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People spend 85 000h at work in a lifetime and most don't like what they do. Our platform helps people in tech find jobs and teams based on values and sustainability. So they can contribute their creativity to meaningful work that matters. It increases innovation and works satisfaction. Genvalues provides a way for the company and engineering team to share its unique culture with tech talents looking for more than just a job. Engineers are contacted about new opportunities all the time, but with no information about who they'll be working with, what their day-to-day will look like, or whether the company contributes to Sustainable Development Goals. If you are interested in what we do and want to get in contact, email us.


Sibesonke Ltd was founded by Nokia Top Innovators. Having seen what cell phones can do for people in developing countries, we decided to create life-changing mobile services for those countries. We are a digital agriculture pioneer in Africa, and attack a giant problem - food security in Africa that intensifies with a growing population and unpredictable rains (climate change). Our innovative mFarming digital platform connects smallholder farmers with local agri companies and well-known international corporations. To date, millions of farmers in East Africa have received information on mFarming to improve farm productivity and profitability. Ready to invest your talent in a larger-than-life purpose?


At CHAOS we provide a better understanding of cities’ complexity in an easy and lean way. Our AI-powered urban insights and forecasts enable fact-based decision-making for real estate investment and city development, which leads to the creation of more liveable cities around the world. By integrating data that different systems are creating with the data that people produce in their living environment we produce indexes that allows to measure the performance of cities today and simulate future scenarios.  Our ultimate purpose  is to create better and more sustainable cities for everyone around the world. We believe this should be achieved through data, technology and by including people. We are a multicultural team composed by exceptional talent leading in the tech and smart city industry. Business women and men, change-drivers, nerds, speakers, thinkers and doers. We value team work, progressive thinking, passion and grit. And we work in the trendiest startup hub - Maria01!


ClevAir is a smart building management solution that helps save energy, and revitalize the indoor climate. It’s plug-and-play and works with any-and-all buildings. Using the power of sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the-art sensors, it reprograms the HVAC in real-time, based on changes in building occupancy and/or outdoor climate etc. By doing so, it drastically reduces a building’s energy consumption and its carbon footprint. ClevAir users can monitor the building’s energy usage and control its ventilation from any internet-enabled device. This is helpful in detecting potential flaws, forecasting future energy usage, and making any budgetary adjustments.


Today it's easier for a citizen to throw away things and buy new ones, than to let things get second life at another user. In the public sector and private companies it is the same! Thats not how to build a sustainable society. But we have a solution!off2off works with resource optimization in and between organizations by making existing surplus visible we enabling reuse of them. Our business model is based on increasing reuse and extending the life of these surplus. We have the evidence!


Vi på Hygglo vill förbättra världen genom att minska konsumtionen och bekämpa #prylsvinn. Vi sitter på Norrsken House och har investering från bland annat Norrsken Foundation. Med Hygglo kan du hyra många saker du behöver istället för att köpa dem och sedan lägga dem på hyllan när du inte använder dem.Se även


We’re a Copenhagen-based fintech company with an office located in the heart of Copenhagen, and our international team counts people from England, Scotland, South Africa, France, Brazil and Denmark. We value thoughtfulness and transparency, as well as ambition and innovation, and strive to encourage this in each other, as well as in our practices and products. We want you to feel as a part of the journey, to share ideas and concerns freely, and invite you to join our company trips, Friday bars and other collective endeavors. We support flexibility, so you’re able to combine working at Matter with the demands of family life, an interest in horses, or kite surfing. We do. Our journey is backed by a range of Danish and international investors, and we are increasingly facing new opportunities that go beyond the pension market in Denmark. We hope to go there with you.


Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering a digital health solution for mental health and behavioral disorders. Our mission is to help provide better mental health to more people at lower costs. Our solution helps optimise the treatment of mental disorders and gives a detailed overview of an individual’s mental health through the collection of outcome, adherence and behavioural data. It connects individuals, carers and health care providers to enable personalised treatment, remote care and early intervention. Based on continuous research and development, our team is committed to developing solutions that fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals, increase their quality of life and improve the efficacy of mental health treatment. To learn more visit


We are a mission driven company set to eliminate food waste world wide. We currently provide food retailers with cutting edge SaaS-solutions that help them minimise their waste and increase profits. Partners using Whywastes solutions often see over a 50% decrease in food waste, while at the same time saving time and increasing food safety.


