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finuprise ApS

finuprise is developing an app that helps people make smart investments into stocks and funds with social and environmental causes 84% of stocks belong to the wealthiest 10%, and women invest 40% less than men on average. How can we make the world better if decisions lie in the financial gatekeepers’ hands? The time to act is now, and finuprise is the tool to make change happen. Money talks, so let's be loud

Vaquita Technologies

Vaquita Technologies aims to revolutionize the current market of water quality measuring devices by introducing a modular device that can be adapted to different client needs (ex. setting different parameters, such as ‘pH’ or ‘turbidity’) worldwide. Since our device is constructed from durable and biodegradable materials, it can be applied everywhere - in lakes, rivers, or seaside - and does not pollute the environment. Our sensors are equipped with the newest optical sensor technology and are powered by renewable energy while remaining visual pollution-free, blending into the environment they are placed in.


KARL er et intelligent koordinationsværktøj, der som digital assistent hjælper landmanden med at navigere i skiftende vejrforhold, etablere bæredygtige processer og bl.a. mindske mentale ressourcer. Vejret er en afgørende faktor i landbruget. Det kan have negativ indflydelse på afgrødeudbyttet - og det komplicerer planlægning og udførelse af opgaver. Varibale faktorer som vejr, så vel som tvungne regulativer og behovet for ekspertise på områder som økonomi, lovgivning og afgrøder, gør agerbrug til et kompliceret og tidskrævende erhverv. I dag bruger landmanden for mange ressourcer på konsulenter til beslutningstagning og administrativt arbejde. Desuden jonglerer de ét dusin systemer, der ikke samarbejder, samt forældede, manuelle praksisser som papirsedler. KARL skal hjælpe landmanden med at navigere i skiftende vejrforhold og etablere bæredygtige processer, der bryder med konventionelle begrænsninger for udbytte, operationelle omkostninger og mentale ressourcer. KARL giver overblik over opgaver og optimerer koordinering ved kontinuerligt at beregne optimale placeringer af opgaver baseret på vejr- og markforhold, regulativer, maskin- og medarbejdertilgængelighed og gruppering ift lokalitet.


Hyper local farming with state-of-the-art technology & biophilic design! At Hollbium, we ensure our solutions meet the user’s need while minimizing the impact we have on our planet. By using hydroponics, LED and machine learning, we revolutionize our relationship with nature in the urban environment. We address the problems head-on by providing a concept combining Scandinavian biophilic design, sustainable agrotech and production with the urban dweller’s well-being. We are a modern start-up combining sustainable food supply and people well-being. As metropolitan workspaces and homes become more and more cramped, we work towards a sustainable future by growing edible plants right in your home or office. Many of the imported greens can already be locally grown all year round. If we're driving change and having fun almost every day, we're on the right track.


We at ihopa are on a mission to create a better and more sustainable alternative to buying products and storing them for the majority of their lifetime in a basement. Currently we are launching community sharing boxes with premium products, from gardening tools to sports equipment, and let people subscribe to access them. So for a small monthly fee you can book the best premium products whenever you need them. This makes shared consumption not only more sustainable but also the simply better value and convenient option. We believe to really change the way we consume to a more sustainable way we need to create more attractive alternatives. Our team consists of passionate people, everyone with great experience in another field, united by the mission to innovate this solution. We are learning every day how to improve our offering in a lean startup-like way. We are an open culture and welcome impact from everyone in our team, including our many advisors. We are alumni of +Impact accelerator, Sting, SUP46 and active in the Norrsken network.

Walk With Path

Walk With Path (WWP) is a health-tech company focused on improved mobility, injury prevention and user-centred design. Our products offer multiple opportunities; as therapeutic aids to improve mobility and prevent falls, and within personalised medicine, clinical trials and diagnostics. Opportunities in adjacent markets, such as sports, are also being explored. Check out an interview with our founder, and a video with our founder and a user of our first product, Path Finder, here:


TLDR: is a hub for marketplace sustainability. 💖 We help you find sustainable brands to buy from, work for & impact, while making everybody everyday heroes of the 'hood. 🦸 The zeitgeist emanates of environmental and social sustainability. 🌏 Unfortunately, it is currently hard to find, compare, trust, resonate and reward the sustainability of brands.👎 BeCause will be the hub to bridge that gap and ecosystem - conveniently, believably & worthwhile. 🔥 Come fly with us! 🚀

