Share your Skill Identity - your verifiable certificates Today, displaced individuals and people in emerging markets are challenged by high costs and slow manual processes to verify the authenticity of their skills, identity and credentials. As a result, these individuals have to deal with tedious and out-dated credentialing processes, and are in some cases forced to repeat years of education. This leads to both loss of productivity and inflated unemployment. To tackle this challenge, Diwala has created a platform that enables schools and NGOs to issue skill-based identities, backed by blockchain technology. A skill-ID is a digitally verified record of a person’s educational and work history. Diwala is building an ecosystem of trust, by enabling educational institutions and organizations to safely and digitally issue and verify credentials. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of digital skill identities with verifiable credentials - to create global opportunities for youth and displaced communities.
Location Oslo
Website diwala.io
Founded 2017
Employees 1-10
Industries Fintech, Service
Stage Product or prototype
Business model B2C
Funding state Seed


Founder, Co-Founder & CEO
Thea Sommerseth
Co-Founder & CDO
Marina Sellstad


Kristian Enger

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