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Cogo is an exciting up and coming startup from Copenhagen launched in 2020, where we set out to make shared mobility more accessible and transparent to everyone. Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow. We gather all shared scooters, bikes, cars and moped in one app, as long as they are human or electric powered. We currently include over 190 different mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide and we’re growing every day. We are currently 5 full-time employees who value hard work, dedication and the flexibility that only a startup can offer. We offer (and expect) a high level of ownership and personal drive to move things forward. We offer great flexibility with a mix of WFH and office days in our famous office space at BLOX, overlooking the canals in the middle of Copenhagen Cogo is backed by experienced business angels and one of the most reputable early stage investors in the Nordics - PreSeed Ventures. So if you are on the lockout for an exciting challenge and to be part of a VC-backed growth journey we’re the perfect fit for you. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to learn more about Cogo, otherwise we look forward to receiving your job application. Please include both a short letter, CV and any other documentation that might be relevant for the job that you’re applying for. Download the Cogo app today on Play Store or App Store!


At BlueBenu, we are developing a technology for the conversion of plastic pollution and mixed waste into eco-crude oil, eco-fuels, and petrochemicals. The units will process waste in a controlled smart process with zero-waste. They are cheap and easy to implement as a decentralized waste-to-energy system for remote areas with poor waste management systems. The goal is to tackle the environmental crisis of plastic pollution and creating socio-economic value, engaging and educating the community.  Our culture is based on the passion of having a positive impact in the world. We are all friends who put their skills together to do something meaningful.

NAUST Robotics

NAUST Robotics upgrades agriculture with autonomous drones. The main problem we are solving is bird damage on farms, which can easily be 50-70% if the land is close to the water. As current bird scaring techniques are ineffective in the long run, farmers are exposed to damage, losing over 50.000 EUR per 100 Ha. Additionally, they do not have enough data of the field, and if they want to check the status of crops, they have to physically go to the land and inspect it. This is not only tiring, but also takes away time from them. Our autonomous drone-in-a-box platform solves both problems effectively, without the need of a human operator. It consists of three parts: the box that shelters and recharges the drone, the drone itself which executes the mission, and an accompanying mobile application that users can use to access and modify platform settings. Once the platform is installed on the farmer’s field, it can detect incoming birds and launch the custom built drone directly where it is needed, resulting in an exceptional scaring device. Additionally, using cameras and image processing algorithms, the drone can provide farmers with crucial information about the health of the crops and status of the fields. According to the Danish Food Council’s report, around 2,2 million Ha of farmlands suffers from extensive bird damage in Denmark. This means a market size (Serviceable Addressable Market) of around 115 million euros. In Europe, this number rises to more than 12 billion euros. Later on our platform could be used for surveillance, inspections, security, maintenance and in many other fields, which drastically increases this market size estimation.


Roles at the bottom of the page! We are an interdisciplinary community of students and recent graduates who 1. create the most thriving crossdisciplinary student community 2. empower students through hands-on programmes and projects about sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and 3. engage in collaborations with the private, public and civic sector. We are 30-40 core volunteers and around 250 members split into smaller teams doing programmes, projects and activities. We are from every university in greater Copenhagen and specialize in a multitude of different disciplines ranging from STEM to social sciences and journalism to everything business related. We are also culturally mixed with approximately 50% Danish and 50% Internationals. We are based in the 100-year-old police station of Frederiksberg that we have just transformed to the slickest space for 52 million DKK to fit the ideas of bright minds. Station is the first crossdisciplinary hub for student innovation - and if you have a drive to make a difference and would like to connect with great people - we are here for you!

Organic Basics

Headquartered in Copenhagen - Organic Basics is building the more sustainable alternative to modern lifestyle and fashion brands. We work with organic and recycled materials - and European factories that minimise their environmental footprint in order to create our underwear, activewear and everyday essentials in the best way possible.Our team consists of fabric geeks, environmental activists and everything in between. Here’s the story. Three Danish school friends (Alexander Christiansen, COO. Mads Fibiger CFO and Christoffer Immanuel, CEO) didn’t like any of the underwear we wore - so we decided to make it better. No fashion school - no experience - no dots were connected and nobody said “ah, that makes sense”. But Organic Basics was born anyway. Back then we didn’t exactly think that sustainability was going to be at the centre of the fashion conversation today either - but we knew something was wrong with the industry. So we wanted to create a brand with purpose and meaning - to create something that we wanted towear ourselves. Sustainability had to be at the core of everything.That meant choosing environmentally friendly fabrics, partnering with responsible and transparent factories and designing products for longevity. Sustainability is always at the core - that’s what drives us to innovate and develop.


At CoreSeer, we aim to future-proof our users’ skill sets, preparing them for the job market through an AI-driven professional development platform and intelligent education and career coaching service. We are working hard to help people learn the skills that they need to make themselves future-proof and more marketable and change their lives for the better. We know that there are skills that will remain in-demand and marketable, and we want to afford people easier access to those skills, empowering them to learn what they need to learn in a way that is encouraging, fun, efficient, and effective. The ideal future of CoreSeer is one in which the users are growing both personally and professionally. At the heart of the CoreSeer platform is the recommendation engine, which guides people toward the occupations, skills, jobs, online-courses, lessons, and other opportunities that suit them best. We are drawing upon information about people’s needs, where they see their education or career path headed, and what will serve their futures best – accounting for all of these variables as we match people to the content that is available through CoreSeer. This means that, unlike other platforms that force users to make decisions about their education or career choices, we are offering a form of automated mentoring for our users, encouraging them to follow one path or another based on the results that they want to see.


