Blue Lobster

The Pitch Blue Lobster is changing the way you buy seafood by allowing fishermen to sell directly to consumers via a digital direct-to-consumer app. We empower small-scale fishermen to reach a larger consumer-base and earn more for their catch, while enabling consumers to access fresh, locally caught seafood. The What The customer pain is different for the fishermen and the consumers. The pain for small- and medium-sized fishermen is that they are struggling to earn a decent living, due to their margins being continuously suppressed by the industry. The scope of this problem can be seen with many fishermen taking on part-time jobs to secure a decent income, with 41% of Danish fishermen leaving full-time employment between 2008 and 2014. There are two pains for consumers. The first pain is that the price of seafood in Denmark is very high, with 59% of Danes stating that they would like to eat more fish and the primary barrier to this being price (COOP study). The second pain is the difficulty of getting fresh seafood, where the fish currently being sold on the market is 4-16 days old. This has a huge effect on quality and taste. The How By cutting out the many middlemen of the industry, we are able to pay fishermen 3x more for their fish than the current buyers and still sell cheaper to consumers than competitors. This solves two pains: fishermen will earn liveable wage, and the produce will be affordable to the customers. Further, by locally sourcing we eliminate the need for extensive transportation and are able to deliver seafood on the same day it is caught, addressing the second consumer pain. The value proposition is therefore monetary for both parts, as well as delivering a higher quality (fresher) product than any competitor. Being based on technology, we are the first actors in the industry that creates full transparency into the source of the seafood, which is especially of interest to our B2B customers that can use these details for their own quality control and story-telling to their consumers. The Why We noticed that fresh fish is nearly impossible to come-by in Denmark, despite the fact this it is a country surrounded more than 8,000 km of coastline. And even the fish that is available, which is on average 4 days and up to 16 days old, is quite expensive. Meanwhile, the small-scale fishermen are struggling to survive in the industry. But it doesn't have to be this way. I used to spend my childhood summers in Maine, where we would buy fresh lobster directly from the local fishermen. It was fresh, cheap, and we were able to form a relationship and get to know the fishermen. We were surprised that there was no good solution to these problems on the marked. So we decided to start Blue Lobster to create a solution to simultaneously benefit the fishermen, the consumers, and the environment.
Location København
Founded 2018
Employees 1-10
Industries Food & Beverage
Stage Product or prototype
Business model B2B
Funding state Seed


Founder, CEO
Christine Hebert
Founder, COO
Nima Tisdall