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AlgaePro was established in 2018 by the team in Greentech Innovators Bergen, Norway. AlgaePro is developing technology for cultivating microalgae through circular bioeconomy, using biowaste from municipal waste management, as well as carbon dioxide and waste heat from industrial sources. AlgaePro’s technology will pave the way for commercial cultivation of microalgae from waste streams for fish feed and other specialised aquaculture products, thereby promoting the circular bioeconomy. The technology will also enable countries with colder climates and access to abundant clean energy to sustainably grow microalgae for their own aquaculture industry.


Dryk is a danish startup that develop and market high quality plant based dairy products like oat-, pea and hemp milk under that Dryk brand. The use of plant based dairy products reduce the emission of CO2 by at least 70% compared to normal dairy products. Our aim is to be one of the top brands globally.


Lipum has developed a unique biological drug for treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. We intend to achieve a clinical phase II proof of concept in the treatment Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) that affects children. Today many patients are non-responders or the effect is lost with the most advanced pharmaceuticals. Our lead candidate (SOL-116) is directed towards a novel target and will therefor provide an alternative mode of action to meet this high medical need.

Clean Sea Solutions

Clean Sea Solutions AS (est. Jan 2018) is a Norwegian Ocean Tech company that develops innovative solutions to prevent and reduce plastic waste in the sea. Our products are designed to collect plastic waste in and below the water surface in lakes, canals, rivers and river mouths, harbors, marinas, and other waterfront areas. The problem we are working to solve Between 4,8 and 12,7 million tons of plastic ends in the oceans every year, the main problem is the release of plastic waste into the ocean through waterways, rivers, harbor areas, and other areas close to the coast. The solution is to gather the waste in the water bodies close to the polluting sources by a moving or stationary floating device with a practical and right-sized collecting and storage system. The increased focus on plastic waste in the ocean specifically, and the protection of the environment in general, leads cities and other waterway owners to search for new cleaning options. Several do this manually or with crudely adapted boats. The response from the market is that this kind of collection system – its size, focus area, operation mode, and autonomous operation mode – fits the need of many cities. Products The Clean Sea Aqua Drone is an all-electric, autonomous floating waste-collecting Aqua drone, combining robotic technology with modern and efficient design with the purpose of capturing plastic waste in the water surface, and built to be easily emptied. Providing clean waters in ports, marinas, and waterways, protecting marine habitats. Added value stream mapping and data collection The Clean Sea Flexi Pods are flexible and attractive modular floating docks with built-in autonomous waste collectors and internal collection pools, designed to keep marinas and private waterfront estates clean from floating plastic waste and thus reduce the inflow of waste into the open seas Impact Plastic waste will be collected before it is dissolved or reaches the high seas. The effect can be measured in the volume of plastic collected. We are advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG14 (Life Below Water) by contributing to reducing plastic pollution and contributing to the sustainability of the ocean - SDG6 (Clean Water Sanitation) by improving the quality and sustainability of water resources by addressing the impact of plastic waste inflow. Focus of activities Our focus of business is an area identified for maximum effectiveness; Rivers, river mouths, harbors, marinas, resorts, and waterfront urban development areas. Especially the Mediterranean region, where significant resources have been allocated to France, Spain, and Italy through the Mediterranean Action Plan. This market is estimated to increase to 10.2% by 2024, compared to 8% in 2018. Africa is another priority region where 70 million metric tons of waste are generated each year, but only 10 percent is collected. By 2025, over 160 million metric tons of waste will be generated annually, and much of it will end up in the sea due to a lack of proper waste treatment. Assumptions We believe, based on current trends that 5 years from now, every waterfront area with human activity will either have an active cleaning system for its waters or a strong push to install such a system. Where no regulations or laws exist or are effective, NGOs and other stakeholders will demand and support the installation of a system. Public demand will play a major role in resorts and other private waterfront areas. Clean waters and environmentally friendly solutions will become a competitive advantage within an increasing number of business areas


