BeLiving - a simpler way to live and collaborate.

Loneliness is today a public health problem. BeLiving blends generations of young adults renting a room from an older one. By performing simple services, financial sustainability is created in two stages: income for the elder and attractive cost for the younger with additional values as health, company and care. Our goal is to challenge several societal challenges by attracting and activating people living together beyond generational and cultural boundaries. We are building a platform for co-living that creates economic and social sustainability— a simpler way to live and collaborate. We are seeking for superstars to join our mission. Contact us for more information.
Location Sweden
Founded 2020
Employees 1-10
Industries Service
Stage Product or prototype
Business model B2C
Funding state Pre-seed

“We are on a misson to bridge generations and cultures ”

Johnny Pihlström, Co-founder

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Male / female ratio


Founder, Co-founder
Amer Mejric
Founder, Co-founder
Johnny Pilhström
Corporate Lawyer
Jennie Nilsson
Ulrika Algotsson