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MoMo by Monitz

MoMo has a vision of affordable housing that leaves a light imprint on our planet, reduces CO2 emissions and supports modern family structures. MoMo is build to last a lifetime and nurture our planet and families. The project combines a range of sustainable materials with new construction technologies, resulting in an articulated design experience at a highly competitive price tag. Rather than letting sustainability be a limitation in the design process, the project embraces the characteristics of the materials as an integrated part of the architectural experience. When moving through the building both textures and the rhythm in the construction tells the story of fast-growing trees and construction modules dimensioned for the back of a truck. With floorplans as small as 40m2 a focus of the project is to interpret a new way of tiny living. FOUNDER & CEO MONIKA MÖLLNITZ Architect, engineer and inventor, Monika Möllnitz has led the creation of community centered design and technologies with an emphasis on sustainable design across scales and disciplines. Member of the group Female Leaders and Entrepreneurship, of Denmark.


Founded in 2020 by former Google colleagues and like-minded friends, Kristian Qwist and Alexander Raknes, Campanyon’s mission is to unlock nature, making the great outdoors accessible to everyone. By providing a technology that enables meaningful connections between nature lovers and people who own land, campsites, RV parks, and glamping sites, Campanyon makes it easy to host or book an adventure under the stars. With a growing community of hosts in Norway and Denmark, Campanyon offers new local and sustainable travel opportunities and unique outdoor accommodations through a single person-to-person booking platform.


Momentus is an app that gives a new mother all the knowledge she needs about her own body and health after pregnancy and childbirth; something that's missing on the market today. She receives medically reviewed information based on where she is in her timeline after childbirth, presented in various formats such as podcasts, videos and articles. She also receives tips on relevant products from our partners / customers and the opportunity to undergo individualized rehab, take part in courses and training programs.


Our vision is to create payment solutions for the world we wish to live in. By adopting a technology that enables merchants to accept contactless card payments straight through their phones. Through our supercharged app, merchants can also have access to insights and integrations. Making their days handier and the tracking of finances a piece of cake. Financial services have been on the game for years now, and today’s point of sales haven’t evolved in technology basically since the 80’s, and since the 80’s merchants have been paying numerous fees and going through never-ending complications just because “it is what it is”. But no more! We believe in accessible, easy, affordable & secure financial services for all. Vibrant sees local and independent businesses as heroes, that put countless efforts to each day, and that is exactly why they are so awesome and deserve the best payment app out there!


2 out of 5 professionals call in sick due to conditions such as neck and back pain. This has a huge impact on the individual, the employer and the society. We have a health education platform where we are empowering employees and providing them with self-managements strategies. Musculoskeletal conditions is the largest reason for disability in Europe and second largest globally. By combining technology with science, we are taking physiotherapy into the 21st century.


We are on a small mission to become the no 1 protein brand in the world! We have created the most innovative and sustainable vegan protein for food, using a proprietary fungi-based process. Our product, Promyc, is a vegan protein ingredient with a meat-like texture, a nutritious content, all while having significant lower environmental impact than animal or plant-based alternatives.

Flowering ApS

Flowering creates sustainable alternatives within the flower industry to make it possible for B2B and B2C clients to choose sustainably without compromising on quality or freshness. Following a digital-first strategy, Flowering has no physical stores and is instead solely distributing the sustainable alternatives on the website Flowering managed to disrupt the Danish flower scene and became rated as the second-best flower shop in Denmark (on Trustpilot) within 8 months of the launch. The core product behind Flowering is Miljøbuketten (the Sustainable Bouquet), which is a sustainable alternative to the ordinary bouquet. The environmental bouquet consists exclusively of environmentally certified flowers, locally produced Danish flowers, and hand-sorted surplus flowers, which ensures a bouquet that is as sustainable as possible, while still being of great quality and handmade on the same day as it is delivered. Behind Flowering is a young team consisting of Artin (20 years old), Johan (23 years old), and 6 employees in total. The work environment is, therefore, open and social, and the hierarchy is flat. Flowering is currently situated in its workshop in Birkerød. Flowering aims after being able to influence the entire flower industry by setting environmentally and socially sustainable requirements to the entire process from the production of the flowers to the delivery of the bouquets. To ensure that our bouquets are as sustainable as possible, we handle the entire process from purchase to delivery. We hand-pick the flowers ourselves, and our experienced flower florists produce bouquets for a fair salary. In addition, we only use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce waste, and we further minimize our CO2 footprint by delivering bouquets via electric vehicles.