Convion is a leading fuel cell system developer focusing on developing and commercializing solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems distributed power generation. Solid oxide fuel cell’s (SOFC) are a unique technology in many ways. A SOFC power generator is unparalleled in efficiency by any other type of power conversion technology, independent of scale, in a single cycle, and it is inherently modular. High operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells makes these systems flexible for operating on different fuel compositions. Due to clean, hot exhaust gas, SOFC systems are also ideal for combined heat and power generation omitting transmission and distribution losses of power and heat networks. Fuel cells are electrochemical energy conversion devices and as a consequence, there are very few moving parts in a SOFC system. As a result, SOFC systems are low maintenance and long maintenance interval generators suited for continuous operation. Extensive experience of Convion team and focus on process architecture, integration and process control together with the unique features of SOFC technology open up interesting possibilities for distributed, continuously operating and available power generation. Our products are designed for premium energy efficiency, reliability and operational flexibility.


Citisense develops and operates digital solutions, with a particular focus on promoting and supporting dialogue, debate and hearings. We create solutions on all scales for both public and private clients. Our solutions can be used from project to project when it makes the most sense for our customers, or they can create the digital framework for a permanent dialogue and consultation portal or a community that brings together processes and dialogue at all scales. Citisense has helped a number of Danish municipalities support processes in very different areas: implementation of new primary school reform, development of business strategies, debate on urban development areas, municipal and local planning hearings, debate on mobility plans, plans for renewable energy systems - just to name a few.


BlueCall is a digital platform for anonymous therapeutic calls over the phone and chat. We offer a complete solution that provides the right tools for preventing mental illness and measuring the effect at the individual and organizational level. Therapists are exclusively selected to make you feel completely safe. They guide you through the entire conversation and provide concrete tools so that you can achieve positive change in your particular situation. At BlueCall we can help those who want to: - Create a balance in the life puzzle - Learn how to deal with stress and recovery in everyday life - Improve a relationship and get increased joy of life - Find back to motivation - Create greater self-esteem and feel better in yourself - Create increased self-confidence to regain faith in yourself - Get back good sleep routines and more energy Founded by Caroline Rödén, Lisa Löfgren and Tamara Bernad in 2016, their vision is to help millions of people around the world for better well-being.


Biomensio is revolutionizing analytics through its Diagnostics-as-a-Service Platform. The platform consists of a fully digital handheld reader, multianalyte fluid cartridges, and a cloud-based analytics service powered by professional services team. Our initial application areas of interest are point-of-need applications including the detection of drug abuse in saliva, as well as food and milk safety. At the heart of our DXaaS platform is our highly scalable Rapid Multi-Analyte Sensor, a miniaturized micro-array platform integrated into a cost-efficient fluidic cartridge facilitating the fast development of new bio-screening applications for on-site testing. The pixels of the sensor are functionalized with a biologically active layer, like antibodies or DNA, enabling unique label-free capabilities for screening multiple biological targets from the same liquid sample in one step. Biomensio technology is scalable and robust – neither optics nor moving parts are required. Our capability to meet the high quality and volume expectations of the market is based on utilizing existing and proven easily scalable high volume production technologies.

Better Energy

Mission: Power up the world with unlimited and affordable green energy We want to improve the lives of people and the environment with power that is clean, reliable, safe and sustainable. Renewable energy has enormous potential to transform how electricity is generated and to improve millions of lives. Green energy sources can help meet the rapidly growing energy demand and the need to expand access to energy. Time is short. We cannot continue along our current path. We must engineer new ways to make renewable energy efficient and affordable. - Explore new directions, markets, financial structures, technologies. - Advance the deployment of renewable energy as rapidly as possible. - Deliver renewable energy at the lowest possible cost. We are driven by the vision of a healthy, safe and sustainable future. We know that sustainable development is not possible without cleaner, renewable sources of power. Advancing renewable energy will promote economic growth, create new jobs, improve the lives of people, reduce climate change and protect the environment. Our business has a purpose beyond just making money. We want our work to create something larger than ourselves. We want to lead the way and show others how to shape our energy future in a way that benefits society. And we need to make sure that people are moving ahead. We want to actively contribute to the development of new energy solutions. We will be active, not passive, in the process of global change.

