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Polar Nutrition

We develop innovative natural food supplements which you can proudly enjoy and in which you will fall in love in again and again. New Polar Nutrition product family – Flavour from the nature. In our new xylitol tablet you can taste the real flavours of the forests naturally. Polar Nutrition xylitol tablet's flavour comes from real berries and natural extracts. We don't use any artificial flavours of colourants. Just 100% real natural extracts. What is chaga? Northern superfood that's been used as a folk medicine for centuries, especially in siberia. First reported use is from the 1200 century. Chaga grows on birch trees in colder climates. After infecting a birch tree it grows as a dark chaga mushroom.


People2Join is crowdsourcing company, offering effective and meaningful services to activate customers and employees to develop business, services and brands. Over a decade, we have developed and improved methods and tools to create active communities. With our scalable digital tools organizations can turn that activity into value. Key tool: People2Join Crowd is a crowdsourcing tool, where our platform automatically interacts with all relevant stakeholders prioritizing automatically the ideas based on the targets. For us crowdsourcing is not only a platform, it is a holistic process where organizations can benefit the most of people’s participation. We believe that best companies, brands and communities are build WITH people. Involving people increases engagement, trust, transparency and productivity. By activating relevant people, we can solve problems of all kinds with affordable price, thus making better and more meaningful business.


NFleet is a Jyväskylä-based software company dedicated to developing advanced optimization services for transportation planning In most cases urban transportation operations can be performed about 20 % better than how they are currently managed. In practice that means a significant reduction in numbers of transportation vehicles in the streets and also a significant reduction in emissions. NFleet is an online transportation planning service that can be either used as a stand-alone web application, or as a component in a transportation management system (TMS) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


NemPULS is one user-friendly system for PULS NemPULS has been developed in close collaboration with a number of treatment plants focusing on reducing the administrative burden associated with PULS. Owners of aquaculture facilities have the opportunity to view and report field measurements, such as water volume. As an authority you have the opportunity to follow preferred point sources and make statistics on data.

Mosspiration Biotech

We use moss as a green cell factory to produce small natural products. Physcomitrella patens or spreading earthmoss) is the perfect plant for this. Using Physcomitrella we produce fine chemicals that are normally obtained from rare, endangered or non-agricultural plants. Moss is a small plant that renders itself to easy genetic transformation. With our latest knowledge, we can easily engineer moss into an efficient producer of targeted natural products. The long-term strategy of Mosspiration is to grow our fragrant moss in large scale in order to extract fragrances from the moss lines to produce essential oils.


MilieuPort assists the port with shore power, digitization and environmental solutions. A large cruise ship, docked for 8 hours, emits as much NOx as 10,000 passenger cars traveling from Oslo to Trondheim. NOx emissions from a large cruise ship at the quay for 8 hours corresponds to the annual emissions from approx. 700 passenger cars. 1)SmartPort - Generic electronic port management software: SmartPort's interface connects all ports systems into one interface and automates a variety of processes, including payment and booking. 2)Planning, engineering and operation: MilieuPort offers tailor-made solutions for the port and the services the port wants to provide. MilieuPort assists completely from opportunity study to operation. 3)Recycling of maritime waste from ships: MilieuPort offers solutions for: receiving and recycling Slop, Sludge, Organic waste, metal, wood, hazardous waste and cleaning of slop and sludge. 4) ASPoS (At Sea Power Supply) MilieuPort supplies shore power to ships on the sway. Through the MilieuPort system ASPoS, ships located in the harbor pool receive shore power. MilieuPort is a specialist in infrastructure and installation of shore power and wants to use our expertise to facilitate the green shift and the government's climate goals. In close collaboration with our customers and partners, we will develop solutions that the next generation can be proud of. Together with you as a customer, we will create a sustainable solution for your particular port.

Leydn Digital Energy

Leydn is a company set out to redefine the local grid by integrating active home storage on large scale making consumer in control. Our team combines key competencies including IT systems (SW architecture , programming), product development (hardware, software, control systems), energy trading, energy sustainability, entrepreneurship and business development.


