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Reel is a climate impact start-up aiming to democratize the energy market and accelerate the development of renewable energy on a global level. We see this as a pivotal step towards a zero-carbon economy and avoiding irreversible climate change and damage to life on earth. Currently, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) - an emerging type of renewable energy contract linked to the development of new renewable energy assets - are only available for the largest 1% of companies. Reel democratizes the renewable energy market by making it possible for groups of SMEs to act as "one synthetic large company" and enter into a PPA. This is done with an aggregational software model, a novel risk management system and a standardized contractual framework. We aim to become a central marketplace for renewable energy procurement – transparently and available for all. It will massively benefit the companies entering the market (SMEs), the renewable energy developers and the green transition that can now be accelerated on market terms. - Fun without Fuel is developing an AI based online platform to bring the cycling community under one roof. I found that there is no platform where the cycle community can find varied information that is relevant and uptodate and exactly as per their needs and behaviour. At the same time the patience level to comb through websites for relevant information is decreasing. The objective of is to provide and suggest information that is helpful to anyone from the cycling community. There will be many who have started considering cycle for commuting, exercising , or weekend gateways. Even tourists would prefer bike tours. So a global platform to cater to needs of all and encourage more and more adoption of cycling to adhere to the new norms post COVID outbreak and at the same time contribute to a greener planet Example, if a visitor to the portal is looking for renting bikes for touring a city during the weekend and wishes to rent an e-bike for few hours, showing the person a shop that rents mountain bikes and Race Bikes ONLY, would irritate the person. This also gives more exposure to the shops and brands. Another example to explain how we wish to solve problems: When casual office commuters wish to buy a bike, they would feel comfortable getting advise from an expert. becomes the platform where domain experts would answer to practical questions and guide them to make the right choice in current scenario based on the person’s age or city or road conditions etc. This idea sparked during the corona times when I found friends and family and even celebrities getting anxious to go out of their houses for exercising, sightseeing and some fresh air. The regular office goers who were dependent upon public transport were thinking of walking down to office but felt it was time consuming. The young adventurous population like the high school students or university students wanted to take up cycling tours during weekends and felt they could not find enough bike routes. It was evident that there will be even more needs for cycling and with demands will be a need to get more and more info, or consult people for unexplored or unknown topics. So why not build - the Craigslist of cycling industry.

The Wilde Shop

HISTORY: The idea came a year ago, after a few years of owning & running a successful women's designer vintage clothing store in Copenhagen. Observed how COVID19 affected consumer spending and surge in e-commerce. Inquiries about alternative payment solutions. Consistent increased sales, consumer excitement and interest focused on luxury branded bags. THE BUSINESS IDEA IN A NUTSHELL: Building a community-driven marketplace, facilitating buying and trading exclusive luxury designer bags, thus empowering members within a circular retail model, run by female entrepreneurs. PROBLEM, SOLUTIONS AND VALUE CREATION: People are looking for designer luxury bags, especially in Denmark. The consumer market for luxury bags is a 2.4 USD billion industry worldwide. However, current options for luxury bags can be expensive or “cheap”, low quality unverified or unqualified resellers. Alternatively, they are fakes or non-sustainable high street options. Sustainability awareness is forecast to increase in luxury fashion. Furthermore, there is an increased preference to trusted brands. Through our platform, we give access to luxury! Our goal is to amplify an existing & growing community. Key to success will be inclusivity and access, giving all income group consumers across Denmark a platform to buy, rent, sell and trade their luxury items. Through paid membership tiers, we provide early access to events, sales, discounts and financial incentives. We provide consumers from different income brackets access to luxury items via new financial incentives eg. rental, monthly instalments and exchange initiatives COVID has increased e-commerce spend. It has also decreased small brand sales and increased luxury brand focus. This change in mindset is accelerating the sustainable fashion trends. The market share for vintage and second hand industry has increased exponentially the last few years and expected to overtake consumer spending on new fashion in the next decade. We want to offer an affordable solution - new ways of shopping, giving access to luxury products and building a digital community.


