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TripDoodler is developing a “by travelers for traveler’s” online platform to help future travelers in making more sustainable travel choices with a unique travel planning tool that has a build in sustainability algorithm. We all make too few sustainable travel choices today, even with more than 55% of us saying we want to be more sustainable in their future travel. Why? We don’t know how. It’s too complex and perceived to have a higher price tag. Our mission is to make the sustainable travel choice easy for everyone. We are therefore building a platform that enable online travel planners to find, plan, organize, rate and share their travel in a - by travelers for travelers - community. We do this because we love to travel but also are concerned about how we go about it. We view sustainability is broader than climate alone. It also has a social and financial aspect. So, if we only say don’t travel, we lose out on the opportunity to make the traveling that actually does happen more sustainable. If we all today make just one more sustainable choice than we did yesterday, we are off to a good start. With our strong combination of experienced travel industry background and tech knowledge and experience, we are the team that can make this happen.


We provide a unique product, that enables companies to focus on what is important: change. With our innovative platform, you gain access to an automated and intelligent system, which handles all the manual work needed for sustainability transition, and turns it into a workable dashboard with easy to use info-graphics and actionable KPIs. As SustainLab we take the hassle out of your reporting. This gives you more time to take necessary actions for a sustainable and progressive world and society. Work with us and let us accelerate CHANGE for you.

Skyline Card

In the US alone, only 1 trillion business cards are printed each year. We would like to put an end to the waste of paper. That's why we are introducing you, for future business cards. Skyline Card is an electronic business card combined with NFC technology, where the card contains a link to one's profile. Skyline Card includes: - Pictures - Videos - Google Maps - Direct add on the phone - People can sell their product or service directly on their business cards And much more! We are cheaper, more environmentally friendly and Skyline Card can even sell your products.

Pisara Learning

Our vision is to make a new generation of user interfaces. Our applications will be easy to use and at the same time we will produce truly unique features which have never been seen before . Our vision is to create the finest user interfaces for stylus pens in the world. Our problem is “How to enhance learning thoroughly?” Every educational scientist is solving this same problem. Based on the knowledge we have on human learning we are very keen to find out what possibilities technology has to offer? Can learning be quantified, analyzed and enhanced with machine learning? Also our daily observations show us that there are a lot of management tasks which take take time both from teachers and students and the focus moves from learning to management. Therefore we dare to present another problem we are chasing: “How digital technology can support learning in ways that it makes learning easier, more motivating, less-dependent of teacher´s presence and approval''. Our solution: The user interfaces created by Pisara Learning offer intuitive ways to learn through digital devices. Our concept for learning is called Puro. Puro is easy to approach and use. It has unique properties: - Personalized assignments - Automated exercise checking - Learning analytics and tools for evaluation - Digital drawing made as simple as taking notes or drawing on paper Our features: Data collection Pisara is strongly utilizing the use of modern data collection. The solutions in edtech software robotics market do their best to automate - evaluation - creating assignments - giving feedback AI solutions Pisara AI solutions concentrate particularly in automated assignment creation. We are building an assignment library from where AI can pick suitable tasks for each user individually. This will be a first of a kind product in the world of edtech. Machine learning OCR Pisara Learning is developing machine learning OCR (optical character recognition). Pisara OCR is used specially for recognizing personal handwriting and also numbers and mathematical symbols. Pisara OCR is first-of-a-kind since it is taught to recognize all kinds of drawing and thinking with pen.

Tekslo Seafood

Where The Atlantic Ocean meets the Northern Sea, and along the coast of Norway, lies an under-used and fairly unknown natural resource. Our forefathers sustained themselves from the ocean for thousands of years, and for them seaweed was a vital source of vitamins and minerals. All of us that started Tekslo were raised by the ocean, and together we share a dream of creating a more sustainable Earth and reverse the trends on food and health – as we introduce seaweed to the world. Our harvesting areas are located in the sea close to Tekslo lighthouse, west of the island Tofterøy on Sotra. With its perfect currents, clean, clear and high-nutrient water, no fish farming or other pollutants, it is an optimal site for finding high quality seaweed! We harvest wild seaweed by hand from reefs, rocks and islets close to the coast. This allows us to only and carefully collect the best quality. We then dry the seaweed in our custom-designed room, which is built inside a traditional boathouse.


Ioncell® is first and foremost a research project. Our researchers from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki have been developing the Ioncell technology for nearly ten years. Ioncell® is a technology that turns used textiles, pulp or even old newspapers into new textile fibers sustainably and without harmful chemicals. The process converts cellulose into fibers which in turn can be made into long-lasting fabrics. The Ioncell® process uses a novel solvent called ionic liquid. It’s an environmentally friendly solvent that can be recycled and isn’t flammable like many others. Ioncell® fibers feel soft and are strong even when wet. They’re tenacious and work well in both clothing and technical applications. The Ioncell® process could revolutionize the recycling of textile waste. It enables waste textiles to get a new life as high-quality fibers.