Eat Grim

EAT GRIM is a platform for ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables. We are fighting one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues: about 1/3 of fruits and vegetables produced are lost for aesthetic reasons or because they are overproduced - while we are worried that we can’t feed the growing populations of the world. So in 2018, we created EAT GRIM. We source the ugly and surplus produce directly from farms and bring it to the market in two ways: through a food box subscription to private consumers, making it easy for consumers to eat more sustainably. We also supply GRIM produce to food businesses that want to make their sourcing more sustainable and transparent.

SubReader ApS

Seven per cent of the world population suffers from dyslexia and other reading difficulties. SubReader is an app that reads subtitles aloud for dyslexics, across platforms: In the cinema, on streaming services as Netflix, HBO and Viaplay and in the school. SubReader was founded in 2016, and launched the first cinema integrations in 2017, now servicing 90+ cinemas. In 2018 we launched SubReader Plus, offering premium integrations with the major streaming services. We're now expanding into the Nordic region, growing our user base and integrating with public service providers, distributors and more streaming services internationally. SubReader has received numerous prices such as; Company of the Year Europe, Danish Design Award (2019), Entrepreneur of the Year (2019) and winner of Venture Cup Denmark and finalist in University Startup World Cup (2020).


NABO is technologies that activate Sustainable & Committed Co-Living Communities. Our CoCreators are compensated in shares in our group of startups - this is to diversify risk and to make our CoCreators richer than our investors. We have a star team on board - Bjarke Ingels, Morten Lund, 1508, Rambøll.


Bower’s vision is to make recycling a rewarding no-brainer and create a world free from trash. We’re aiming to become the first impact tech unicorn in Sweden, helping +1B consumers make sustainable choices by rewarding them for doing the right thing. We’re a bold and visionary, yet down-to-earth and heart-centered, tech company based in Stockholm. Our mission is to reduce the number of packaging that ends up as trash in nature and increase recycling rates by giving all packaging a value in monetary terms – ”pant” – just like with PET bottles and cans in Sweden. That’s why we’ve developed a world-unique mobile app that rewards recycling of all consumer packaging at regular recycling bins. We are first-movers with global customers such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Mondelez, currently operating in Sweden and in USA. We have a revolutionarily scalable business model where the only thing we need to do to scale up to other markets is to pinpoint the GPS coordinates of already existing recycling stations. In cases where we lack this data, consumers upload the stations themselves. We've been on the top lists of both App Store and Google Play in Sweden since we launched in August 2019. Bower is an award-winning startup: - Winners of Norrsken People’s Choice Award 2019 - Winners of Carnegie’s prize Future Entrepreneurs 2019 - Winners of PwC’s prize Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 - Winners of Nordea’s Largest Impact Within 5 Years


There are nearly 1.2 billion young people (aged 15-24) in the world. 1 billion of them want an extra job. Until now, no other company has made this problem their own. Our vision is to be the world's largest by 2025, and by 2030 we will have helped 100 million young people to their first jobs. Today Yepstr is Sweden's largest platform for simple and safe teenage-jobs like babysitting, tutoring and dog-minding.

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard is a three-year-old sustainable essentials brand with flagship stores in London, Paris, and Zurich. The brand was created due to a need within the fashion industry to improve the level of standards and ethics and help undo the damage done to the environment. That's why the brand colors the world responsibly with fair, organic, and climate-positive products in over 40 environmentally friendly colors and 20 plus styles.


Trillions of dollars are spent on the education and training of healthcare providers across the world. Despite the massive demand for efficient and reliable medical training, there have been few technological advances within clinical training and feedback. Melatech’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable individualized, efficient, engaging, and fun training through a Doctor-AI synergy.


Watt is building a platform to make life easier for electric vehicle (EV) drivers by embracing their charging experience. To drive mass adoption of electric vehicles and remove the barriers, Watt's platform enables drivers and hosts a hassle-free and seamless charging experience. Join us and make an impact!