Symptoms has developed a digital patient-centred system for registering, compiling, and visualizing symptoms, functions and quality of life, and sharing those data with health care providers, in order to drive value-based, person-centred and equal healthcare. Symptoms allows patients to chart all of their symptoms, functions and quality of life using scientifically validated health questionnaires, as well as charting of symptoms using a three-dimensional manikin. Symptoms presents the patient’s data to healthcare professionals in a way that improves understanding of the patient’s health priorities, thereby facilitating patient-centred care and shared decision-making. Overall, evidence suggests that up to one-fifth of health spending does not create value for the patient. With over 9% of GDP spent on health care systems across the OECD, such waste undermines the financial sustainability of our health systems, and more importantly, does not lead to better health for the patients. Almost half the population has a chronic disease, and many have two or more chronic conditions. The chronic conditions are responsible for a major part of the health care costs (in Sweden, 80-85%). We do not focus on diagnoses, but instead on symptoms, functions and quality of life. The important goal is to support patients to communicate their health in a better way. The patient should not have to use a different system for their diabetes, COPD or Depression, and try to think if e.g. their fatigue is due to one of these conditions. We need to support patients to communicate their symptoms in a better way, and give healthcare the resources to understand and help the patient. In our model, the patient owns their data, and has the opportunity to share that data with different care providers, researchers, life-science companies and quality registers, through this the same data can be useful in many different areas. Symptoms Europe AB has performed market analyses, and now have four business areas and targets: Intelligence (for academia, life science, quality registries, health care payers); Clinic (hospital clinics or health centers can provide the service to all their patients, and have the possibility to follow the group of patients); Care (for healthcare providers – improving the individual meeting with the patient) and Diary (to support and empower the patient). We are are a multidisciplinary and multi-professional team, with doctors, health professionals, programmers, linguists and business advisors. We have extensive experience and high competence in evidence-based medicine. Compared to many other IT companies in this sector, we come from healthcare and have seen the problems.


At CoreSeer, we aim to future-proof our users’ skill sets, preparing them for the real world through an AI-driven professional development platform. It is an intelligent education and career coaching service. We are working hard to help people learn the skills that they need to make themselves future-proof and more marketable and change their lives for the better. We know that there are skills that will remain in-demand and marketable, and we want to afford people easier access to those skills, empowering them to learn what they need to learn in a way that is encouraging, fun, efficient, and effective. The ideal future of CoreSeer is one in which the users are growing both personally and professionally. At the heart of the CoreSeer platform is the recommendation engine, which guides people toward the occupations, skills, jobs, online-courses, lessons, and other opportunities that suit them best. We are drawing upon information about people’s needs, where they see their education or career path headed, and what will serve their futures best – accounting for all of these variables as we match people to the content that is available through CoreSeer. This means that, unlike other platforms that force users to make decisions about their education or career choices, we are offering a form of automated mentoring for our users, encouraging them to follow one path or another based on the results that they want to see.


Our vision is to contribute to more lively cities through a resource effective use of the physical space. Vakansa is a digital platform that aims to scale up and ease the process of co-using "time vacancies" and the development of "space vacancies" for real estate owners, green tech companies, schools, civil society and associations. Time vacancies: are the specific times in which existing tenants are not using their buildings/facilities and that could be co used with others those specific times. Space vacancies: are flat spaces on a property such as walls, roofs, green spaces, hardened spaces and other spaces that could be developed with different solutions such as solar panels, art, allotments, outdoor gyms, playing grounds and green/clean tech innovations that could increase the social and environmental value of the property. "Sustainability facilities management" is a facility management service where Vakansa offers to rent the time vacancies of e.g a school in order to take full responsibility of the facilities & make sure to maximize the shared usage by renting it out on our digital platform. The concept includes handling of VAT and rental laws, contract issues, booking systems, key management, insurance issues and routines, that includes having a "Sustainability facilities manager" on the spot ensuring that nothing happens during the co usage. We see economical and environmental benefits where e.g schools that pay high rents for time vacancies could share the rent with associations & the civil society that are in need of cheap and available. That could enhance the social capital of an area.


Vi har grundat företaget HUD till följd av att förbättra villkoren för de miljarder människor som lider av handeksem genom en ny unik diskhandske. Vi har själv lidit av olika typer av allergi och eksem i livet, så drivkraften handlar om att underlätta vardagen för dessa människor. Vi har uppfunnit och patenterat världens första diskhandske som KAN användas av människor med handeksem. Det handlar om en patenterad materialkonstruktion som absorberar fukten ifrån handen till innerlagret ut till absorptionslagret, vilket eliminerar både eksemutbrott och klåda.


mildt er en online genbrugsbutik, der sælger brugt herretøj i høj kvalitet til mænd. Det er samtidig også en blog om bæredygtigt herretøj og bæredygtighed indenfor tøj generelt. Det kan nemlig godt være en jungle at skulle finde bæredygtige tøj, men hele den proces gør mildt meget nemmere og mere overskuelig for dig. Mission med mildt er at få mænd i hele Danmark til at tænke mere bæredygtigt, når de skal købe herretøj. Tøj er en stor miljøsynder og der brug for det der komme fokus på dette.


