CPH'ATTITUDE Jewelry - Unique & Sustainable

CPH`ATTITUDE Jewelry is the unique & sustainable jewelry brand - And now i´m searching partners to take this concept international. CPH´ATTITUDE supports the Sustainable Development Goals. My focus is on the following SDG´s: SDG no. 12 Responsible Consumption and Production🌍 I produce locally and uses vintage jewelry in the upcycling production. I make use of no child labour or low wage workers in facilities with inhumane working conditions. I support gender, race, social, political, cultural and religious equality. One world - One people. SDG no. 13 Climate Action🌎 CPH´ATTITUDE is focusing on a circular business model, and materials produced with respect for sustainability. Products are handmade, and there is no waste in the production, everything is used. CPH'ATTITUDE strive to leave as little climate footprint as possible, while on the other hand we wish to leave a big footprint in peoples mind, inspiring them to integrate sustainability in their everyday life. Hear the podcast with HALLKOM `Story´s from Coronaland´ (in Danish) https://hallkom.dk/podcast-anders-juel-rasmussen/ Read the article by Danish newspaper Vejle Amts Folkeblad, which tells the story on the entrepreneurial journey for CPH`ATTITUDE founder Anders Juel Rasmussen (Copy/Paste text to Translate if not Danish language) https://vafo.dk/artikel/anders-fisker-efter-perler-i-genbrugsbutikker NOTICE: The materials used in our jewelry is mostly not fabricated under sustainable conditions, when originally produced. The sustainable concept of CPH`ATTITUDE is circularity. I repuporse materials that are not easily degraded in nature such as Glass, Metal, Plastic, Stone etc. Recycling is one of the cornerstones in the efforts to lower emissions, waste water production, toxic waste and the list goes on. The Ambitions:💪 Sustainability is no more only a buzzword for thought leaders, and climate activists. Since the Covid19 hit the world by storm, everyone has realized that we need to do something now to prevent that the world resources are emptied and future generations left without basic necessities. Right now eyes are turned at the fashion industry which has been a large contributor to polution and overconsumption. The Fashion Accessoires industry is next to come, and CPH`ATTITUDE has spotted the opportunity to be the first internationally known Sustainable Jewelry brand. The competition globally is only smaill at the moment. The market is fragmented with primarly small artisan businesses, and this is the window of opportunity. CPH`ATTITUDE needs investments to build a stable supply chain within recycled as well as surplus production materials. The market potential is huge, and first movers advantage is obvious. Please contact me for further information if this is your kind of investment opportunity💚🌍
Location Vejle
Website cphattitude.com
Founded 2019
Employees 1-10
Industries Consumer Goods
Stage Go to market
Business model B2C
Funding state Bootstrapping

“Being af purpose-driven brand doesn´t influence negatively on the ambitions for growth, and the will to generate financial profits - Why should it? If you in your heart believe that you are doing good, then go and tell the world👌🌍”

Anders Juel Rasmussen, Founder


Founder, Founder
Anders Juel Rasmussen