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NAUST Robotics

We are developing a completely autonomous drone platform for agricultural use, mainly focusing on bird scaring, surveillance and crop monitoring. With the accompanying mobile application, the farmers can deploy our drone at anytime from anywhere. Bird damage in agriculture has always been a problem around the globe. Whether they eat up seedlings or damage fruits, the plantation owners have monetary loss. Farmers need an easy yet effective solution, but current scaring techniques either require too much effort, not viable for larger plantations, or are simply not effective, as birds get used to it. Another issue is the lack of data. Farmers just apply fertilizers and pesticides in large doses without knowledge of the affected areas. This results in a waste of resources, not to mention the environmental damage. To solve both problems, we are using a specifically designed drone, which is an exceptional scaring device due to its randomized flying pattern. Furthermore, it can collect critical information of the fields which the farmers can access through our application. In addition, we have developed a fully autonomous platform that shelters, recharges, and controls the drone. At NAUST Robotics we believe in implementing drone technology for everyday issues, and thus achieving a more efficient and sustainable world.


Legacy was founded in 2019 and is part of the Legacy Group, a European company based in Denmark's capital Copenhagen. We want to make CO2-accounting easy and accesible for smaller companies and help them live up to increasing demands from larger corporations, clients and authorities. Legacy was created by a group of entrepreneur-minded sustainability advisors, software developers and designers who's purpose is to accelerate the pace of sustainable development. In collaboration with some of the country's leading companies, our mission is to challenge the green transition industry by harnessing the potential of digitizing consulting for SMEs.

Swedish for Professionals

At Swedish for Professionals, we are passionate about languages. We build our own course content and work with inspiring language coaches to offer you engaging and rewarding courses in Swedish. We believe that language learning should be fun, encouraging, and efficient. Our aim is to create the world’s best business climate in Sweden by welcoming global talent from all over the world!

Tribe Takeaway

Our vision is to live in a world without hunger! We have developed world's first socially sustainable takeaway system aimed to solve just that. It's quite easy and works like this: Every time you order a meal from a restaurant using Tribe Takeaway you automatically share a meal with a child in hunger. The meals are shared in collaboration with recognized help-organizations all around the world. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people with experience from tech, food or sales industry. Join our startup in the ambitious goal and make the world a better place meal by meal.

BeLiving - a simpler way to live and collaborate.

Loneliness is today a public health problem. BeLiving blends generations of young adults renting a room from an older one. By performing simple services, financial sustainability is created in two stages: income for the elder and attractive cost for the younger with additional values as health, company and care. Our goal is to challenge several societal challenges by attracting and activating people living together beyond generational and cultural boundaries. We are building a platform for co-living that creates economic and social sustainability— a simpler way to live and collaborate. We are seeking for superstars to join our mission. Contact us for more information.

Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software has one simple goal - set the new standard for whistleblower solutions across Europe. Due to the new EU Whistleblower directive companies above 50 employees have to implement a whistleblower channel in their business. The Whistleblower Software system helps businesses implement a compliant solution that is both secure and transparent. Our solution can be used by companies of all sizes and our speciality is helping client-focused companies and associations such as compliance agencies, lawyers and accountants in facilitating the best solution for their client base. Our solution makes sure that both confidential and completely anonymous reporting is possible for the whistleblower.

Returbo AB

Returbo is a digital platform helping e-commerce and customers achieve a smooth return process. With the booming growth of e-commerce, we have simultaneously witnessed a growth in product returns. Approximately 50% of purchases are returned, entailing high costs for businesses and a negative impact on the environment. As a result, there is a business and customer demand for improvement. We are here to make a change for both the end customer but also the e-commerce to minimize their returns and create a greater awareness of the environmental impacts returns have. Join our team today!