Vakansa vision is to create a sustainable urban planning by meet peoples needs without constructing any new buildings. A platform that wants to make it as easy as possible to share facilities when they are not being used through our platform We are an AirBnB and GuestIt in one platform. Watch this TedX -


Every year 6 billion SEK of personal accident insurance compensation go unclaimed in Sweden! Why so? One of the main reasons is that it is extremely difficult to go through the claims process, which requires both time, knowledge and a lot of patience. With Insurello, there is no need to understand insurance specific language, have all the time in the world or have a certain background. We want to help all people claim their accident insurances money instantly online and change the insurance landscape for the better. WHAT HAVE WE ACCOMPLISHED? As of now, we're helping more than 80 000+ people claim their insurances through our platform, and the user count is growing by the hour. We were awarded the Start-up of the Year 2017 award by Business Challenge, and top-100 InsurTech start-ups in the world by Fintech Global. Since 2018, we have raised more than 100 M SEK from leading Venture Capitalist firms and trusted investors who've brought in not just money but credibility, network and business assets. We have built a winning team of ~80 awesome and highly motivated Insurellians based in Stockholm. During the first half of 2020, we have doubled the team! Right now, we are providing opportunities for fair compensation in Sweden and Denmark, expanding to France and Germany in 2021!


Who we are Each year in Denmark, over 2 million people upgrade their smartphones, but few have a clear idea of what to do with their previous device. Of course, they could sell it or trade it in, but today these options are primarily perceived as a hassle, a scam, or a waste of time. This results in Danes often having two or more smartphones wasting in a dusty drawer. Our mission to reduce this waste and to make the best use of their potential by providing a transparent, fair, and simple way to ensure that our old technology gets used to its fullest extent. The user can then support sustainable causes through our platform with the value of their used phones. Why do we exist? Used phones are extremely valuable. In fact, every year we estimate that at least one billion kroner worth of used phones enters the market in Denmark alone. On top of this, smartphone production has tremendous environmental and social impacts that are seldom talked about. Making the best use of minerals and labor that has already been put into our phones is the least we can do. Through research, we found that most people do not sell or trade-in their devices today for various reasons. However, over 90% of people responded that they would donate the value that their used phone could be sold for, entirely or in part, to philanthropic causes so long as it was easy and transparent. Therefore, not only are the causes we support genuinely good, but they provide the motivation to awaken a large and growing market. Today there is no platform where this can easily be done. Lokalist aims to fill this gap in the market and be the platform where people and businesses can easily donate all or part of the value of their used technology to support sustainable actions we all want to see more of. What happens to the used phones? The used phones we receive are safely wiped, complying with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They then have a 92% chance to be refurbished or harvested for working components. The semi-new phones are sold in markets across the world to be loved by future users. The phones that cannot be refurbished are responsibly recycled, making sure to reuse minerals that are otherwise impactful to mine. Our values As a company, we focus heavily on integrating the Nordic values of transparency, honesty, community, and simplicity into our mission. This is not typical of our competitors in this space. By being active in the carrying-out of the sustainable causes with our partners, and showing our users instantly how their device could support them, we believe we can help make the best use of our e-waste while spreading the love.

sani nudge

Working at sani nudge sani nudge is a Copenhagen-based global healthcare technology company. Our mission is to eliminate Hospital Acquired Infections, a leading cause of death around the world. We design and market the only comprehensive hand-hygiene performance system which combines sensor networks with nudging technology to provide a complete, long-term, and cost-effective hand hygiene system for healthcare institutions. You should apply for a job at sani nudge if you want to build your career in a fast-moving, intense company with experts in global hand hygiene. Our company culture focuses on reducing stress while improving the quality of experience for our team. Company facts: We have more than 5,000 active sensors installed in hospitals. They have registered +2,000,000 hand sanitizations and +100,000 patient interactions. They help +3,000 healthcare workers ensure proper hand hygiene compliance. We help hospitals and nursing homes in 7 European countries have clean hands when treating patients. We work with the largest healthcare companies in the world.


It's our vision to replace the global food supply system with a regenerative system that produces the food we need, where we need it. Our first step towards that vision is to roll out a demand-driven and decentralized operational model based on building-integrated agricultural solutions. By bypassing the conventional distribution system, we grow organic crops locally on demand and eliminate transportation, packaging, storage and food waste in every link of the supply chain. The result is a green footprint, less risk in production and off course fresh and nutritious storyfood for our customers.


The DrugStars ecosystem comprises the DrugStars medication app, the SaaS platform for pharmaceutical companies and payors, and the "Trustpilot" for meds. DrugStars is committed to empowering patients. The company donates 20% of its revenues to over 240 global patient organisations and enables the users to earn donations for their chosen organisation. To date, DrugStars has donated €506,000 to 240 patient organisations around the world.