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Only a few diabetics in developing countries have the opportunity to take their insulin in an insulin pen used by those diabetics in affluent countries. Instead, they are relegated to using traditional syringes and needles, which are cheaper but difficult to use safely. We wish to change this. The GO-Pen device creates access to a new insulin pen combining established mechanisms (which it has the rights and IP to exploit) with technical innovations to develop a significantly cheaper product. The GO-Pen combines a reusable unit that accurately doses insulin held in a capsule that can be refilled from vials. This eliminates the need for syringes. The benefits are, 1) a quicker, more discrete injection, 2) fewer life-threatening hypos, 3) reduced cost of training healthcare professionals, 4) ease of use and higher adherence, 5) reduced risk of complications, 6) reduced cost; and 7) reduced hazardous waste and CO2 emissions Building on a grant from the Danish “Innovationsfonden”, we seek additional support for maturing a patented concept that combines elements of known and new technology into a new, safe and cheaper type of insulin pen.


Tebrito offers circular and sustainable protein products as compared to conventional livestock sources. The company farms insects (mealworms) for product applications in the following segments: - feed (food to livestock). Aquaculture is the biggest volume outlet although pet food as well as chicken and pigs nutrition are potential good revenue sources; - food (human consumption): some niche utilization of our products are possible in the short-run (crisp-bread, snacks etc.) but our main long-term goals is to be sell our protein-rich powder as an ingredient to the food manufacturing industry; - agriculture and home-gardening: frass (insects spillnings) is a sought-after biostimulant that generates revenues and closes the circularity loop of our model.

Lifeline Robotics A/S

We use collaborative robots to automate and democratize access to healthcare! The groundbreaking robot, Careebo, has been designed and developed by a team of robotics researchers at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, a city home to one of the world’s leading robotics clusters.

Spectro Inlets ApS

Mission: We provide real-time and accurate measurement solutions to optimize environmental and chemical processes to achieve a greener, cleaner world. Vision: Making mass spectrometry accessible to everyone for any test environment. Description: Using our proprietary microchip inlet technology, we are able to bring mass spectrometers out of the laboratory and into the real-world. We already provide benchtop analysis systems for electrochemistry and battery research which we sell to research institutions around the world. We have tested and are currently developing the commercial version of an online industrial sensor version of our system for real-time measurements in biogas production facilities and wastewater treatment plants.


The online platform Alike helps you to get going with all the things you else wouldn't do, you even get to meet people with common interests who live nearby. Simply pick an activity from the hundreds of activities we find good to do with others, set a given time and place and automatically get matched up with people to play badminton with, play board games, go for a run or something else that you find interesting.


Educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in Fashion womenswear, Maja Brix spent eight years as head designer for Henrik Vibskov Femme, before launching her own label in 2016. Sustainability plays a significant role at Brix’s company – not only are all of her products created from environmentally-friendly materials, but every aspect of her company is also structured around the sustainable model. She designs clothes for both men and women, and is mostly known for her organic cotton shirts and suits.

reWear it

reWear it is a platform for fashion rental and resale combined. Through our product, women who love fashion but also want to reduce fashion consumption can rent or resell clothing to other people, in a peer-to-peer model. Our customer will have access to all brands she desires but at a lower cost, spend way less money on items that would probably be worn just a few times, make extra income lending to other users, and also have new items to wear with more frequency, fulfilling the desire for fashion. Our main goal is to inspire the idea of a "closet of the future" where you can invest your money in great quality pieces of clothing, second-hand items but also rent different pieces continually, keeping your physical closet small and minimal.

Nature Preserve

Nature Preserve is a food tech company that explores how to re-engineer surplus fruits and vegetables into a range of healthy food products. Our mission is to minimize food waste and maximize access to healthy products. Almost 50% of all the fruits and vegetables produced in the world are not consumed and over 60% of this waste occurs in the supply chain, losing 220 billion dollars every year. We are fighting food waste with proprietary processing technology that enables re-engineering surplus fruits and vegetables into a natural, shelf- stable ingredients with high nutritional value that can be further used for various purposes in the food industry.


SustainLab is a Sustainability Intelligence Company that creates next generation technology to help businesses gather, process, and understand their sustainability data. SustainLab’s mission is to enable decision-makers to achieve impactful sustainability results with it’s innovative sustainability intelligence platform. This is done by making data handling so simple that companies can have visibility of sustainability data as often as financial data and review it in every management team meeting, instead of reviewing the performance once yearly. Powered by unique technology and shaped with a focus on impact, SustainLab aims to accelerate change for Better business - Better planet.

