Rektra is a digital headhunter matching employers and talents with the candidate’s future vision in mind. What Recruitment today is - Costly, and without any guarantee of success - Inefficient, where cold calls consumes more time than the candidates that actually matters - Prejudiced, leading to poor fits and unhappy employees How Rektra provides an automated sourcing tool matching employers and candidates using AI, enabling efficient and unprejudiced recruitments. In contrast to the traditional CV, Rektra is forward-looking focusing on the candidate’s preferences for their next position, allowing for quality matches and sustainable employments. Why Rektra was founded to create a new, innovative way of recruiting; sourcing talents where skills and ambitions matter and name, gender and age don’t. Our vision is a fair job market though technology. Rektra has received external funding to kick-start the business.
Location Sweden
Founded 2018
Employees 1-10
Industries IT & Software, Service
Stage Growth and expansion
Business model B2B
Funding state Bootstrapping


CEO och Co-founder  
Sanna Bergling
PR & marknadsföring, medgrundare
Terese Salzberger