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We at ihopa are on a mission to create a better and more sustainable alternative to buying products and storing them for the majority of their lifetime in a basement. Currently we are launching community sharing boxes with premium products, from gardening tools to sports equipment, and let people subscribe to access them. So for a small monthly fee you can book the best premium products whenever you need them. This makes shared consumption not only more sustainable but also the simply better value and convenient option. We believe to really change the way we consume to a more sustainable way we need to create more attractive alternatives. Our team consists of passionate people, everyone with great experience in another field, united by the mission to innovate this solution. We are learning every day how to improve our offering in a lean startup-like way. We are an open culture and welcome impact from everyone in our team, including our many advisors. We are alumni of +Impact accelerator, Sting, SUP46 and active in the Norrsken network.

Walk With Path

Walk With Path (WWP) is a health-tech company focused on improved mobility, injury prevention and user-centred design. Our products offer multiple opportunities; as therapeutic aids to improve mobility and prevent falls, and within personalised medicine, clinical trials and diagnostics. Opportunities in adjacent markets, such as sports, are also being explored. Check out an interview with our founder, and a video with our founder and a user of our first product, Path Finder, here:


Rektra is a digital headhunter matching employers and talents with the candidate’s future vision in mind. What Recruitment today is - Costly, and without any guarantee of success - Inefficient, where cold calls consumes more time than the candidates that actually matters - Prejudiced, leading to poor fits and unhappy employees How Rektra provides an automated sourcing tool matching employers and candidates using AI, enabling efficient and unprejudiced recruitments. In contrast to the traditional CV, Rektra is forward-looking focusing on the candidate’s preferences for their next position, allowing for quality matches and sustainable employments. Why Rektra was founded to create a new, innovative way of recruiting; sourcing talents where skills and ambitions matter and name, gender and age don’t. Our vision is a fair job market though technology. Rektra has received external funding to kick-start the business.


GoMore is a rapidly growing online service for ridesharing, peer-to-peer car rental, and car leasing. GoMore has more than 2.7 million members in five markets and ambitious plans to grow the company over the coming years. Our investor base consists of strong profiles from the Danish start-up scene. We are currently 90 people located in Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Finland.


TerraGo Deliveries performs short-distance food deliveries using autonomous, land-based robots. We utilize the latest technology in autonomous driving and computer vision in order to provide safe, cost-effective and sustainable deliveries. We solve common food-delivery problems such as spilled beverages and spoiled food by using customizable compartments for storing different products.


Bio-Me's vision is to improve global health by unlocking the potential of our microbiome: the complex habitat of microorganisms in our gut. The microbiome is a crucial piece for understanding human health and diseases. We have developed Precision Microbiome Profiling (PMP™), an analysis technology that enables therapeutic developers and researchers to accurately quantify organisms of the microbiome in a fast and practical way that is suited for clinical applications. Combined with access to a world leading biobank and extensive patient databases, Bio-Me’s PMP™ platform will enable microbiome-based diagnostics, and discovery of novel drug targets to improve health and well-being worldwide. We are an international group with a diverse set of R&D, technical and commercial backgrounds who share the passion to solve the current challenges facing medical development by integrating the microbiome into medicine. Bio-Me is an early-stage company and we are now looking for the right resources to grow with us.

Second Trend

Second Trend is building a community around a marketplace, to inspire and empower consumers to think secondhand first. We are looking for passionate people that want to help drive the secondhand agenda and join a startup team on a journey to build an awesome tech company, based in a marketplace for selling and buying secondhand lifestyle goods.

BeLiving - a simpler way to live and collaborate.

Loneliness is today a public health problem. BeLiving blends generations of young adults renting a room from an older one. By performing simple services, financial sustainability is created in two stages: income for the elder and attractive cost for the younger with additional values as health, company and care. Our goal is to challenge several societal challenges by attracting and activating people living together beyond generational and cultural boundaries. We are building a platform for co-living that creates economic and social sustainability— a simpler way to live and collaborate. We are seeking for superstars to join our mission. Contact us for more information.


Vil du være med til at sikre en grønnere verden, og brænder du for at strukturere, drive og influere kundevendte digitale løsninger og relationer? Så er her muligheden for at blive en del af startup-kometen Spirii. Spirii udvikler og tilbyder vi markedets bedste ladeprodukter og digitale løsninger til kunder med elbiler. Du bliver en del af vores stærke og håndplukkede Spirii-team


We are building a SAAS & a B2B marketplace, where we connect companies to software development companies and design agencies. We are an international team with 10 people involved and 13 different nationalities. Yes, more nationalities than people! We are looking for you to help us scale and grow beyond borders.


