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Glint Solar

Glint Solar is accelerating the adoption of solar energy by building the world's leading solar site data company. The first step is building an advanced feasibility tool based on satellite data and machine learning that identifies and analyzes thousands of potential project locations. The world needs to build more renewable energy to combat climate change. We in Glint Solar believe that technology is the solution. We are therefore working effortlessly on building technology for developers of solar energy parks. We are starting with the very exciting floating solar market as this is one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world. Our HQ is at Aker Brygge in Oslo, but we are a global team with employees in both the US and India who together serve our global customer base. We're backed by leading Norwegian and international VCs and private equity.


Avallone is Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime while building a tribe of outstanding individuals The founders of Avallone have combined their many years of experience from the corporate world, the financial industry, and several start-ups to build a company that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime. Our product is a platform that enables large companies to handle all of their anti-financial-crime documentation and processes in a smooth, secure, and compliant manner. We are deliberately blending the best from the corporate world with the best from the start-up world. We value execution discipline, structure & process - where it makes sense - but we have zero patience for bureaucracy and politics. We encourage and expect big ambitions and high-performance, and we constantly strive to provide the coaching, training, and working environment to facilitate this. We are guided by our company values, which you will hear us refer to and discuss often. One of these values is: EDGE - Be who you are, it's your contribution that counts. That is how we think about inclusion. We are a workplace for everyone. Period. Working at Avallone as a student: If you dream of starting your own company one day, or simply love the idea of being part of building something from the ground up using agile principles and the newest tools and technologies, then a student position at Avallone might just be what you are looking for! We offer a unique learning environment, where we value everyones input, regardless of their seniority or title. We provide structured training in McKinsey-style problem solving, Excel best practices, Power Point presentations, project management, feedback and communication, Anti-Financial-Crime principles, principles for building a venture backed company etc. We are very ambitious about supporting your continued growth by offering tasks of both high importance and high impact, but with plenty of support, coaching and feedback along the way. You will receive extensive training as part of your onboarding as well as on an ongoing basis, and you will be paired with a buddy from day one so you will feel part of the team instantly. We know that your studies are your first priority so we offer flexible working hours, and the opportunity to work from home - although we do love to see you in the office as often as possible so we can socialize over lunch/coffee/drinks etc Join us! //Team Avallone


By using space technology we at Dynaspace are solving global data gathering challenges, helping advance aquaculture transparency. We are a multicultural, dynamic and small (but growing) team. Aquaculture is the rapidly growing food source and livelihood for billions of people across the globe. Today, the aquaculture industry is facing huge challenges; with its own scale, sustainability and primitive production methods. We turn raw data into actionable insights through our cloud-based platform InsightSPHERE. Our insights enable global environmental and sustainable monitoring, directs suppliers of carbon-neutral feed, life improving technology, renewable energy and antibiotic-free health products to farmers, and helps governments to effectively improve food security and resource utilization. We provide unique global aquaculture insights at operation-level resolution. Our vision is to drive sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry by using space technology to provide unique insights and contribute to environmental and sustainable food production for generations to come.


Skosh is developing and producing waste-free home care products. We focus on reusable bottles and cleaning tabs that dissolve in 500ml of tap water at home to effective surface cleaning liquid for different areas. We are a young startup based in Malmö Sweden, founded by three graduates from Lund University who wanted to do a little better for the environment with their entrepreneurial spirits. Now, the team consists of 8 team members from 5 different nationalities and a diverse set of backgrounds to push Skosh’s concept to become the standard for home care!

Tollson ApS

Tollson has developed a compact, continuous and energy-efficient technology for filtration and dewatering of a wide range of liquids. Tollson offers an mobile filtration plant for sludge and sediments dewatering, enabling wastewater utilities to streamline their dewatering processes. Our cutting-edge filtration technology is also designed for processing of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as many other industrial fields. Tollson envisions utilizing its technology to optimize the use of waste streams from industrial companies to support the increasing global demand for food, feed and better use of natural resources.


Sparly is a B2C fintech company empowering young adults to become financially fit. Leveraging Open Banking technology, nudging, and gamification Sparly aims to help Millennials and GenZ with financial habits. Hundreds of customers are already using Sparly to build sustainability and personal finance skills. The company is based in Sweden and the app is available both in App Store and Google Play.


How do we fix the global plastic pollution and packaging waste problem without causing more problems? The only pragmatic solution is REFILL and REUSE of packaging especially for consumer goods. Fizzit is on a mission to accelerate circular economy. We are developing a new supply chain technology to develop, deploy and operate reusable packaging. The solution is scalable to most consumer goods and markets. We have successfully deployed a delivery service for users of soda machines to supply CO2 refills (kulsyrepatron ombytning) along with our technology. We are humble, hard but also fun working individuals. We are social, chill, very diverse and open minded.


