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The problem today is not that we are lacking ideas or solutions to solve global challenges, but that we are disconnected. Disconnected both on the collaborative level and the knowledge level - an ironic fact, considering that humanity has never been more connected. The problem, simply put, is that there currently is no structure and no clear overview, which has resulted in a fragmented ecosystem of people and organisations working in silos. This is hardly news to anyone, however, the question and ongoing challenge has been; how do we change this?  With Acter, we are on a mission to solve this problem. We are making it easier to identify and locate collaborators, engage with individuals, collaborate with organisations, and coordinate and share knowledge across initiatives working towards the same goals. With Acter we do not believe that technology is the single solution or our sole saviour. However, technology holds the potential of uniting efforts and organising ourselves in new and better ways. It allows us to zoom out and provide a clear understanding on the part that we play in the ecosystem, enabling us to affect systems at a global scale by coordinating collective action.

Refillistic AB

Refillistic reduces single use plastic package pollution in the environment by creating win-win situations for everyone. Problems: 1- Customers cause increase of plastic pollution unwillingly by buying single use package products. 2- Customers pay extra cost of single use plastic package products although they only need what inside. 3- Consumers' CO2 footprint by going to a grocery store to buy liquid products and cost & organization requirement of recycling. Solution: A refilling machine, that has a card payment system on it, offers to buy to customers laundry products (detergent and softener) in their laundry room. We give product manufacturers the possibility to sell their products in a sustainable, environmental, consumers friendly and economical way in the right place. We give to householders an opportunity to have an extra income or cleaner of the laundry rooms. We aim to give consumers to buy cheaper, closer with smoother buying experience than existing one. We give to all participants (including consumers) be part of reducing plastic in our environment. Why: We want to make profit and at the same time to reduce single use plastic packages. Refillistic’s building blocks are collaboration and solidarity. As a team, we believe in cooperation, completing each other and improvement.


We offer water fountains for crowded places like city centres and festivals, so people can hygienically fill own water bottle or cup with cool refreshing water instead of buying single used water bottles. The solutions can be custom made to fit in any area and can be delivered with payment solution. When reducing single use plastics, we save on energy for production, transportation cost and handling of waste. Drink at km 0! One Wetap water fountain can yearly save the environment for 730.000 0,5 liters single used plastic bottles. The water fountains complies with Covid-19 regulations and recommendations to avoid contagion as there is no direct contact with the nozzle that delivers water. Our installations is doted with filters eliminating micro-plastics in water up to 0.2 micron. Its functionality will decrease the waiting time of getting a drink and reduce queues, but above all we are focused on providing environmental friendly solutions. We also provide an in-app method of paying, available to use with our PCUP digital mug , thanks to its built-in chip, paying and choosing the drink will take few seconds, reducing the waiting time for getting a drink. The mug can be used more than 2000 times without quality loss and applies with all safety regulations for stadiums. We live in a throw-away society which is dominated by consumerism, and we are producing a tremendous amount of waste. Our motivation is to take part in the transition towards a more circular future. Our ultimate vision is a waste free world, where 100% of the waste we produce is recycled – or even better not produced where its possible!

HadbiFY AB

HadbiFY is developing an AI Medical smartwatch that predicts Myocardial infarction, stroke and prevents fall downs for ageing people with chronic disease and dementia. Our solution enables SOS autoalarm services if the health of the user is deteriorated by a connected healthcare App and dashboard that tracks and monitors wearer health trends in real time. Our health caregiver assistant provides help and support during 24/7 on a daily basis.


EVLedger builds a tool for performing third-party verification of battery data with Blockchain technology. Our vision is to ensure complete trust between industry actors as well as individual battery users in the battery technology space and allow for individual cell performance traceability. The tool enables second life applications, trading and sustainable recycling for many types of batteries. It also verifies individual battery health and champions ethical and environmentally friendly extraction processes for battery minerals.


We want to reduce the food waste and increase the transparency in the food industry. This revolution is achieved by innovative technology and digital solutions. Our vision is that no food shall be forgotten, nor wasted.


Fremby is a technology company that started in 2017 with the aim of making companies and projects in the construction industry more sustainable. Fremby has extensive industry experience in the entrepreneurial team and among our investors. We have built technology companies for the industry in the past. We are now working closely with CAT, Volvo, Komatsu, JCB, Hitatchi and their dealers in Norway to present data in a common platform. We believe in collaboration and sharing. This is reflected in our products and the way we develop them. User-friendly tools are best developed in close collaboration with the customer. The data we collect can enable many ideas for a greener industry.


WOHN provides Affordable Tiny Homes, 3D printed from up-cycled waste plastic. WOHN supplies affordable modular homes designed for user comfort and well being. The homes bring aesthetics & quality of life into a condensed living making sustainable & re-densified cities possible.