Hi 👋 Ever needed a place to show, sell, and manage your skills? Well, we did! Now we're on a mission to shape the future of work by unbundling work from employment and put the person in charge - with a genuine tool for the passion economy. Oh, and I kid you not; a Social Media! Powered by our own CRYPTO! The HJÆLP Coin. We are currently 3 founders; the CEO, CPO, CTO, and an ex-Google Strategic Advisor + 15 people in our external teams of UX/UI Designers, Design Hackers, and Developers. About the potential, basically, it’s about; Make money. Do good. The HJÆLP way. We rethink the whole concept of small jobs, freelancers, private asset activation, and the financial part of that proportion of workers. Your skills. Managed. Planned. Sold. Paid. Socialized. Powered by Cryptocurrency. The vision is to bring opportunities to every corner of the World. A potential investor said; "So, in short, you're trying to put taxes on the whole economy of non-physical products as a force for good? That's the most genius idea I have ever heard of!" We replied; "Yea, sounds about right. It's the future, and we're ready for it." If we say that Facebook generated 100 million users within 1600 days, Twitter within 1400 days, WeChat within 433 days - and HJÆLP aims for 821 days. What do you say? Let us know! HJÆLP is driven by, hopefully, millions of users wanting to make money and do good at the same time - right at their fingertips. HJÆLP has the enormous responsibility and tremendous power to influence and will, therefore, channel money to, e.g., plastic clean-ups and welfare-promoting initiatives in vulnerable sections of the population. With this approach, we will make an impact and bring both opportunities, independence, and prosperity to our users in every corner of the world. Everything with a splash of healthiness and happiness. Make money, do good: The HJÆLP way! Get early access 👉 TEAM: Alexander, Founder, Pre-seed Investor, and CEO - Danish Entrepreneur and former right hand of a CEO, managing more than 250 people. He has a big focus on design and how to shape the companies of tomorrow. He likes stocks, but especially he's into the trends and movements in the world and the impact it has on stocks and the whole economy. He is also a real foodie and wine lover. In his professional circles, his age is not a problem - although it is often pointed out. He grew up quickly, traveling a lot, and bought a house, and moved out when he was 18, the same year he applied for his first (and only) patent. Buddhika, Co-founder and CTO - Sri Lankan A seasoned technical professional, founder, and inventor with 12+ years of experience leading development teams. He is a true believer that contributes across all sides of a business, from development to sales to marketing; all necessary to succeed in this endeavor. Buddhika holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Information Technology from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, where he has since served as a Visiting Lecturer in software engineering. Christian, Chief Product Officer - American (NYC) An energetic founder, product management executive, and inventor with 5+ years of experience leading teams to build enterprise-grade distributed applications that solve real problems for real people. He has worked with venture-backed startups, Fortune-500 companies, national governments, and leading universities to imagine and build the future. Christian holds a Bachelors in Sociology from Brown University, and teaches digital entrepreneurship courses in English and French in the Master's program at EDC Business School Paris.


We are building an intelligent B2B marketplace, where we connect companies to service providers. We are an international team with 10 people involved and 11 different nationalities. Yes, we have more nationalities than people :). We are launching in April, keep an eye on us and come work with us! We are looking for you to help us scale.


Farmforce strives to build trust and transparency in the agricultural first mile. We do this by delivering digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmers' quality of life, and protect the environment. Our solutions empower organizations sourcing from smallholder and medium-scale farmers in emerging markets to understand where their products originate, how they were grown, and to connect with global markets. Through a bush-proof web and mobile platform, clients have visibility down to the field level while also building a fully traceable supply chain. Since 2012, the team at Farmforce has innovated with digital and mobile technologies, refining our product offering collaboratively through user-driven design and iterating with clients and their field agents at the farm level. This commitment to listening to client needs and on-the-ground testing and deployments has enabled us to build a robust cloud-hosted platform, delivered by pragmatic and tenacious local teams of our experts across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We see the need and demand for ICT tools to support a more globally connected and digitized supply chain and aim to be at the forefront of this growth in emerging markets, working to provide solutions that enable smallholder farmers to realize livelihood-enhancing benefits through improved market access.


