle of poverty for girls in Africa to stay in school through online mentoring and education using technology. We follow this mission by transforming lives of young Gambian girls through online mentoring, reading programs, scholarship opportunities and career building. With the aim of addressing and ending the root cause of social problems face by girls in The Gambia. The What Access to quality and affordable education The How WeMotion exits to end the cycle of poverty for girls in Africa through online mentoring and education using technology. This is important because we believe that every girl no matter where they are born or raised deserved the chance to get a quality and affordable education. Many girls in the Gambia where we work drop out of school due to child marriage, teenage pregnancies or harmful traditional practices. We believe that mentoring will help transforms the lives of girls in the Gambia through the guidance of mentors. The change is important in order to reduce the global inequality for girls in Africa. And the key to that is education leading to at-risk girls impacting their communities and the world at large. A possible solution to the current challenges. We started based on my lived experiences, as a founder of seeing forced and early marriages, teenage pregnancies, and female genital cutting as a core problem forcing girls to drop out of school. I knew it wasn't right, and I never wish it for any girl child. My solution to change the system is creating awareness about the importance of girl’s education. So, I started a mentoring program supporting girls from my home country also this is my way of giving back. Today, we are proud to have 100 girls in the network and 50 mentors. We help them with scholarship opportunities, Internet access, reading materials among others. Our service is online mentoring and the business model is selling a WeMotion bracelet for 100 SEK each, to keep us going. For greater business model prospect, next year we are planning to sell to a workshop to companies on cultural diversity and integration in the workplace. Since our founder, has a background in political science, gender studies, and sustainability. In addition to our two-team members, we believe this can be a business opportunity. Our customers are anyone above 18 years old interested in other cultures & Businesses interested in CSR. The Why Our mission is to end child marriage, and school dropouts through online mentoring and education using technology.


The Pitch Heligarden makes urban farming beautiful, simple and autonomous. By using our helical, modular urban farming installations, it's easy to deploy an automated, vertical urban farm anywhere in the world in whatever scale necessary. The What We make food production carbon neutral by eliminating heavy transportation, producing and delivering fresh, healthy, hyper-local greens where most people actually live: the cities. Customers in the food industry utilize our turnkey solutions to establish vegetable factories that are highly reliable and cost-effective, reducing their cost of procurement of produce as well simplifying logistics. The How We are making urban farming equipment based on a helical structure that enables high density indoor growing, and is highly user-friendly, while also looking really good. Based on the hydroponic growing method, it features all the benefits related to this: less than 1/10 the water consumption compared to soil-based growing, less need for pesticides in a controlled growing environment, up to 2-3 times faster growth and much greater utilization of fertilizer. Today, most greens are transported hundreds of miles to reach a store, while degrading quality on the way. But we aim to make urban farming so accessible and simple that sourcing greens from a local urban farm, or even your own home is the only thing that makes sense. Thus, heligarden will enable people to get the freshest, most local and sustainable greens available. The Why To make urban farming so widespread and abundant that any urban area can become self-sustained with fresh and healthy greens all year long. We are especially motivated by the prospect of making food production much more energy efficient as well as area efficient, enabling deployment of a global network of automated vegetable factories.


The Pitch Formal Digital ID for the underserved. A decentralized digital identification system that works eith limited internet and electricity, designed for those who don’t have any ID, but is more advanced than the digital iD system in Estonia. The What Provide ID for 1.1B who don’t have ID The How Innovative, secure, and offline-capable identification system enabling strong two-factor authentication for face-to-face encounters and for online services The Why Provide access to social and financial services, land ownership, employment and voting to the underserved