💡Gain talents, customers, and investors by increasing the reach of your current sustainability work. 🤔WHAT WE DO? Gokind is a data-driven platform where talents and non-professional stakeholders can explore and match with companies, career paths and brands based on sustainability and equality. 😣THE END-USER PAIN: Younger generations desperately want to make an informed choice. Be it employer, brand or investment. Corporations want to establish trust with and gain access to talents and young stakeholders. Today there is no real help.* (*Today, great corporate initiatives are hidden and wrapped it compliance heavy sustainability reports that no one reads. Some corporations continue with traditional marketing/employer branding that just reach their corporate peers or that soon will be axed as greenwashing. As to green investments, consumers are left with fromal ratings, with no engaging content to be seen. All is bad for business.) 😍OUR PAINKILLER: Serving talents with data-driven rankings, insights and value matched career paths AND letting companies connect with young stakeholders by simply showcasing their sustainability works and career paths in a futureproofed way. Our platform allows us to serve our user base with answers to questions like; Match me with engineering adventures/jobs in Sweden at companies that have a gender equal management and a verified GHG reduction goal in line with the Paris Agreement. 🌍IMPACT GOALS: 2021: To effectively reach all university students in Sweden, helping them make an informed decision on all major recruiting companies. 2023: To reach a majority of university students in the world, helping them make an informed decision on all major recruiting companies. 📢WHY COMMUNICATION? If it is very difficult and boring to understand and consume the sustainability work of companies, it will slow down real change dramatically. It will also prevent companies to unlock the great business values that lies in their current sustainability works. Within the student world, it prevents students from being able to choose a fair employer (and holding companies accountable for lack of work/progress). 👨‍🎓WHY TALENTS? To rally and help this user base is our best way to channel the power of talents and students to make an impact, a group that historically has been of great importance to drive change. Gokind has the potential to positively affect the decision power of young talents (nudging them to make an informed and sustainable choice of employer, brand or investment throughout their entire life) as well as positively impact the life of the people working at and with the companies included in our platform, which are nudged to start or accelerate change. 💸WELL...THAT’S NICE, BUT WHAT’S THE BUSINESS CASE: The core is to provide companies with IMPACT HUBs– a self-service SaaS-solution. Instead of just being part of Gokind's rankings and curated collections (which is not a choice), a company can on its Impact Hub draw our user base the full picture of its sustainability works and career paths. The Impact Hub lets a company showcase its goals, promises and stories within the field of sustainability. It allows the company to stay in control of the narrative (of how the company is perceived by our user base and the public) by just being transparent. Content from Impact Hubs reaches our user group. Career paths, with job positions and internships, of paying customers are also shown on their Impact Hub and are “matchable” with our user pool (if criteria are met); greatly reducing the threshold for talents to apply and to establish a relationship with our customers early in their studies. An Impact Hub is a stand-alone solution, which can be used by the company to showcase its work to other stakeholders. Your employees, customers, suppliers. Why should they be left with just the compliancy heavy sustainability report to read?


Elonroad develops a high-tech electric road system – it auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving and the system is equipped with IoT sensors and software that captures and analyses transportation data. The solution is a conductive charging infrastructure designed for all electric vehicles (EVs), e.g., buses and trucks, cars, taxis, that operate in urban and highway conditions with the capacity to transfer up to 300kW with 98% efficiency. EVs that connect to Elonroad obtain direct power drive energy and charge their batteries to continue driving when disconnected from the electric road system (ERS). The power is distributed in very short segments of 1 meter and is unlocked by encrypted radio communication between the vehicle and the rail. Our ERS is equipped with IoT sensors and software that captures and analyses transportation data to generate intelligent feedback that interacts in real-time with moving and stationary vehicles. The digital road can facilitate the transition to autonomous vehicles by adding safety as it can inform about coming obstacles on the road, traffic movements and local deviations of temperature and weather conditions. Elonroad is the perfect union of disruptive tech and traditional engineering. Our vision is to electrify the entire transport sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past, without increasing the demand of batteries. We will be the enabler of electrification of vehicles just like fiber has been for digitalization. We can contribute to reducing road transport CO2 emissions by more than 50%.