Intempus is a classic startup adventure gone scaleup that is now looking for new talents to join our journey of growth. Our product: a time registration app that can replace the traditional timesheet. Customer value: saving time, money, paper and tons of administrative work! We are a bunch of young, ambitious people who all work hard to take our company to the next level and already our efforts have taken us outside the borders of Denmark. We look forward to continuing our successful journey - maybe you will join us?

Swedish for Professionals

At Swedish for Professionals, we are passionate about languages. We build our own course content and work with inspiring language coaches to offer you engaging and rewarding courses in Swedish. We believe that language learning should be fun, encouraging, and efficient. Our aim is to create the world’s best business climate in Sweden by welcoming global talent from all over the world!


We’re a green provider of electrical free-float short term car rental. GreenMobility A/S operates around 1000 cars across major cities in northern Europe. We offer users with simple, flexible and sustainable transportation. The cars are located, booked and unlocked with our app. Users pay per use and simply leave the car at any destination within our zones. GreenMobility is listed on Nasdaq Main market and have 80 employees.

Enyday ApS

Enyday is a digital platform and service for operating energy communities in buildings or districts with collective self-consumption of solar. A “behind-the-meter” energy community, could be a large apartment building or cluster housing with collective power buy, solar PV, battery storage, and EV chargers. When a building has such installation, new needs, and opportunities arise. Enyday provides a solution for buildings with smart invoicing to ‘self-manage’ the collective electricity usage with significant savings while providing a community application engaging and nudging neighbors to consume energy in a sustainable and responsible way.


In Radiobotics we are developing stellar machine learning algorithms, supporting doctors in analysing medical images, and making the right decisions. We are collaborating with hospitals across EU and the US, ensuring immediate clinical impact, eventually benefitting patients. We are an award winning start-up looking to expand our team, so please get in touch, in you are interested in hearing more about opportunities.

Cuiz Game Design

Cuiz Game Design is a game design studio that aims to communicate academic & scientific knowledge of our sustainable future through the experience of game playing. We design, develop and consult game learning solutions on topics such as climate change, sustainability & circular economy. Climate change and sustainability are no longer buzz words, but global priorities, new climate policies, and commitments create new jobs and demands for knowledge upgrade so we can do our job in the low carbon future. Our survey showed that working professionals are motivated to learn but often overestimate how much they know about sustainability and climate. This inspired us to create games that people can erase this illusion and learn what’s needed to be successful at their job


SurplusMap is building a geospatial intelligence platform that empowers decision-makers in green transition industries to make better and faster decisions to develop new green industries. CHALLENGE Today, decision-makers in the Green Transition are ill-equipped to make data-driven decisions and meet the challenge of reducing GHG emissions by 45% by 2030. They spend a lot of time and resources looking for relevant data, they work with fragmented decision tools, and have an inefficient engagement with complex stakeholders, who sometimes have different or competing values and interests. All these complexity and data challenges are bottlenecks in the Green Transition, and missed business opportunities. SOLUTION SurPlusMap makes it easy for decision-makers and stakeholders to collaborate and make data-driven decisions on where to develop green sustainable industries. They find all relevant data in SurplusMap and our user interface facilitates collaboration improving the quality and speed of the early planning phases, saving time and money. With SurplusMap’s energy companies, utilities, local or national governments, and green industries such as green hydrogen, data centers, battery factories make collaborative and data-driven decisions that accelerate the Green Transition. OUR VISION Surplusmap combines the power of cloud computing, earth observation technology, big data analytics, ML & AI, with UX design to create the ultimate no-code collaborative geospatial analytics platform designed specifically to meet the data complexity of climate change action and the green transition. .We want to remove data gatekeepers and other bottlenecks, making it easy for everybody involved in the Green Transition to understand relevant data and use it to expedite data-driven decision-making to foster green economic development and achieve the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 45% by 2030.

KnowledgeWorker a.m.b.a

Rooted in democracy. Innovative by nature. Fueled by data. We are business architects committed to maximising the success rate and the positive impact of sustainability projects. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to help realize complex and sustainable business ideas and, in the process, we have gained great expertise within cooperative organizing. We are active in organizations that work with cooperative interests on a national and international level and we regularly advise on cooperative organization. And because we practice what we teach, we have decided to build our own company as a cooperative that is 100 percent employee owned.