Inforglobe Oy

The Pitch Inforglobe provides software for participatory analysis and decision making. We help our clients to become more engaging organisations and succeed in challenging multi-stakeholder processes, involving your clients and stakeholders. Our Multiview tool helps especially in risk management, quality and strategy processes. Our roots are in peace mediation and systems research. Combining dialogue with information visualisation, our dynamic software help build common understanding between people. The What Peace and security The How We are a spinnoff from CMI president Ahtisaari's conflict resolution office. We have developed our software for peace mediation helping conflict parties to do shared analysis and build common understanding. We have worked with CMI over 7 years and we have helped peace processes in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Irak and 10 other countries. Currently we work for the peace process in Yemen. Our tool have in part helped to device several national reconciliation strategies and advanced peace talks. In addition to our work on peace and security we have worked with 30 large nordic brands such as Elisa, Sweco, Skanska, SOK, etc. We wish to develop our tools for the use of companies and societies at large. We want to develop something groundbreaking in the future utilizing AI and AR. Our tools currently already base on advanced systems research of Aalto University. Our business model needs to be focused for the purposes of commercial viability and scaling. But we strongly believe that keeping our focus also on large societal challenges enables us to reach real life measurable impact in people's lives. We do currently measurement of social relations and tensions between different ethnic groups, namely Finns and refugees. We believe that humans need to be prepared for even not-far-from-apocalyptic scenarios (climate refugees, warfare) in the next decades, where the ability to live peacefully becomes the priority number one for all mankind. We need initiatives globally, regionally and locally to sustain peace, to prevent and resolve conflicts. That's why we work with the UN and Inforglobe's CEO Mikaeli lectures at the UN System Staff College on subject matter ICT for Peace. It will be a crucial factor how technologies are harnessed for the good, and not the bad. It requires visionary thinking, but also very practical work with people, on the ground, in the mud. We would love to be part of your ecosystem and work together towards a more humane and technology savy world. The Why To become the world's most respected technology house for building common understanding between people.


The Pitch Checheza connects quality educational content with local learners, starting in East Africa. The approach is to work with educational experts globally and connect tested and validated learning games to their platform. Localization of this content is done with local partners, to make sure content is locally relevant for children. The platform is then packaged into an app, through which children can learn and practice literacy and math. The What That every child finish primary school. The How Checheza started as a small project in 2015 by 4 of the current team members. We wanted to understand why many children drop out of school, and see if we could find a solution using technology. We realized there exists plenty of high quality digital educational content around the world, but it was neither accessible nor relevant for the children who needed it the most. This has become our mission: to build a platform where great content can be localized and delivered on the devices and through the channels that are accessible to children in the risk of dropping out of school or finishing school without essential skills. In september 2018, after understanding the problem and our users, and building our first game, we felt ready to register our company Checheza AB in Sweden, and in November 2018 we launched our Beta in Uganda. We are an impact-oriented startup, aiming to combine social and financial sustainability. The Why Provide families with an effective and engaging, digital complement to school, empowering them to take control of their kids education.

ProgressData Sweden AB

The Pitch is a Software-as-a-service company helping companies and organisations measure their diversity. By providing a one-click report and overview with research based improvement suggestions we help decisions makers make informed decisions around their diversity strategy. The What More diversity and inclusion at work The How By applying data science to companies diversity data we can measure their diversity, and provide them with research based improvement suggestions. Decision makers that can access and understand their diversity data make informed decisions around next steps activities for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We provide not only overviews, and one click reports, but also how to apply research suggestions, when and we help companies set up goals and measure their work over time. The Why If you want more diverse companies you need to measure your diversity data.


The Pitch Endometrix is an app designed to improve gynaecological care. With the use of AI, Endometrix acts as a diagnostic support - correlating symptoms and treatments to get women the right care faster than ever before. The What Healthcare should not be a matter of gender. The How 1/10 women in reproductive age live with endometriosis. With low knowledge within healthcare and society the path to getting a diagnosis takes an average of 3-11 years. Many women live their whole life without ever getting diagnosed or treated. Excessive bleeding. Infertility. Depression. Most often it hurts. A lot. We are told that being a woman is supposed to hurt. It is not. WHAT WE DO Using a unique machine learning algorithm, individual’s symptoms are compared to a dataset created by users, giving the user a suggestion on what condition they could have - serving as a diagnostic aid. Endometrix enables individuals to track symptoms and treatment and build a baseline profile. Additionally, users can also input non-pharmacological interventions like mindfulness, diet and yoga giving a holistic approach to care. Over time, Endometrix will be able to intelligently detect correlations between symptoms and treatments, showing the user what works, and what doesn’t. This information is then graphed, providing hard evidence that the individual can to take to their doctor to get to the most effective & appropriate treatment, faster than ever before. There are 176 million women living with endometriosis worldwide. Endometrix will save costs to society, the healthcare system and the individual by providing data that will avoid unnecessary procedures and treatments. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to research with the insights gain from our user data. Sponsored by H2 Health Hub Reimbursed by SSES Validator The Why Facilitate an early diagnosis and increase the quality of life of all people affected by gynaecological diseases and conditions

