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Oil-Free turbo compressors for all industries. Compressed air production is an integral part of most industrial manufacturing processes. It is used in almost every industrial plant to power machines, tools and processes and to move materials in different ways. Compressed air is a basic utility, comparable to electricity, water and heat. The difference is that industrial plants do not need to produce their own power, water or heating, but they are almost always required to take responsibility for producing compressed air. Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ turbo compressors are 100% oil-free and by far the most sustainable air compressor solution on the market. With the lowest total cost of ownership, Tamturbo air compressors deliver significant savings from the biggest costs of owning an air compressor: energy and maintenance. Tamturbo® 100% oil-free turbo compressors have better and more persistent energy efficiency compared to traditional “oil free” screw compressors, so you will see significant savings in your electrical costs. Additionally, unlike “oil free” screw compressors, Tamturbo air compressors do not lose their efficiency due to wear. This means that you will see a lifetime of consistent high efficiency that extends throughout the wide capacity turndown range. Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ technology operates with practically no wear and tear, eliminating the need for conventional maintenance. For our customers, this means financial savings and less unnecessary maintenance downtime, and it also extends the technical service life of the equipment, which reduces the environmental burden caused by waste.


Meoline MEO+ is a heavy metals analyzer using traditional electrochemical analysis to measure real-time heavy metal concentrations from industrial discharge waters in ppb levels. We have developed the system in collaboration with industrial customers. We have new innovations in maintenance and reliability. The analyzer is especially tailored to work reliable in harsh and remote locations. Measurement can be also arranged to locations without electricity by utilizing solar panels and battery technology. We think that real-time monitoring is the best way towards optimized process control. Chemical usage can be done faster and the consumption can be optimized with real-time data and not by manual sampling and traditional laboratory analysis. Also, incidents occur and can cost a lot of money and may lead to environmental problems. Now the monitoring can be done automatically by real-time measurements even in harsh and remote locations. Early warning system alerts 24/7 automatically, when limit values are exceeded.


eMobility rents out small e-cars in Geiranger and Flåm. We rent out small, fun electric cars that get around easily provided with GPS tours in your own language – with no impact on the environment. Explore independently some of Norway’s finest destinations in our sprightly, fun, environmentally friendly electric cars. We show you the highlights as a good friend would do and guarantee that you will have a blast!

CPH Village

We want to create the best place to live. For people and for the planet. We build modular student housing and work to offer an affordable and sustainable lifestyle in a strong community. During the next five years, our goal is to build and operate 2500 homes in Copenhagen and demonstrate that the sustainable life is the most attractive.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a Social Impact company fighting global food waste, and is B Corp certified as of 2020. We are mostly known as the world's largest B2C marketplace for surplus food and restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, bakeries, canteens and wholesalers in 14 countries connect with users of our app to save perfectly good food from going to waste. With Too Good To Go you can save happiness bags. In the lucky bags you save all the delicious surplus goods that shops and restaurants have to throw out at closing time. These may be bakeries that daily bake fresh bread, or restaurants that have not sold as expected. Our vision is a world with no waste and we know we’ll get there because we believe in the power of people. Small actions have big consequences so join Too Good To Go and start making a difference today.


Tørn is a new Norwegian service where you can buy curated construction products at greatly reduced prices. Here you will find surplus goods from the large department stores, all in one place. The idea is simple, but the effect is great. Because as all building department stores can offer their surplus goods on Tørn, we reach out to far more than every single player would do alone. This is how we manage to match each surplus item with the buyer who is looking for just that. The result is that leftovers, wrong orders and returns come in handy, customers save money on goods they need, construction chains make money on things they have previously thrown - and the waste of the industry is reduced.


Braive develops courses for common mental health challenges based on CBT treatment guidelines and manuals. Braive was created to unlock the potential of today's technology in the application of remote mental health care. We offer evidence-based treatment programs adapted to the challenges you are facing. You will be introduced to the stories of other people who have faced similar challenges as you, and their way through treatment. Our mission is to provide cost efficient, easy access solution for high-quality treatment programs targeting people with mental health challenges, worldwide.

