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Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now over 2 000 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.


Every year hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money is wasted as a result of poorly drawn up and mismanaged government contracts. All this under the pressure of strained budgets and increasing costs for public expenditure. Since 2018 Tendium has been working to fix this problem using AI to create a better and more transparent market for public procurement levelling the field for vendors as well as exposing rigged contracts and giving taxpayers greater value for money. It is a great thing to do, but also a very hard thing to accomplish. That’s why we are on the lookout for the best talent out there to join our skilled team of software and business developers.


Dianox is a biotechnology company for diagnostics of infectious diseases. We produce diagnostic tests to make a sustainable impact on global health. We are at an early stage, so there is a lot of room to grow. With us you have great opportunity to take ownership, and put your mark on the company. If you are excited about this project's impact potential please apply to one of our openings.

Nøie ApS

Nøie is science. Nøie is a community. And Nøie is you. Rather than mass-producing skincare products, we work with the customer to create the very best solution for their unique skin. We do this by combining the credibility of science with the experiences of the community — all in order to meet their individual needs. In fact, we take the matter so seriously that we write their name on the packaging. Our vision is to increase the quality of life for people with skin concerns and to create a new honesty about a taboo issue. Our goal is simply to reinvent skincare by creating the best skincare products in the world for each and everyone. And that’s what we call customised skincare. Read more about Nøie and try our skin test at Nøie is backed by top investors, such as LEO Pharma, PreSeed Ventures, Seed Capital, Thomas Ryge Mikkelsen, and other fantastic business angels.


Bower’s vision is to make recycling a rewarding no-brainer and create a world free from trash. We’re aiming to become the first impact tech unicorn in Sweden, helping +1B consumers make sustainable choices by rewarding them for doing the right thing. We’re a bold and visionary, yet down-to-earth and heart-centered, tech company based in Stockholm. Our mission is to reduce the number of packaging that ends up as trash in nature and increase recycling rates by giving all packaging a value in monetary terms – ”pant” – just like with PET bottles and cans in Sweden. That’s why we’ve developed a world-unique mobile app that rewards recycling of all consumer packaging at regular recycling bins. We are first-movers with global customers such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Mondelez, currently operating in Sweden and in USA. We have a revolutionarily scalable business model where the only thing we need to do to scale up to other markets is to pinpoint the GPS coordinates of already existing recycling stations. In cases where we lack this data, consumers upload the stations themselves. We've been on the top lists of both App Store and Google Play in Sweden since we launched in August 2019. Bower is an award-winning startup: - Winners of Norrsken People’s Choice Award 2019 - Winners of Carnegie’s prize Future Entrepreneurs 2019 - Winners of PwC’s prize Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018 - Winners of Nordea’s Largest Impact Within 5 Years

Vital Beats

We're building the future of digital healthcare and we insist on having the best time together doing it. We expect high quality in our work as much as we take good care of each other. We make a software platform for remote care of heart patients with implanted devices. We combine participatory design with nordic design aesthetics to ensure a meaningful product. This means we actively involve clinicians and patients in the design process. We're proud that Danish hospitals use our platform daily, but we have much more we want to achieve.

Sedas Plantekøkken

Sedas Plantekøkken fremstiller veganske gourmet smørepålæg, for at bidrage til en verden, hvor vi som forbrugere nemt kan træffe købsbeslutninger, der er bedre for miljøet, vores dyrevenner og vores egen sundhed, uden at gå på kompromis med smag og kvalitet. Eksisterende produkter på markedet opfylder ikke vores behov for lækre og nærerige smørepålæg. De fleste er kedelige i smagen og fyldt med overskydende raffineret sukker og olie. Derudover er de pakket i plastikemballager, der ikke kan genbruges og dermed belaster vores miljø. Mit bidrag for at løse problemet er at tilbyde jer veganske gourmet smørepålægsprodukter, der er lavet med økologiske* ingredienser og pakket i genbrugelige glaskrukker. I stedet for at bruge tilsætningsstoffer, fryser jeg mine produkter ned for at bevare deres friskhed og konservere dem på en naturlig måde, så de beholder alle deres kostbare næringsstoffer.


Visiana helps radiology departments achieve automation through machine learning and medical imaging technologies. A routine task in radiology is the examination and interpretation of hand X-rays to determine the skeletal maturity (i.e. bone age) of a child or the bone health. This is a time-consuming task, prone to considerable inter- and intra-rater variability. Our main product, BoneXpert replaces the cumbersome use of a radiographic atlas with an automated and quantitative solution.