Digital barndom

The Pitch Vi er et lille team af eksperter, herunder Eva Fog, Camilla Mehlsen og Michael Dassa, som har samarbejdet om at styrke digital dannelse hos børn og unge i mange år. Vi er ved at udvikle en podcast målrettede lærere og pædagoger, et tre dags trivselsforløb for børn og unge på skoler samt en digital læringsplatform til forældre, som skal bestå af moduller, der skal klæde forældre på til at opdrage deres børn digitalt. The What Digital opdragelse The How Den digitale virkelighed er allestedsnærværende. Uanset, om det drejer sig om underholdning, information eller socialt samvær, er det digitale blevet en kendsgerning. Som forælder, lærer eller pædagog stiller det nye krav til vores samvær med børnene. Hvornår er noget sund og givende brug, og hvornår er noget skadeligt og destruktivt? Hvor og hvordan skal grænserne sættes, og i hvilken grad skal vi være deltagende. Det vrimler med skrækindjagende nyhedsoverskrifter og vandrehistorier. Som voksne tilskuere kan det være svært at finde hoved og hale i hvad der er fakta og, hvad der er fiktion. Vores vigtigste formål med Projekt Digital Barndom er, at vi på skoler og i særlig grad i hjemmet skaber en sund og positiv digital kultur. Det kræver, at både elever, fagfolk og forældre bliver klædt på med konkrete værktøjer, som giver størst mulig chance for, at børn og unge kan trives online. Vi har gode erfaringer med at afvikle helhedsorienteret trivselsforløb i skoler og ungdomsuddannelser, men der hvor vi møder de største udfordringer er i hjemmet. Derfor har vi gået sammen med en IT-virksomhed, som kan designe en digital læringsform, som er målrettet forældre. Vores idé er, at modulopdele læringsplatformen i temaer, såsom dialog og grænser, sikkerhed, rettigheder, sociale medier mv. hvor forældre selv kan købe adgang til den eller hvor skoler abonnerer på platformen, som giver adgang til at forældre og evt. fagfolk kan bruge den. The Why Vores mission er, at skabe en kultur, hvor børn og unge samt forældre bliver mere nærværende og opfører sig socialt acceptabelt på nettet.


The Pitch Lupinta is a new innovative, sustainable alternative for soy products. We stand for eating tasty, healthy & environmentally friendly food. Our mission is to cut down soy importation from outside the EU for a more sustainable world and increase the use of locally grown lupin products. We are developing dairy/meat substitutes from locally grown lupin beans, which are rich in plant protein and fiber. Our goal is to stimulate local lupin industries by increasing demand for lupin-based products. The What Cutting down soy importation in the EU The How Europe has become heavily dependent on soya bean imports, entailing trade agreements and quality standards that do not satisfy the European citizen’s expectations. White, yellow, and narrow-leafed lupins are native European legumes that can become true alternatives to soya bean, given their elevated and high-quality protein content, potential health benefits, suitability for sustainable production, and acceptability to consumers. Novel processes should be optimized to obtain high-quality, safe lupin protein ingredients, and marketable foods need to be developed and offered to consumers. Nevertheless, lupin cultivation in Europe remains largely insufficient to guarantee a steady supply to the food industry, which in turn must innovate to produce attractive lupin-based protein-rich foods. Here, we address different aspects of the food supply chain that should be considered for lupin exploitation as a high-value protein source. The Why Our mission is to cut down soy importation from outside the EU for a more sustainable world and replace it with locally farmed lupin.