Iconicli is an online marketplace for fashion models and brands. It's a digital service wherein brands can book fashion models with ease, smoothness, and affordability. Our mission is to increase the diversity in the modeling industry, by making it available to the general public, which means that iconicli allowed anyone to register and freelance as a model, without any discrimination. We help our models and clients find each other all over the world, with ease and affordability while maintaining a high level of security and quality. We live in exciting times where the world and its societies shatter old norms almost daily, clearing the path for a modern future that suits the needs of our generation. Societies flourish with ideals of equality, sustainability, acceptance, and diversity. Even the modeling industry, with its long history of discrimination, exclusion, and selectiveness, is slowly but clearly changing. It’s opening up to diversity, it’s being more inclusive, and is now more personality-oriented. Brands all over the world are fighting harder than ever, to catch the attention of consumers amongst the oceans of information that we process every day. These brands spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing research yearly, and they have realized that diversity, and content that people relate to in their everyday life, is a big contributing factor to a successful campaign. Unfortunately, many modeling agencies around the world are not offering the diversity which the new world needs. Here is where iconicli comes to the rescue! We believe in the positive effects of diversity and we are here to deliver just that! We believe in the Icon within every one of us and the unique thing that all of us can offer. Our mission is to give every Icon the opportunity to take the stage, and for that reason, we chose to create iconicli! An online platform that allows anybody to register, work, and market themselves as a model. It’s an effective, secure, and smooth digital meeting place between models and brands. Clients can easily create jobs that will be available to a diverse database of models, ready to be booked in a couple of minutes! Modeling and booking models have never been easier!


SammeVei is a tech startup that rolled out 2 mobility apps in the past 4 years: SammeVei; the leading ridesharing app in Norway for the sustainable urban commuting and Pick App; the revolutionary home delivery app for anything anytime! Our vision is backed by the star investors and innovation grant. We believe in on-demand mobility in urban transportation; both in the movement of people and goods.


PatientSky reduces the distance between patient, healthcare provider & software companies through a palette of communication tools, mobile apps, web-applications and a development platform. Our products include schedule software, communication tools, VoIP / Video solutions, journal, medication etc. To gather all our products in a single system, we have built a healthcare platform on open standards, i.e. openEHR, FHIR etc. Our vision is to become the operating system (OS) for healthcare. Our main customer base is in Norway & Finland and consists of general practitioners and other medical specialists, physiotherapist, chiropractors etc. PatientSky was founded in 2014 and made two acquisitions in 2017-2019 to strengthen our offerings. The team consists of 170+ employees across our offices in Denmark (Odense, Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo, Kongsberg, Bergen, Sandane) & Finland (Helsinki). In 2020 we did an IPO, to further strengthen the company and continue our international goals and growth. Note: Positions are not "remote positions", and will require you to be able to physically be present at the office.


Using carbon footprint data, we are building products to help companies track and mitigate their carbon footprint. Our current product is a web application which enables companies in the food industry to calculate and label the carbon footprint of their food, set reduction goals and follow their progress through monthly climate reports.

Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.

Lyssna På Oss Nu!

Lyssna På Oss Nu! is world’s first music-tech based integration platform for youth. We are giving voice and power to the youth to make a change. Right now we are working on “street violence” as the theme by crowdsourcing world’s longest song from the violence marked areas and towns of Sweden. Venture team comprises experienced marketers, music and production specialists, and social impact sector professionals.


Responsibly is a sustainability tech start-up with vision of making every purchase in the world responsible 🌍 There's no bigger problem out there than the climate, and procurement represents a big part of the solution - when purchase decisions are made on the background of responsible data like CO2 footprint, suppliers have a huge incentive to change. However, procurement is becoming overloaded with complexity. Different frameworks, different data sources, different coverage, making it difficult to make purchase decisions to improve your responsibility profile and scope 3 emissions. At Responsibly, we're trying to solve this issue by using leading technologies and data science, to build a supplier data platform that makes it easier to source responsibly. We're founded by two serial entrepreneurs with previous successes like Dixa and Ofload, and have received pre-seed funding from some of Europe's top VCs and angels. We're now building a top-tier team to tackle this big thing called climate, and have fun while we're doing it 🤘


Plazzo is a brand new start-up consisting of the two owners. We are producing furniture and other interior and exterior of danish design from recycled plastic waste. We have just received the machines, a heat-press and a cold-press for producing sheets in April 2021, and are about to start production. The short term goal is to create a brand and demand of our recycled circular products. The long term goal is to sell the plastic recycling machinery in containerbased factory units to developing countries. The workshop is located in Hasselager by Aarhus.