We at Edventures want to find you who is as interested as us in battling global challenges within entrepreneurship education and the local as well as global consequences it brings. We believe that entrepreneurship is a means of empowerment in a more mobile and fast-moving global economy. We are developing the world’s first AI guide and educational tool for budding entrepreneurs and are always looking to add brave and tech savvy souls to join our journey.

Causalus Oy

Causalus is the first and only company in the world developing a dedicated process and software for medication reviews (=MR, evaluating and optimising the patients' medicines use). There are 90M+ people in EU & US who use over 5 prescription medicines, and MRs are considered as the gold standard in minimising adverse drug reactions, which cost $100B's annually in health expenditures. Causalus' improved MR process takes 10x less time, enables continuous medication change impact tracking and digitally documents every action for complete transparency. Causalus is currently a MDD1 CE-marked medical device. Our aim is to eradicate harmful polypharmacy, so that people wouldn't have to suffer from adverse effects needlessly. Feel free to read more about us from the Medium post by our pre-seed investor Icebreaker VC:

Returbo AB

Returbo is a digital platform helping e-commerce and customers achieve a smooth return process. With the booming growth of e-commerce, we have simultaneously witnessed a growth in product returns. Approximately 50% of purchases are returned, entailing high costs for businesses and a negative impact on the environment. As a result, there is a business and customer demand for improvement. We are here to make a change for both the end customer but also the e-commerce to minimize their returns and create a greater awareness of the environmental impacts returns have. Join our team today!


Vapaus is a circular economy company that makes zero emission mobility a reality by offering Employee Benefit Bikes and Shared Electric Fleets as a turn key service. Let it be commuting or other daily travel problems of your community, we will deliver you vehicles that are fun to ride and make your employees smile. Vapaus started its journey at the beginning of 2018. Currently, we act as a corporate mobility operator in Finland running our operations on our own platform. At the moment we have the privilege to serve nearly 100 demanding corporate customers, including some of the country's most well-known brands e.g. Telia, YIT, Wärtsilä and Supercell. Our customer companies employ already now over 40 000 people and we add several new customers with thousands of employees monthly. From a bigger perspective, Vapaus is building a scalable service platform that will be integrated seamlessly into a built and digital environment. In the future, our actions will result in great user experience and a positive impact on people, society, and the planet. Our projected revenue for 2021 is over 8MEUR and we are looking to double our turnover alone in Finland for several years to come. If you are interested in building the best B2B2C mobility company in the world together with us, please contact Tatu either by giving a call to number + 358 40 770 7452, sending an email to or messaging in Telegram @tatumakila. Cheers, and ride safe!

Enyday ApS

Enyday is a digital platform and service for operating energy communities in buildings or districts with collective self-consumption of solar. A “behind-the-meter” energy community, could be a large apartment building or cluster housing with collective power buy, solar PV, battery storage, and EV chargers. When a building has such installation, new needs, and opportunities arise. Enyday provides a solution for buildings with smart invoicing to ‘self-manage’ the collective electricity usage with significant savings while providing a community application engaging and nudging neighbors to consume energy in a sustainable and responsible way.

It's overwhelming to get started with investing. helps you navigate the investment jungle while investing with ease. Our mission is to help you achieve financial independence through sound investments. We believe in learning-by-doing by combining the investment platform and learning into one seamless mobile application. The app map out investing from basic to advanced understanding. Invest with any amount of money into your favorite stocks for free.


Intempus is a classic startup adventure gone scaleup that is now looking for new talents to join our journey of growth. Our product: a time registration app that can replace the traditional timesheet. Customer value: saving time, money, paper and tons of administrative work! We are a bunch of young, ambitious people who all work hard to take our company to the next level and already our efforts have taken us outside the borders of Denmark. We look forward to continuing our successful journey - maybe you will join us?


Welcome to Picadon! We are an early-stage proptech startup with an office located in the heart of Copenhagen. We fight climate change with money everyone has - with rental deposits. We define a new class of do-good financial products that turn hard-earned money into a good cause. We are an awesome and diverse team filled with entrepreneurs and fintech enthusiasts – all with a passion for sustainability and our 2 founders have both founded startups before and advised many along the way!


We are on a mission to "let Causes Be the connection" in a market where we envision that "sustainability = everyone's everyday business"! BeCause is delivering this through our our "tech + human" platform which serves as a game-changing "1-stop-hub" for Brand Sustainability Management. Here, companies can 1. Assemble and 2. Optimize the “Sustainability CVs” of companies in one place, and 3. Showcase it to all their stakeholders on whichever channel (e.g. websites, marketplace portals) these are best met – completely, credibly, comparably, comprehensibly & conveniently. This helps companies accumulate and capitalize on their sustainability brand more effectively & efficiently than existing alternatives. E.g. We help Companies within the “TeleCom//Construction//Food/Fashion” sector make their “CO2//Diversity” footprint & ambitions visible (via platform profiles, channel widgets & reports), comparable (via big data analytics), measurable, provable and reduceable (via solution matchmaking & validations). Here's the story. Back in 2018, two Danish colleagues (Jonas Bruun Jacobsen, CTO, and Frederik Rubens Steensgaard, CEO) were frustrated about how slow sustainability was developing in the world - firstly because of the dire and urgent need socially and environmentally, yet secondly also because of the needs economically from the market. The intentions and benefits seemed to be crystal clear from both supply and demand, yet something was keeping them from connecting. So we started the detective work, found out how painful finding and communicating sustainability information was, and surprisingly found virtually NO relevant platforms let alone any adequately addressing the pains. So we set out to build it. And yes we had the software and business acumen, but we wouldn't have gotten this ambitious innovation very far off the ground without the fantastic, diverse team who has blessed the mission with their wits, perspiration and heart. Come join the Causies!