Jukolux is a pioneer in revolutionizing the global special lighting solutions. As a company we are born form innovation. All the way from the very beginning our focus has been to create new innovative solutions with the best and finest that technology has to offer. For us, there are no problems only possibilities. Our mission is to create SAFER, BETTER and MORE EFFICIENT working conditions by offering the latest LED and IoT solutions by JUKO brands for demanding environments. Our passion is to become acquainted with our customers’ and their business. We want to listen and learn from our customer’s needs. We want to understand the complete challenge, so we can offer superior JUKO brand products or solutions. Our vision is to become the global trendsetter in high-end products. JUKO brands will offer superior products in design, functionality and reliability. We see our innovativeness and the correct partners as the key to successfully stand out from the crowd.

Solar Fire Concentration

Founded by Eva and Eerik Wissenz, the company develops and spreads the solar fire technology through commercial and humanitarian channels. Solar Fire is a cost-effective technology for concentrating sunlight for thermal needs. Our current systems produce steam in the range of 110 to 200°C and focal temperatures up to 600°C. This enables a wide range of possible applications. Our aim is to break the cost-barriers currently limiting deployment of solar thermal technologies in both industrial industries and developing regions. By developing truly cost-effective, scalable and efficient solar thermal technology it’s possible to create local wealth and significantly reduce carbon-emissions, deforestation, and air-pollution.

Fresco Motors

Fresco Motors’ vision is to create improved, simpler and more lavish lives for individuals that want something other than a modest transportation system. We will, in an environmentally friendly and future-oriented way, support our vision through producing and selling electric cars. These are timeless luxury automobiles with a modern twist, and which are characterized by their superiority and safety.


Bio-refining is based on the idea of a green circuit where no resources go to waste. Bio-refining is a new economical method of heating with biomass. There are many other unexplored opportunities beyond heating which we will outline. The method is economical and not dependent on government support.

Cyklus Bolig

Cyklus is a Danish word that means “cycle.” The inspiration is the miracle of the natural systems that we depend on, because they operate in cycles. This contrasts with a linear model - still the standard mindset when people make things - and where it is assumed that we can just harvest materials or energy (or people) for a purpose, and disregard the “waste” and other destructive consequences as an inevitable part to the process. Cyklus is part of to the paradigm shift from a linear model to a circular one: incorporating the “circular economy,” for example. We must consider the consequences choices that are made, and integrate our actions into a sustainable, circular model. In the building sector, this means eliminating CO2 emissions, adopting zero waste models, creating healthy environments, and more.

Ascend XYZ

We make airport management and monitoring easier, better and more efficient. At Ascend the best from software development meets the best from engineering and the outcome is an innovative, user friendly and affordable service for airports around the globe. We enable airports to conduct efficient wildlife monitoring, risk management and obstacle identification. Our service is browser based and feeds on aerial- and satellite imagery. We offer Obstacle Penetration Analysis of protective surfaces, Limitation Surface maps, data for Aerodrome Obstacle Charts, Obstacle Assessment Surfaces Analysis and mapping. We offer a complete solution from aerial data acquisition, remote sensing to the customization of the analysis to your needs into an user friendly service.


Picterus is a growing start-up bringing biophysics and machine learning based solutions to healthcare. The company is based in Trondheim, Norway, and was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide accurate jaundice diagnosis at low-cost all over the world. Worldwide, 135 million children are born each year and neonatal jaundice affects approximately 60 to 80% of them. 114,000 of these newborns die yearly and 75,000 cases of kernicterus (severe brain damage) are recorded. A primary reason for this high morbidity and mortality is the inability to measure bilirubin levels in many locations due to lack of a readily available and effective device. Picterus AS has developed its first app, Picterus, as a novel approach for remote jaundice diagnostic and monitoring which has already completed a clinical trial in Trondheim University Hospital showing the effectiveness of the novel solution in Caucasian newborns. Our team has the perfect mix of technological, business and financial background who have a combined understanding and knowledge of the mobile health world in the following area: Biomedical optics and photonics, physics, software and app development, paediatrics, and sales.

AMOV Apparel

AMOV Apparel was founded in 2015. AMOV aims to become a pioneer of change in the fashion industry. AMOV combines organic, responsible and sustainable materials, a new recycling system and ambitious 'giving back' principles in a unique concept. Tackling a notoriously non-sustainable industry; we are creating an apparel brand. Through our work and example, we wish to start a movement. A movement towards a society where people, businesses and politicians find it natural to act responsibly and with compassion. "Profit matching" is our way of balancing our financial success with our responsibility to give back; to do good in the world. Specifically it means that for every penny we earn (after taxes and interest) we must at least raise a similar amount for doing good through various activities, campaigns and funds.