Forward Food AB

The Pitch We produce delicious and attractive kombucha (healthy beverage) here in Stockholm/Sweden with a mission to replace unhealthy beverages imported from far away. We've received positive feedback on our products from many already, including a star chef who also is a sommelier (and who now sells our products in her restaurant). We strive for our operations to reduce negative impact and to be climate positive, as well as contributing to better self-esteem in teenagers as a social cause. The What Breaking the destructive alcohol norm The How We are a small microbrewery in the southern parts of Stockholm that makes great kombucha for LOHAS (Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability). It's a family-run business, the seeds of which were sown at a street fair in 2015 where instead of cleaning out the closet to sell old stuff we decided to make and sell kombucha. People bought it and liked it, it sould out. In 2016 we initiated a lean startup and went out and got paying customers right from the start. One of the co-founders is of Asian origin (just like kombucha) and had been making kombucha at home since 2007, and the other co-founder is a sustainability nerd with an entrepreneurial drive that needs to be on a "save the world"-mission to thrive. The change we want to make has impact in more than one way. We are not the first nor the last kombucha brand on the Swedish market but we want to make a difference by targeting restaurants and other contexts where alcohol is the norm. We want to be number one on that market. Our mission is to help break the destructive alcohol behavoiurs and norms by providing a delicious and attractive healthy alternative that you don't have to feel guilty for choosing when your peers might choose alcohol. We also want our product to appeal to wine drinkers and be a viable substitute for wine lovers. A sommelier that tasted our products were impressed so we feel confident we are on the right track. The business model has been direct sales of bottled kombucha with our own brand so far but we are looking into white label and are keen to develop a keg/tap business model. The Why To replace unhealthy beverages imported from far away with a delicious and attractive healthy alternative produced here in Stockholm/Sweden.


The Pitch Ruvikas uses smarts contracts on a proprietary Blockchain to improve the certification and management of social development funding. The platform brings transparency and accountability for companies executing corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects in developing markets and helps them generate true impact in rural communities around the world. The What True CSR to develop rural communities The How Ruvikas is a transparent and accountable social development funding platform connecting small communities, company CSR funds and NGO/contractors on a single platform. In the current industry environment company CSR funds in absence of such platform is spent either on in-house programs or with big established NGO’s with large overheads: only a small amount of the investment reaches the beneficiaries. Ruvikas allows all these actors to come together and complete Social Development Projects with transparency, accountability, and traceability thanks to Smart Contracts on a proprietary blockchain. We will impact the life of millions by facilitating organizations to attain the 17th U.N. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), making easier and secure to create partnerships between the governments, the private sector and the civil society for the completion of projects related to the first 6 SDGs in rural communities around the world. The Why Removing the friction and complexity of utilizing blockchain for certifying Corporate Social Responsibility in developing countries

Tidetec AS

The Pitch Most tidal power plants today generate power only in one direction. Projected, next-generation tidal power plants with two-way production have sub-optimal production. Tidetec patented technology improves efficiency by 11-22% of the most cost effective tidal turbine technology by obtaining optimal efficiency both ways and pumping efficiency. This is achieved by integrating the turbine into a rotating turret. The turning mechanism is patented, and has received international recognition. The What Tidetec can kick-start a huge UK Market The How Tidetec has developed a fully functional scale model prototype of the turning mechanism. The turning mechanism prototype has been successfully tested in sea water for two months. Prototyping has shown feasibility of the concept and the model turbine simulations and testing confirm turbine efficiencies much higher than state of the art traditional turbines for 2-way hydropower. In summary, prototyping engineering, feasibility studies and cost estimations of the Tidetec concept have proven major efficiency increase compared to traditional concepts. The results show that the Tidetec concept is potentially disruptive technology for 2-way hydropower in Tidal lagoons and barrages, and can kick-start this market. TEAM Tidetec has built a competent team guided by its co-founder and CEO. Tidetec team has been balanced to meet the commercial phase and Tidetec heading for an establishment of The Tidetec Two-way Hydropower Consortium consisting of EPCI partner, State funding partner GIEK /Export Credit and sub-suppliers to be able to deliver for Tidal range projects. PARTNERS Tidetec core function is development of market and technology within two-way hydropower. For everything else we use our trusted network of partners. From 2018 Tidetec is collaborating with Engineering company Femkuber AS. The Tidetec Two-way Hydropower Consortium consisting of EPCI partner, State funding partner GIEK /Export Credit and sub-suppliers to be able to deliver for Tidal range projects is expected to be in operation during 2018. Tidetec have signed MoU collaboration agreement with several, renowned international developers, turbine producers and sub-suppliers. MARKET The Tidetec market is 2-way hydropower, which means the tidal range market, with a focus on the tidal lagoon/tidal barrier/flood defence industry. Studies indicate a potential global market for Tidal Range hydropower up to 30Bn€ (investments). Tidetec's concept is not limited by turbine type, MW or geographical area. The Why Tidetec has developed and patented technology that can kick-start the Tidal Barrier and Tidal Lagoon market.