CabiBUS Sustainable Mobility AB

CabiBUS Sustainable Mobility AB is developing a patented autonomous electric vehicle to help cities and regions solve the problems with traffic congestions and fossil fuel pollution by offering safe shared rides for on-demand, door-to-door public transit in private cabins so that most people prefer that over using a private car. Cars create 62% of the total transportation CO2-eqv. (in Sweden). A sustainable and shared mobility service with autonomous electric minibuses covering 100 km in and around each city can substantially improve the traffic and its environmental impact. Transportation research and simulations (KTH Stockholm, Lissabon) has found that such services can reduce the need for cars with up to 90%. Also, Corona has dramatically increased the problems with public transportation so cities and transportation operators must find new solutions to make shared mobility so safe and attractive, that most people choose it for the daily travels. CabiBUS has 3 doors on each side that gives direct access to 6 comfortable 1 person cabins. A rear cabin can be booked for wheelchair passenger, baby stroller or large baggage. The private cabins in CabiBUS offers privacy and full protection against infections from other passengers. Strong UV-C light destroys all microorganisms in the cabin after one passenger has departed and until CabiBUS stops again to pick up another passenger in that cabin. Other unique passenger protections, only possible with separate cabins, in case of an accident, is airbags all around each passenger and a strong framework around each cabin. All types of passengers, from young to old, can feel completely safe and comfortable when sharing rides with strangers in a minibus without driver. The cabins in CabiBUS are exchangeable so on evenings and weekends, when most people are at home and the demand for personal mobility is lower, the vehicles can be used for parcel deliveries and convenient recycle collection. The CabiBUS solution is patent protected since 2018 and until 2034. CabiBUS is a Battery Electric Vehicle, BEV, with no local emissions. It will be designed with sustainability in mind: Low weight, regenerative braking and efficient driveline for low energy consumption. Very long durability, 20-40 years. Even if the sales of electric cars are increasing in the world, it will take many years until a majority of them are fossil free. Replacing all current cars with electric cars requires huge amounts of materials for the batteries and cars, so the manufacturing will have a large impact on the environment. CabiBUS can make the transition to sustainable mobility much faster and with much less materials and investments. Autonomous cars at SAE level 4 are now developed by several global companies and on 8 October 2020 Google Waymo opened its fully driverless service in Phoenix Arizona. The EV technology is available on the market since several years. By offering comfortable, efficient, low cost, convenient, door-to-door, on-demand, safe and secure mobility for everyone, CabiBUS can replace a large part of the cars in the world and greatly reduce the emissions of transportation. The development of CabiBUS started in 2010 when I saw that the self-driving technology and electric drive could make my old idea for a shared on-demand, door-to-door service both economic and environmental possible. But I also saw the problem with safety and security when sharing rides with strangers in a small vehicle without a driver, so I came up with the private cabin solution. Before I sent in a contribution to an idea contest for better public transit in 2014, I applied for a patent and it was granted in 2018. For each year I have been more and more convinced that CabiBUS is the best solution for many mobility problems in cities an regions so last year I invested in a professional design and visualization. This year I set up a company with the first goal to find financing so that I can hire a professional CEO and CTO


Our cities are growing and becoming more dense, making an efficient use of space increasingly important. We need to reduce the energy used in and emissions coming from transports. And who doesn't want to get from A to B faster than before with a big smile on their face? We are introducting a unique and futuristic cyclecab service that will reduce the need for taxi cars in dense urban areas, offer faster and more fun trips, save energy and emissions and offer attractive and healthy employment opportunities for people set on getting into the workforce.


PlasticFri™ is a CleanTech company from Sweden with the vision to end plastic pollution catastrophe. Conventional plastics are made from petroleum and stay in the environment up to 1000 years! By 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish. We are on a mission to change that through our revolutionary technology by turning agricultural waste to Plant-based alternatives for replacing disposable plastics PlasticFri was recently awarded as the “World’s Most Innovative Sustainability Startup” among 1402 companies Worldwide!


We are building a secure, faster and cheaper AI based cancer diagnostic product. Our product comprises of end-to-end high performance, AI based genomic analysis pipeline. Genomic data analysis ( dry lab) is slow, expensive and requires a lot of human intervention which increases its cost. Our goal is to build a secure, modular, AI based pipeline that will reducing the time of analysis from hours to minutes, hence reducing the monetary and time based cost.

Desert Control

Desertification – one of the greatest threats of our time Climate change and global warming degrade land, cause deserts to spread and temperatures to rise in a vicious cycle. The degradation of land and soil cripples terrestrial ecosystems crucial for biodiversity, CO2 uptake, and fragile balances vital for life on earth. Twelve million hectares of productive land perish annually due to desertification and drought. Growing water scarcity magnifies the challenge of combating this dilemma. Nature alone lacks the resilience to endure continued overexploitation and impacts of climate change. Disrupting current trends by restoring ecosystems and fostering sustainable use of scarce resources is crucial for the health and prosperity of our planet. Healthy soil is integral to any plan for addressing global issues such as; food and nutritional security, climate change, growing water demands, and biodiversity. Our mission is to make earth green, resilient, and sustainable to foster prosperity for life on earth.