Insekt KBH

With us you have Denmark's best selection of edible insects. We are your insect supplier. We have both edible insects for cooking and as snacks. We also have live insects for you who have reptiles or birds, or for you who like to fish. If you have your own company that also wants to sell insects, we have a solution for you too. You may want to make a food product with insects or you may have a restaurant where you would like to use insects. If you are missing insects for it, call and we will find a solution.


REACHI is a resilient information management system designed to generate overview within the first hours of disasters. The system enables communication from first responders to relief coordinators via wearable, disaster-proof, mesh devices, thereby efficiently accelerating need-based decision making. By utilizing a matured mesh technology and the existing capacity of trained first responders, data can travel from device to device until it reaches a REACHI gateway. From here the data is sent to the cloud and automatically displayed in the REACHI dashboard, providing a near real-time overview for relief coordination. We cannot prevent natural disasters, but we can help prevent a disaster within the disaster.


AwareCare is a system of various digital aids aimed at citizens with special needs. The various features of AwareCare include of Calendar, Chat with friends and MyAreas specially designed to match the older part of the population's needs. AwareCare also provides relatives and caregivers with greater confidence in knowing that care is being taken of the elderly. The goal of AwareCare is to help citizens gain greater independence, give them greater security to participate in activities themselves, and thus gain a larger social circle and the opportunity to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.


Solvatten is a combined portable water treatment and water heater system that has been designed for off-grid household use in the developing world. It is an easy, innovative solution that provides access to clean, hot water to people throughout the world. Thanks to its durable design Solvatten is a low cost way to get clean, hot water. Solvatten makes water safe AND hot — up to 75°C/167°F. This is because ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the formation of DNA linkages in microorganisms, thereby preventing them from reproducing and thus rendering them harmless. Add the suns rapid heating of water and you have the exact process that occurs when Solvatten is used. Millions of primarily women and children need to walk dozens of miles every day to fetch water and firewood. Reducing the daily use of firewood and having a tool that can be used also on unimproved water sources closer to home makes life so much easier. Solvatten has an average lifespan of 7-10 years. That is the critical time when children are at their most susceptible to waterborne diseases.


Trifilon’s business is providing a more sustainable alternative to large-scale producers of plastic, but the roots of the company lie in high-tech, carbon-fiber super-vehicles. Trifilon offers biocomposite materials as sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics. Our clients are assured that a delivery of a high-performance product with the lowest possible environmental impact and with the greatest consideration for the people involved in the entire supply chain. Our mission is to recognize the importance of plastics in our lives and make their production, use, and reuse more sustainable immediately.


My Treatment is a digital platform developed for patients facing a hospital treatment procedure. The platform contains a sequence of animated narratives developed in close cooperation with the clinical experts at the hospital. In addition, My Treatment comes with training programmes, an interactive diary, symptomguides, the hospital’s own information material and much more. Through the online patient portal called My Treatment, we enable patients to become self-confident and well-informed. This reduces the length of stay and the staff's amount of time spent on each patient. Concurrently, the patients’ experienced quality of the treatment and of the hospital in general is increased. By watching animated educational films developed in close cooperation with the clinicians of the hospital, the patients feel much better prepared for hospitalisation and rehabilitation. This enhances the overall experience of quality among patients as well as relatives. During three years of health care related studies, Visikon has documented that animated films constructed in the right way can reduce patient anxiety. Furthermore, simultaneous health care economic research has shown that patients who are given access to the platform of My Treatment strain the health care system much less than other patients.

ConAid Construction Analytics

Our AI web service compare 3D scans collected from autonomous robots and drones with 3D laser scanners. We collect and analyze the data in the cloud helping contractors and construction managers to track progress. This gives a great overview of the project through realtime reporting, registration and documentation. In the end this will minimize construction errors and resource waste.

Grace Organic

Food Waste Tracker shows the “what, where and why” of food waste, increases staff awareness and substantially reduces the purchases. Plate Waste Tracker increases the awareness of people in self-service restaurants and substantially reduces the food scraps. Grace Organic has the knowledge of how to prevent food waste. Together with our clients, we identify the smallest common denominator for the activities in the food business which deliver good results. We teach you to measure and reduce your waste, save your money and measure your progress to meet your company goals. Convert your organic waste on-site into an ecological fertilizer which can be used or sold with a profit. Using the Food Waste Master to handle your organic waste at the source of its generation is a sustainable investment in your organization and for the environment.