The Pitch Språkkraft empowers immigrants to embrace the media of their new home country to acquire the language and integrate into society and culture. Together with SVT we just won Prix Europa - Best European Online Project among all public broadcasters. The What Empowering immigrants, media to language The How Språkkraft, is a non-profit association with intent to turn into a foundation. It was founded in 2015 as a response to the huge refugee influx, but leverages on 15 years of technology and product development. We have developed a successful technology for media-integrated language learning. We complement educational material adapted for language learners by offering access to real media like newspapers, e-books, TV, social media and chat services equiped with learning tools, e.g. for Swedish we cater to 18 different immigrant languages, e.g. Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya etc. In Sweden we have after 2 years reached over a quarter of a million users, approximately 25% penetration of the estimated target group of 1 million. We have developed a sustainable revenue model to 210KEUR for 2018 working with media companies like SVT and UR. In October 2018 we won the Prix Europa, Best European Online Project, together with our partner SVT in fierce competition from 23 other competing projects from BBC, ZDF and other public service companies. Our app Språkkraft Reading Coach works with media twitter, news articles, animated video and e-books; SVT Språkplay and soon UR Språkplay works with their respective online catch-up catalogues of programs. The Why To restore the trust in integration in Europe and to make immigration a competitive advantage for nations.

aiten health AB

The Pitch aiten is the digital solution for chronic disease. We combine healthy habits, a certified measurement device and online access to a personal doctor for a holistic approach with the sole aim of giving the individual with the chronic disease all the tools they need to be in the drivers seat of their condition. The What Peace of mind, confidence and health The How My wife got diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) and the challenges she faced with it prompted us to create a solution. We saw first hand the difficulties of tackling a chronic disease with massive changes needed in both lifestyle, lifelong medication and lack of access to healthcare. There was no solution available so we decided to create one. Over a billion people in the world suffer from high blood pressure and it causes one stroke/heart attack every 2 seconds. It is estimated that 1.5 billion people will have high blood pressure by 2025. This is completely unacceptable! We have packaged our solution into a subscription that we provide directly to patients. When patients sign up for our service they get a certified measurement device, support for lifestyle change and access to a personal doctor online. We are not a tech company, we are a digital healthcare company. Our service has two sides to it: - One side facing the patient - One side facing the healthcare professional (e.g. doctor) Making the lives of patients easier and at the same time making doctors lives easier. The Why Empowering people to be in the drivers seat of their chronic disease by combining healthy habits and healthcare online.


The Pitch SWITCHR is an interactive investment platform making it possible for ordinary people to buy individual solar panels in large-scale solar power plants, where the user is able to follow the performance in real time and share it with friends! The user then earns 6% dividend from their panels. SWITCHR ’s source of revenue comes through taking a yearly cut from the electricity sales. Our goal is to democratize the infrastructure market, making solar investments available and engaging for everyone! The What A world with abundant renewable energy The How The founders of Switchr originally started forming a more traditional solar energy company. But after a short while discovered the difficulties for individual people to save or invest in solar energy. The founders decided to create something engaging with a low threshold, this was the foundation of SWITCHR. An interactive investment platform, with a low threshold engaging data to always be able to follow the solarpanels in real time. SWITCHR has already sold hundreds of preordered solar panels before the actual launch of the platform, showing us the incredible​ potential in the future! The Why We want to provide more renewable energy to the world, and an easy​ way for people to be part of that journey!