ICONICLI is an online marketplace that connects models with clients in need of model services. It's a digital service wherein clients can book models with ease and affordability, while giving established and aspiring models a chance to take control of their career. Our mission is to increase the diversity in the modeling industry, by making it available to all. ICONICLI allows anyone to register and freelance as a model, without discrimination. We help our models and clients find each other all over the world while maintaining a high level of security and quality. We live in exciting times where the world and its societies shatter old norms almost daily, clearing the path for a modern future that suits the needs of our generation. Societies flourish with ideals of equality, sustainability, acceptance, and diversity. Even the modeling industry, with its long history of discrimination, exclusion, and selectiveness, is slowly but clearly changing. It’s opening up to diversity, it’s being more inclusive, and is now more personality-oriented. Brands all over the world are fighting harder than ever, to catch the attention of consumers amongst the oceans of information that we process every day. These brands spend millions and millions of dollars on marketing research yearly, and they have realized that diversity, and content that people relate to in their everyday life, is a big contributing factor to a successful campaign. Unfortunately, many modeling agencies around the world are not offering the diversity which the new world needs. Here is where ICONICLI comes to the rescue! We believe in the positive effects of diversity and we are here to deliver just that! We believe in the Icon within every one of us and the unique thing that all of us can offer. Our mission is to give every Icon the opportunity to take the stage, and for that reason, we chose to create ICONICLI! An online platform that allows anybody to register, work, and market themselves as a model. It’s an effective, secure, and smooth digital meeting place between models and clients. The clients can easily create jobs that will be available to a big and diverse database of models, ready to be booked in a couple of minutes! Modeling and booking models has never been easier!
Location Sweden
Website iconicli.com
Founded 2018
Employees 1-10
Industries Media & Entertainment, Fintech, IT & Software, Marketplace & eCommerce, Fashion & Living
Stage Go to market
Business model Marketplace
Funding state Pre-seed

“There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.”

John Kenneth Galbraith, Economist, diplomat, public official and intellect


Founder, CEO
Zein Hilow
Marketing associate
Ricmond Boakye
Marketing Associate
Miaomiao Li