The Pitch SignLab helps families that need to learn sign language or sign-assisted communication to communicate The What Parents to children who are severely hard of hearing or deaf need to learn sign language to communicate. Today, only 1 in 4 parents to deaf children in high-income countries manage to learn sign language. In low-income countries, it is believed to be less than 1 in 10. Families with individuals that benefit from sign-assisted communication face the same challenge. These include the parents to children with Down Syndrome, severe autism or Cerebral palsy. The How An international learning platform for sign languages and sign-assisted communication. The SignLab learning platform is fully digital and can incorporate new languages within weeks. The user only needs access to a smartphone or a computer. The platform makes it fun and easy to learn through gamification and timed encouragement. To ensure that the user gets the most out of every learning session, our review functionality incorporates an AI that knows what signs you are about to forget. The AI then designs a learning session that is tailored to the individual user’s need. Our curriculum is designed in cooperation with sign language teachers in each language. The platform launched in open beta in Norway November 2018. Feedback from parents and sign language teachers gave it a NPS of +64. The platform saw exponential growth with an average growth rate of 276% each month for the first three months (Nov-Feb). This growth all came from word of mouth, $0 spent on marketing. The Why Today less than 10% of the 64 million parents to deaf and hard of hearing children know sign language due to the low availability of education centers. Exclusion from communication have a significant impact on everyday life, causing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and frustration. The inability to properly communicate have a significantly adverse effect on the academic performance of children. SignLab works towards a society where all families have access to teaching themself, their children and their community signs and sign language so that everyone can feel included.
Location Oslo
Founded 2017
Employees 1-10
Industries Education
Stage Growth and expansion
Business model B2B
Funding state Seed


Teacher - Norwegian Sign Language
Ingrid Strand
Tor Barstad
Endre Elvestad