Vision: save the planet and feed people Mission: reduce fresh food loss and waste along the supply chain through sustainable solutions Product: A bio-based food safe coating layer that extends the shelf-life of fresh food significantly is developing a digital platform to enable unbanked people access to the financial system. In low-income communities, a popular and established method of saving up is to join a savings group where you save up as a community rather than individually. Our app is built to digitalise and support these groups. Group members can use our app to record their savings and lending history, which creates a unique credit score. This credit score enables our users to gain access to financial services that they have previously been excluded from. The groups also learn business skills and how to use technology, empowering them to improve their future. Our app is co-created with more than 600 people in savings groups, basing the solution on their needs and abilities. They define the structure; we provide the tech and build the bridge between up to 1 billion people and the financial system.


Let’s make cleaning plastic free! Skosh is innovating the surface cleaning liquid market by making it more sustainable and convenient. Our product consists out of two parts: Firstly, a high-quality reusable spray bottle that is designed to last forever. Secondly, a cleaning tablet that leaves our customers with effective non-toxic cleaning liquid after dissolved in tap-water.


Is a new Danish startup organization with a platform that develops a new form of educational interactive software and media. We call our projects gamutexs, games education experiences. They are based on a principle method of high entertainment that are designed to teach users new skills through interaction. The startup company is at the moment a project that is being developed in the Human Legal Hub at KU, at South Campus (KUA). It is part of two programs in Communication and IT and Information Sciences, that allows us to work on a start up. The University of Copenhagen will help and support this by providing consultants, office space, workshops and much more. The university does not hold any ownership of the company and they do not decide what we do, they only advise and manage the hub office area. Team members doing academical research in the project usually keep the data that they collected, meaning they can use it in academical assignments and such. In our projects we want to get academical inputs to elevate the learning potential for the users, this is done by inviting students and professors from relevant fields to contribute with relevant theories and knowledge. In return we will transform this combined with gamification to develop methods and other ways that subjects can either be taught for students or they can be “trained” in them. In our learning-lab we are also going to experiment with new ideas for knowledge and create an open space to practice studies in an attempt to apply it to gamucatex. We also seek to utilize the benefits that the traditional video game media offers when it comes to learning. Many players experience getting proficiency in certain areas after playing games. This does not just include ways to become better at playing the game but can for instance be positive side effects that lead to improvements in language. Such experiences have a high level of entertainment, but the learning process is not structured. In contrary many educational games focus on the knowledge part but don't utilize the affordances of the media and they are quite frankly boring. We believe the best results arises when both are combined The startup will solve a need for people who want to learn more and don't find conventional learning methods suitable and teachers who need new tools to engage students. Also the gaming industry new innovations in regards to educational games, while the publishing world needs new products to sell to people who play video games. Some artists also need a digital space where they can create and share interactive digital environments to express their creativity. Less fortunate people around the world will have access to a new service that will help their historical skills and other skills as mentioned, in return they can teach the history they studied. If they excel in language they might even earn a profit. This online job could make a huge impact for those where their access to jobs are limited!

Elektra Motor Company Ltd

The world is changing and that change is inevitable. We embrace the change with open arms. We see it as an opportunity to break old entrenched habits and corporate monopolies. We also see it as an opportunity to conduct business based on ethical values. We believe that even a small business can make a change. And to be taken seriously, we must be open and responsible. Our core values derive from this setting. They are sustainability and responsibility. We believe in a sustainable business model, even if it means less profit for us in the short term. We are not short-sighted. And only by engaging in responsible business, it is profitable also in the long run, especially in an industry that is on the verge of such a big change. Corporate responsibility means to us that we deliver what we promise. However, we are more pragmatic than optimistic, and we also understand that in a multipolar environment such as the industry we are in, there are many variables and equations to be solved. We are not alone in this. Our customer promise is that we do our best to live up to our values. The core of our business idea is to manufacture, import, export and sell new energy mopeds, motorcycles and cars. In addition, the company’s business idea includes manufacturing, importing, exporting and selling of selected ancillary products, as well as selling exchange instruments realised in sales.

finuprise ApS

finuprise is developing an app that helps people make smart investments into stocks and funds with social and environmental causes 84% of stocks belong to the wealthiest 10%, and women invest 40% less than men on average. How can we make the world better if decisions lie in the financial gatekeepers’ hands? The time to act is now, and finuprise is the tool to make change happen. Money talks, so let's be loud

Energy Machines

40% of all energy goes into buildings and about 30% of it is wasted every day. We are building hardware/software that enables building owners to take charge of reducing their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. We have offices in Sweden and our HQ is at BLOX in Copenhagen. Join us if you are interested in tackling the greatest challenge in our generation.