reVIRTUE is a young and thriving startup embarking on a journey to enrich the social value of creativity to empower and reunite scattered creative communities. We do this through the promise of a safer and fairer playing field outside of opportunistic environments where they can actually focus on doing transformative work and exploring their true creative potential. reVIRTUE is launching an app that will introduce a decentralised talent economy. A new platform that provides a more equal playing field for creatives by matching them to opportunities to combat income vulnerability and career inequality within the creative industry. reVIRTUE will be a gateway for recruiters and companies that want to gain access to untamed creativity to stand out and break free from design bubbles. As a community – we unite creatives around their shared experiences and problems As an app – we facilitate the search for creative work opportunities, and enable a more equal and secure work environment As a business – we help companies tap into untamed creativity as a powerhouse for innovation and a driver of growth. As a citizen platform – we work towards building a more sustainable creative industry and enriching the social value of creativity. ... a new status quo is waiting to be born
Location København
Founded 2021
Employees 1-10
Industries Fintech, SaaS
Stage Idea
Business model B2C, B2B, Marketplace
Funding state Bootstrapping


Founder, Founder
Hildward Werleman
Brand Consultant
Marsela Roswall
Culture & Integrity Consultant
Ksenia Kheninen
Animation Designer
Julius Jäntti
Graphic Designer
Ona Aurora
Community Liaison
Austeja Lasaite
Strategy Analyst
Petros Katakis-Anastasakos
Communications Assistant
Presian Yordanov
Communications Assistant
Karolina Curova
Social Media and Communications Coordinator
Eleni Bakistanli