Swedish for Professionals

Together we can help make the Swedish labour market a more flexible, diverse, and ultimately more competitive place. At Swedish for Professionals, we’re passionate about languages. We build our own course content and work with inspiring language coaches to offer you engaging and rewarding courses in Swedish. Our team believes that language learning should be fun, encouraging, and efficient. The goal of our courses and workshops is to help international talents effectively integrate into Sweden and communicate in Swedish for business and leisure purposes. Through our methodology, we help you to expand your vocabulary, practice your pronunciation, and sharpen your grammatical skills. Yes, Sweden is a country where a lot of people speak English, but reaching proficiency in Swedish will help you understand Swedes better as well as make you more successful at work! It is our ambition to help you become a confident Swedish speaker, embracing everything that Sweden has to offer! Our aim is to create the world’s best business climate in Sweden by welcoming global talent from all over the world.


PRELUD was founded in 2017 due to the need for smarter solutions in healthcare: we believe health-tech can strongly support the ongoing work of healthcare professionals and increase patients' safety. PRELUD focuses on a meaningful use of existing technologies to process data and monitor patients receiving home care services. Our main goal is to reduce preventable hospital admissions among patients through user-friendly monitoring tools for both health care providers and their users.

Medical care directly on your mobile. gives you quick online access to specialist doctors in general medicine, regardless of time and place. Many inquiries to a regular clinic can usually be done via video, phone or email. So why waste time in a telephone queue or in a waiting room? Here you can read more about how an online medical consultation works and the typical questions we encounter.

720 Degrees

Make indoor environmental quality your most intelligent asset! 720° is a cloud based analytics solution for indoor environmental quality monitoring. We provide the most effective analytics and communication solution on the market that combines AI, organizational behavioral aspects and the highest possible level of indoor environmental quality expertise. Our solution for monitoring the indoor climate is: PRECISE – When AI and machine learning are applied, indoor air quality data is always accurate and results readily available, which enables rapid decision-making and reporting. REAL-TIME – Information on the quality of the indoor climate is available immediately. VALUE-ADDING – A high-quality indoor environment creates an optimal workspace, which is key to increasing satisfaction and performance. Monitoring provides you with actionable intelligence to both increase the satisfaction of occupants, as well as the value of the facility while decreasing maintenance costs. We believe that health and satisfaction at work is everyone’s prerogative. Our passion is to improve people’s lives and allow organisations and building owners to offer the best working environments achievable.


Lose weight together. At twinbody we want to make you feel great about your body as well as your body progress. We want to give you a platform that facilitates both the support and knowledge to achieve a healthy, pleasant and efficient weight loss matched with your body goals. We want to make you feel proud, happy and contend with how your body is today and where you want to go with it. Dieting is more efficient and pleasant when the right people support you. Changing your body and creating lasting and healthy weight loss takes both mental support and physical knowledge. We believe that in order to change your body and create a healthy and lasting weight loss, you don’t just need the knowledge to diet the right way physically, you also need the mental support.


Oil-Free turbo compressors for all industries. Compressed air production is an integral part of most industrial manufacturing processes. It is used in almost every industrial plant to power machines, tools and processes and to move materials in different ways. Compressed air is a basic utility, comparable to electricity, water and heat. The difference is that industrial plants do not need to produce their own power, water or heating, but they are almost always required to take responsibility for producing compressed air. Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ turbo compressors are 100% oil-free and by far the most sustainable air compressor solution on the market. With the lowest total cost of ownership, Tamturbo air compressors deliver significant savings from the biggest costs of owning an air compressor: energy and maintenance. Tamturbo® 100% oil-free turbo compressors have better and more persistent energy efficiency compared to traditional “oil free” screw compressors, so you will see significant savings in your electrical costs. Additionally, unlike “oil free” screw compressors, Tamturbo air compressors do not lose their efficiency due to wear. This means that you will see a lifetime of consistent high efficiency that extends throughout the wide capacity turndown range. Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ technology operates with practically no wear and tear, eliminating the need for conventional maintenance. For our customers, this means financial savings and less unnecessary maintenance downtime, and it also extends the technical service life of the equipment, which reduces the environmental burden caused by waste.