Soil Scout Oy

The Pitch Soil Scout has developed and patented world's first truly wireless underground IoT sensor allowing their users to monitor critical underground conditions in real-time to make keep up the optimal growth conditions. The What The current growth in fresh water consumption is unsustainable. Based on UN report the world will only have 60% of the water it needs by 2030. Agriculture alone accounts 70% of all water consumption and Golf Courses spend 9,5 Billion litres of water in irrigation every day with up to 50% of waste. In addition the cost of water is increasing and at the same time we need to produce more and more food with existing resources. The How Soil Scout has developed a unique technology to monitor critical growth conditions in agricultural sites and other artificially irrigated lands. The solution is a small, maintenance free sensor that is buried underground and it enables continuous soil monitoring, vertical profiling and detailed dynamic view to the soil parameters such as soil moisture, temperature and salinity (EC). This solution enables the users to keep up the optimal growth conditions without having to over-irrigate their land. With this technology the users are able to achieve significant savings in water and electricity and produce more crop by optimising the soil conditions. The Why In the early 2000s our founder 19th generation farmer, Dr Johannes Tiusanen started to think, that there has to be a way to understand what is happening under the surface of the field. At that time agronomists' knew that more than 50% of the crop growth is happening underground but there wasn't any way to monitor it without interfering the growth. The first idea was to attach a soil sensor to a mobile phone and bury it but it soon became obvious that there is no coverage underground. Johannes spend almost a decade developing our patented communication technology that enables wireless data transfer from underground with superior battery lifetime.
Location Helsingfors
Founded 2013
Employees 1-10
Industries Energy & Greentech, IT & Software, Science & Engineering
Stage Growth and expansion
Business model B2B
Funding state Seed


Founder and CSO
Johannes Tiusanen
Founder and CTO
Jussi Sirkiä
Chief Troublemaker (CEO)
Jalmari Talola