A New Industry Standard for Barrier Verification & Monitoring of Abandoned Wells. Wells shall be plugged with an eternal perspective, WellGuard makes it possible having a risk based P&A approach with safety and protection of the environment as number one priority.

Weed Fighter

Pesticide-free weed control. Weed Fighter works with innovative technology that combats weed-free pesticide-free, climate-friendly and efficient Our technologies consist partly of a method of heating and a non-toxic accelerator, and partly of microwaves. he heating is done by means of steam generated by a new and efficient method. By using steam we ensure that the temperature is always lower than the ignition temperature for dry plant material. Therefore, you can also use Weed Fighter on areas with dry material


Discover new & unique vegan products. We are convinced that a plant-based lifestyle is the way to a better future for both humans, animals and our planet. The world should not have to suffer just for us to live well - therefore all products in our boxes are vegan and cruelty-free. Vegobox is a monthly subscription box that makes it easy for anyone to discover and enjoy vegan products. If the range of vegan products is limited where you live, or you are simply curious to try new exciting vegan goodies, Vegobox is the perfect box for you. Our vision is to make the vego way easier and more fun for you by inspiring boxes packed with exciting vegan non-animal-tested news that embraces everyday life. Never again will you have to compromise taste and quality or have a boring selection as a vegan!


Vegafish - Sustainably grown, delicious seafood We love good food. And we care about the environment. Many people think that you have to choose between good food or good conscience, but we know that you can get both. Our good and healthy seafood is Swedish-grown through a unique process in a closed, land-based system of seawater and bioflocks without environmental and health-hazardous chemicals or antibiotics. We offer exquisite flavors grown with care and intelligence, developed in Sweden for the benefit of the whole world. We work for a healthier sea and better food. With smart and sustainable methods, we grow seafood for conscious customers who are interested in good food and care about the environment. Our shrimp have sprung from our unique process and one of the world's most stringent environmental and animal welfare legislation to offer a smart and delicious choice to anyone who wants sustainably produced seafood.


Large scale food productionGrow your own fish and vegetables – GROW YOUR CITY! The demand for healthy food and sustainable ways of production around the globe is enormous. Markets and people are demanding smart solutions for food production, especially in smart cities. UrbanFeed delivers smart integrated units for large scale, year round sustainable production of fish and greens – with minimum use of energy, minimum waste and close to zero CO2 emissions.

Trndz is an operational historian and business intelligence tool that helps you think and communicate fact based insights. We build, operate and bring to market the cloud service, aimed to provide humans involved with industrial production data-powered tools to gain insight and cut waste - in the form of energy, raw materials or man-hours. We see planet earth as a world with a fixed amount of resources, and a bright future ahead where our dwelling is supported by resources sustainably circulating through our ecosystems, powered by the sun - and the ingenuity of man. We want to contribute getting there by helping our customers reveal the lean path to happiness, harmony and cash dividend.

Tarpon Solar

Sun shielding and renewable energy in one product. Tarpon Solar specializes in flexible solar cells reinforced by membrane technology for commercial, public and private use. Our solar membranes are light, strong and long lasting, and combine the advantages of capturing renewable solar energy with protection against the sun, wind and rain. They can be used as stand-alone structures, awnings, on a tent framework and many other applications where traditional solar panels are not suitable.


We have developed an energy efficient process (Pat. pending) to remove sulfates from water used in processes by the mining and industry sector as well as waste water. One of the most demanding challenges of the mining and other industries are the ever tightening effluent requirements, particularly concerning discharges of sulfate containing waste waters into the receiving watercourses. The leading principle of the Sulfator-method is to transform sulfate energy efficiently in process waters into sulfur-rich raw materials which can be utilized either in the original process or sold to an external client. The Sulfator-method enables the recycling of sulfate and production process waters creating thus a solid basis for the sustainable development of the mining and other industries. The process is based on the microbiological refining of sulfate to sulfide and from there to reusable products. The process enables the recycling of sulfur and water. The sulphur contained in sulphates is a valuable raw material. Using the method developed by Sulfator to take advantage of this resource will bring financial and ecological benefits.


Fintech company providing modern technology solutions for the disruptive insurance industry. With the latest technology and a genuine interest in developing a more fair insurance industry we build products that can make a real different for the end user. Our technical solutions allows our partners to speed up handling of several processes, such as incident reports and payouts for the beneficiaries. Handling cases through SplitEx adds transparency to the processes and decrease the need of manual work and customer support. Our aim, together with our partners, is to make the world a little more safe for our users - without adding unnecessary cost.