Skyline Card

In the US alone, only 1 trillion business cards are printed each year. We would like to put an end to the waste of paper. That's why we are introducing you, for future business cards. Skyline Card is an electronic business card combined with NFC technology, where the card contains a link to one's profile. Skyline Card includes: - Pictures - Videos - Google Maps - Direct add on the phone - People can sell their product or service directly on their business cards And much more! We are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and Skyline Card can even sell your products.

Beyond Leather Materials ApS

We are a B2B supplier of a sustainable alternative to leather that is based on fruit waste. We use apple pulp (everything that is leftover after pressing apples to produce juice and or cider) to create an animal and plastic free leather alternative. We believe in true transparency and offer a product that can fulfill that promise.

Pisara Learning

Our vision is to make a new generation of user interfaces. Our applications will be easy to use and at the same time we will produce truly unique features which have never been seen before . Our vision is to create the finest user interfaces for stylus pens in the world. Our problem is “How to enhance learning thoroughly?” Every educational scientist is solving this same problem. Based on the knowledge we have on human learning we are very keen to find out what possibilities technology has to offer? Can learning be quantified, analyzed and enhanced with machine learning? Also our daily observations show us that there are a lot of management tasks which take take time both from teachers and students and the focus moves from learning to management. Therefore we dare to present another problem we are chasing: “How digital technology can support learning in ways that it makes learning easier, more motivating, less-dependent of teacher´s presence and approval''. Our solution: The user interfaces created by Pisara Learning offer intuitive ways to learn through digital devices. Our concept for learning is called Puro. Puro is easy to approach and use. It has unique properties: - Personalized assignments - Automated exercise checking - Learning analytics and tools for evaluation - Digital drawing made as simple as taking notes or drawing on paper Our features: Data collection Pisara is strongly utilizing the use of modern data collection. The solutions in edtech software robotics market do their best to automate - evaluation - creating assignments - giving feedback AI solutions Pisara AI solutions concentrate particularly in automated assignment creation. We are building an assignment library from where AI can pick suitable tasks for each user individually. This will be a first of a kind product in the world of edtech. Machine learning OCR Pisara Learning is developing machine learning OCR (optical character recognition). Pisara OCR is used specially for recognizing personal handwriting and also numbers and mathematical symbols. Pisara OCR is first-of-a-kind since it is taught to recognize all kinds of drawing and thinking with pen.


Statistics show that approximately 90 percent of paper receipts end up in the trash can. Most people part ways with their receipts shortly after collection, and many others can’t remember where they kept it if they did at all. Paper receipts contain BPA or Bisphenol A, a plastic component which is harmful for the health and cannot be recycle, in addition to this the environmental impact of its production, where in Europe, over 13 million trees and 17 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of paper receipts, generating 2.500 billion tons of waste and 4 billion tons of CO2. ClowID is an innovative solution, a full stack Customer engagement platform that connects merchants and end customers through Smart Receipts. For final consumer a free app to save receipts and warranties in one place, without disclosing personal information, no email, no phone, no name, while providing more personalised experience. For merchants one click installation software with no initial development costs, to reduce environmental impact and costs while increasing their customer insight, improving digital transactions, in-person customer experiences, increasing customer engagement and loyalty. We have a golden opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet, the future is now!


evolvT facilitates responsibility for local micro and small e-commerce operators by providing environmentally friendly last-mile delivery solutions. The service includes all delivery aspects from route planning and customer service to a fleet of low tailpipe emissions vehicles. The impact of the industry on the environment is one of the most important drivers of change. In this field, 1 standard diesel van can release around 1.2 metric tons of CO2 every month. The end customers are more sensitive to this impact and more inclined to choose e-commerce operators that are working on decreasing the CO2 emissions of their operations. Meanwhile, efficiency and profitability are still prioritized by the e-commerce operators and overlooking these factors is not an option. makes carbon-neutral mobility a reality for metropolitans. Our bikes as an employee benefit- & shared electric vehicles as a turnkey service provide the best travel experience in cities. Let it be commuting or other daily travel problems of your community, we will deliver you a solution that is easy to implement and makes you smile. We started to build our sustainable mobility platform at the beginning of 2018. Currently, we act as a carbon-negative mobility operator on our own platform serving nearly 20 corporate and community customers. Some of the most well-known companies in Finland e.g. YIT, Fortum, Supercell, and Wärtsilä are already our clients. From a bigger perspective, we are building a circular economy service that will be integrated seamlessly into a built and digital environment. Vapaus will play an important part in the mobility ecosystem as a missing puzzle in the MaaS-promise. In the future, our actions will result in great user experience and a positive impact on people, society, and the planet. If you are interested in joining us as an investor in order to make a difference together, please contact Tatu either by phone + 358 40 770 7452, email or by Telegram @tatumakila. Cheers, and ride safe!