Workee is a lightweight mobile-first app that connects job-seekers with companies around them. Following its motto “Less is more,” Workee has made the hiring process as simple and fast as possible. This approach has been especially popular with fast turnover jobs in the service industries, such as restaurants, retail and construction. Among the companies hiring through Workee are brands like 7-Eleven, Rema 1000, Aldi and others. According to the customers' feedback, they consider the app to be the fastest and most effective way to close their job openings.


picadon is on a mission to set €500,000,000,000 free, and transform it into a better planet, while serving the underserved retail investor. Picadon relieves a financial headache 50% experience and turns it into a meaningful action for our planet, an action over 80% of us would like to take, but don't know where to start. And we do it with grace, building an investment platform that feels good, not scary. Picadon is in stealth mode, so that's why we're a bit cryptic. We are self funded and mix a young, vibrant team, with highly experienced and seasoned advisors, who held executive (SVP/EVP) roles across the Nordics biggest financial institutions. Our CEO has founded 2 startups, and advised many.


Avallone is Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime while building a tribe of outstanding individuals The founders of Avallone have combined their many years of experience from the corporate world, the financial industry, and several start-ups to build a company that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime. Our product is a platform that enables large companies to handle all of their anti-financial-crime documentation and processes in a smooth, secure, and compliant manner. We are deliberately blending the best from the corporate world with the best from the start-up world. We value execution discipline, structure & process - where it makes sense - but we have zero patience for bureaucracy and politics. We encourage and expect big ambitions and high-performance, and we constantly strive to provide the coaching, training, and working environment to facilitate this. We are guided by our company values, which you will hear us refer to and discuss often. One of these values is: EDGE - Be who you are, it's your contribution that counts. That is how we think about inclusion. We are a workplace for everyone. Period. Join us! //Team Avallone


Ideel coffee’s vision is to be an advocate for sustainability in the coffee capsule industry. Our mission is to engage in beneficial and transparent business practices for each and every stakeholder, from our farmers in Ethiopia to our end consumers in Denmark. In april 2021 we launched Denmark's first and only "home compostable" certified coffee capsule. We want to shed new light on the coffee capsule industry by combining quality with sustainability into a capsule we call "the ideel capsule".

MULGEO copenhagen

We are MULGEO copenhagen - Danish design brand making sustainable multifunctional furnitures and living solutions.  Our main product is the square fibre stool with rounded corners made of 100% mono-materiel Kraftliner.  In addition, the material Kraftliner is made of replanted trees, which makes the production of the stool CO2-neutral. The environment is our priority and one of our number one values is sustainability and green design. That’s why we produce sustainable and long-lasting products that are useful and multifunctional. Circularity is crucial in our brand philosophy, therefore we follow our product journey from manufacturing to recycling into new materials. We believe in the power of smart products and sustainable, quality materials. Moreover, our goal is to encourage people to integrate these innovative products in their homes and with that, create a close–to–nature ambiance; wherever they live. MULGEO box-chair is made of a multilayer, glued cardboard called Kraftliner. Kraftliner is a ‘virgin’ and pure paper which - made with the highest technologies – allows the material to bear up to 350 kilograms. This is one of the most durable and sturdy paper types out there and worth to mention: it is fully recyclable. This material is FSC-approved, and it ensures that our suppliers are responsible for the trees circularly replanted in Sweden. There is a myth that paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre. The fact is, that without fresh wood from sustainably managed forests, the world would eventually run out of paper. Why? Because after several uses, recycled fibers get too short and worn out and have to be replaced with fresh ones. The good news is that the fresh fibre we use is truly sustainable. The production of MULGEO furniture is a process without any CO2-emissions and the only waste materials that occur are pieces of die-cuts, which are recycled after production. Handles for example are recycled in creating new designs. Our whole supply chain is based in Europe - we design in Denmark, source in Sweden and produce in Europe.