Iconicli is an online marketplace for fashion models and brands. It's a digital service wherein brands can book fashion models with ease, smoothness, and affordability. Our mission is to increase the diversity in the modeling industry, by making it available to the general public, which means that iconicli allowed anyone to register and freelance as a model, without any discrimination. We help our models and clients find each other all over the world, with ease and affordability while maintaining a high level of security and quality. We live in exciting times where the world and its societies shatter old norms almost daily, clearing the path for a modern future that suits the needs of our generation. Societies flourish with ideals of equality, sustainability, acceptance, and diversity. Even the modeling industry, with its long history of discrimination, exclusion, and selectiveness, is slowly but clearly changing. It’s opening up to diversity, it’s being more inclusive, and is now more personality-oriented. Brands all over the world are fighting harder than ever, to catch the attention of consumers amongst the oceans of information that we process every day. These brands spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing research yearly, and they have realized that diversity, and content that people relate to in their everyday life, is a big contributing factor to a successful campaign. Unfortunately, many modeling agencies around the world are not offering the diversity which the new world needs. Here is where iconicli comes to the rescue! We believe in the positive effects of diversity and we are here to deliver just that! We believe in the Icon within every one of us and the unique thing that all of us can offer. Our mission is to give every Icon the opportunity to take the stage, and for that reason, we chose to create iconicli! An online platform that allows anybody to register, work, and market themselves as a model. It’s an effective, secure, and smooth digital meeting place between models and brands. Clients can easily create jobs that will be available to a diverse database of models, ready to be booked in a couple of minutes! Modeling and booking models have never been easier!


We are passionate about creating the most simple, safe and convenient way to buy or lease an electrified vehicle online. Our desire is to make life radically easier for consumers making the second biggest financial decision in life while also contributing to a more sustainable mobility. Carla was founded in 2020, with strong VC backing.


Welcome to Picadon! We are an early-stage proptech startup with an office located in the heart of Copenhagen. We fight climate change with money everyone has - with rental deposits. We define a new class of do-good financial products that turn hard-earned money into a good cause. We are an awesome and diverse team filled with entrepreneurs and fintech enthusiasts – all with a passion for sustainability and our 2 founders have both founded startups before and advised many along the way!


Avallone is Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime while building a tribe of outstanding individuals The founders of Avallone have combined their many years of experience from the corporate world, the financial industry, and several start-ups to build a company that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime. Our product is a platform that enables large companies to handle all of their anti-financial-crime documentation and processes in a smooth, secure, and compliant manner. We are deliberately blending the best from the corporate world with the best from the start-up world. We value execution discipline, structure & process - where it makes sense - but we have zero patience for bureaucracy and politics. We encourage and expect big ambitions and high-performance, and we constantly strive to provide the coaching, training, and working environment to facilitate this. We are guided by our company values, which you will hear us refer to and discuss often. One of these values is: EDGE - Be who you are, it's your contribution that counts. That is how we think about inclusion. We are a workplace for everyone. Period. Working at Avallone as a student: If you dream of starting your own company one day, or simply love the idea of being part of building something from the ground up using agile principles and the newest tools and technologies, then a student position at Avallone might just be what you are looking for! We offer a unique learning environment, where we value everyones input, regardless of their seniority or title. We provide structured training in McKinsey-style problem solving, Excel best practices, Power Point presentations, project management, feedback and communication, Anti-Financial-Crime principles, principles for building a venture backed company etc. We are very ambitious about supporting your continued growth by offering tasks of both high importance and high impact, but with plenty of support, coaching and feedback along the way. You will receive extensive training as part of your onboarding as well as on an ongoing basis, and you will be paired with a buddy from day one so you will feel part of the team instantly. We know that your studies are your first priority so we offer flexible working hours, and the opportunity to work from home - although we do love to see you in the office as often as possible so we can socialize over lunch/coffee/drinks etc Join us! //Team Avallone is a fast-growing and well-funded healthcare startup, with a mission to introduce an intelligent assistant to health professionals around the world. We are assembling an ambitious and hardworking team with one goal in mind - to empower Health professionals and elevate patient care using cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision.