We at ihopa are on a mission to create a better and more sustainable alternative to buying products and storing them for the majority of their lifetime in a basement. Currently we are launching community sharing boxes with premium products, from gardening tools to sports equipment, and let people subscribe to access them. So for a small monthly fee you can book the best premium products whenever you need them. This makes shared consumption not only more sustainable but also the simply better value and convenient option. We believe to really change the way we consume to a more sustainable way we need to create more attractive alternatives. Our team consists of passionate people, everyone with great experience in another field, united by the mission to innovate this solution. We are learning every day how to improve our offering in a lean startup-like way. We are an open culture and welcome impact from everyone in our team, including our many advisors. We are alumni of +Impact accelerator, Sting, SUP46 and active in the Norrsken network.
Location Sweden
Website ihopa.com
Founded 2017
Employees 1-10
Industries Consumer Goods, Fintech, SaaS, Service, Retail
Stage Go to market
Business model B2C, B2B
Funding state Seed

“"we will only be able to make consumption more sustainable if we create a better and more attractive alternative without sacrifice”

Alexander, CEO


Founder, CEO
Alexander Engl
Founder, CMO
Marina Kaleva
Founder, CTO
Vlad Mihuta
Founder & CMO/CFO
Johannes Dahlberg