By using space technology we at Dynaspace are solving global data gathering challenges, helping advance aquaculture transparency. We are a multicultural, dynamic and small (but growing) team. Aquaculture is the rapidly growing food source and livelihood for billions of people across the globe. Today, the aquaculture industry is facing huge challenges; with its own scale, sustainability and primitive production methods. We turn raw data into actionable insights through our cloud-based platform InsightSPHERE. Our insights enable global environmental and sustainable monitoring, directs suppliers of carbon-neutral feed, life improving technology, renewable energy and antibiotic-free health products to farmers, and helps governments to effectively improve food security and resource utilization. We provide unique global aquaculture insights at operation-level resolution. Our vision is to drive sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry by using space technology to provide unique insights and contribute to environmental and sustainable food production for generations to come.


In Radiobotics we are developing stellar machine learning algorithms, supporting doctors in analysing medical images, and making the right decisions. We are collaborating with hospitals across EU and the US, ensuring immediate clinical impact, eventually benefitting patients. We are an award winning start-up looking to expand our team, so please get in touch, in you are interested in hearing more about opportunities.

sani nudge

Working at sani nudge sani nudge is a Copenhagen-based global healthcare technology company. Our mission is to eliminate Hospital Acquired Infections, a leading cause of death around the world. We design and market the only comprehensive hand-hygiene performance system which combines sensor networks with nudging technology to provide a complete, long-term, and cost-effective hand hygiene system for healthcare institutions. You should apply for a job at sani nudge if you want to build your career in a fast-moving, intense company with experts in global hand hygiene. Our company culture focuses on reducing stress while improving the quality of experience for our team. Company facts: We have more than 5,000 active sensors installed in hospitals. They have registered +2,000,000 hand sanitizations and +100,000 patient interactions. They help +3,000 healthcare workers ensure proper hand hygiene compliance. We help hospitals and nursing homes in 7 European countries have clean hands when treating patients. We work with the largest healthcare companies in the world.


reVIRTUE is a young and thriving startup embarking on a journey to enrich the social value of creativity to empower and reunite scattered creative communities. We do this through the promise of a safer and fairer playing field outside of opportunistic environments where they can actually focus on doing transformative work and exploring their true creative potential. reVIRTUE is launching an app that will introduce a decentralised talent economy. A new platform that provides a more equal playing field for creatives by matching them to opportunities to combat income vulnerability and career inequality within the creative industry. reVIRTUE will be a gateway for recruiters and companies that want to gain access to untamed creativity to stand out and break free from design bubbles. As a community – we unite creatives around their shared experiences and problems As an app – we facilitate the search for creative work opportunities, and enable a more equal and secure work environment As a business – we help companies tap into untamed creativity as a powerhouse for innovation and a driver of growth. As a citizen platform – we work towards building a more sustainable creative industry and enriching the social value of creativity. ... a new status quo is waiting to be born


Scroll all the way down to see open positions! Ence is a Norwegian marketplace gathering sustainable brands in one place. Together we offer a wide range of everyday products, produced consciously. We work to gather as socially and environmentally sustainable producers as possible in one place, with the aim of making the path to ethical choices shorter for Norwegian consumers. The company was founded June 2020 after the founder's own personal experiences with trying to find ethical and sustainable brands to shop from, but feeling like it was such a time-consuming process. People who want to make good, conscious choices when shopping, should not have to spend hours surfing from one web shop to another to find products they need and background check them. This pushed the founder to create a marketplace, strictly for ethical and the most environmental friendly brands. This would spare the customer of time; by collecting all the products they need in one place, and doing the background checking for them, and knowledge; by introducing them to brands they may not have heard of before, and provide them with information about sustainability that the dishonest brands do not want to provide for them. Today, Ence works together with partnering brands to encourage and educate business leaders who take the responsibility of being more sustainable, so that these types of businesses together can evolve and take up a bigger market share together. By connecting these business leaders together, Ence aims to create a hub for sustainable brands to facilitate their growth. Ence consists of a team of 9 dedicated employees, volunteering for a cause they find important.

Finuprise ApS

finuprise is developing an app that helps people make smart investments into stocks and funds with social and environmental causes 84% of stocks belong to the wealthiest 10%, and women invest 40% less than men on average. How can we make the world better if decisions lie in the financial gatekeepers’ hands? The time to act is now, and finuprise is the tool to make change happen. Money talks, so let's be loud


Say goodbye to long and expensive office contacts and being chained to the same desk every day and hello to Respaces. We're a two-sided online marketplace that makes it easy to list, find and book workspaces of all types online. By gathering unused spaces spaces in offices, hotels and restaurants we can offer customized and affordable office solution to your needs - whether it's working from an inspiring office of your choice two days a week, booking an inspiring roof top terrace for your workshop or a quiet place where you can get serious shit done. Always up to you - no strings attached. We're a small, ambitious and warm team that is on a mission to take care of our planet and bring true value and well-being to people all over the world. Are you with us?