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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Celxius is building a marketplace for sustainable energy solutions that helps homeowners and providers bring green energy to more homes faster, by using a machine learning recommendation engine and smart matching . Celxius was founded late 2020, by Agustinus Wigeberg and Johan Lind. Agustinus, had after many years in the sustainable energy market seen that it was far from as efficient as it needs to be – as a developer, he knew he could do something to fix it. At the Antler VC accelerator program, he met Johan, an ex corporate executive who had shed his business suit and was longing to build a company that could have a real positive impact. Together, we decided to help reduce carbon dependency by accelerating the sustainable energy market. We believe our future on this planet in jeopardy. Some 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from heating and electricity of homes. Going green is simply too important and too urgent to be something as complex and hard to do as it often is today.


Planboo is a SustainTech startup based in Stockholm. We have just begun a 5-month intensive Climate Action Accelerator programme hosted by Sting, the number one startup accelerator programme in the Nordics. We are a small team of internationals, Priya and Freddie are from the UK and Marc is from Catalonia, Spain. We are a conscious creative team of surfers, scientists, designers, gardeners, rebels and humans. At Planboo we: 1) Capture carbon, with bamboo the fastest growing plant in the world. Bamboo absorbs CO2 through photosynthesis, allowing businesses and individuals to capture their emissions and reach Net Zero. 2) Create jobs in the Global South: Bamboo grows in 6 out of 7 continents of the world providing employment to millions of people. Planboo connects bamboo growers, providing a long-term sustainable source of income for some of the world’s poorest. 3) We make low carbon products. Bamboo is a grass so it can be harvested annually, growing back bigger each year. This leaves us with a rapidly renewable material which can be made into anything from buckets to buildings. Follow our journey and help us to shift out of the old and into the boo!

Local Purse

How can we connect travelers who can no longer travel freely due to COVID with experienced local guides who have lost their jobs and local artisans who have lost their revenue? Local Purse is the solution that addresses all three problems. Local Purse is a web-based platform which supports artisans and guides through live video cultural shopping experiences to host travelers around the world virtually. By providing an easy-to-use innovative solution to facilitate live video shopping experiences between local guides, small locally owned businesses and travelers, our competitive advantage is that we focus on personalized experiences and foster connection. Our solution provides a very low barrier for entry which reduces inequality.


Legitify is an AI powered solution using audio-video authentication that allows customers to notarize documents online remotely from anywhere, without the hassle of visiting a notary public in person. Legitify uses the newest technologies to provide a RON platform to customers in Europe and beyond. As the industry faces new challenges, and as the legal framework is changing – we create solutions that precede these alterations and will help our customers solve these issues efficiently. Our mission is to provide an end-to-end platform for third party authentication and validation. We are passionate about innovating and digitalizing legal services using the emerging disruptive technologies. Having experienced issues first hand with current in person processes in their professional lives, the founders are passionate to solve this problem In Europe and innovate this space further.

Age Labs

Age Labs is a Norwegian molecular diagnostics company that discovers, develops and commercializes biomarkers for the early detection of age-related diseases. We offer a service for evaluating epigenetic drug effects for use in clinical trials. Our biomarker discovery pipeline includes a biological age predictor and a test predicting the severity of COVID-19 infection. To date, we have raised 30 MNOK in private and public funding, and became a Nordic Startup Awards finalist in 2020. We are supported by strong commercial and R&D partners, including Oslo University Hospital, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Merck Group and Fürst Medical Laboratory. Our mission is to develop novel precision biomarkers for the early detection of age related diseases to extend the human healthspan.

Opus Nordic

Opus is a subscription-based coworking platform currently in Helsinki and Stockholm, where we offer our members the flexibility to discover their own ideal workspace by partnering up with hand-picked cafés, hotel lobbies and coworking offices. We ensure that our members are able to find a work environment where they are able to perform, feel welcome to sit and work undisturbed – without the pressure of continuous purchases. Opus membership provides unlimited access, unlimited coffee, tea and water with an additional 15% on food & beverages at our locations. Our members gain access to an office that extends to all corners of their city, with all office amenities included for a productive day


SoilSense is an agro-technology company that works to solve one of the grandest climate challenges of this century - water scarcity. We are driven by the ambition of making a real difference in the world. Today, more than 70% of all available freshwater is used for watering crops. This puts farming at the center of attention if we are to solve the global challenge of water scarcity. SoilSense offers an affordable soil sensor and software solution that helps farmers optimize the growth of their crops, by intelligently recommending when and where to water. SoilSense-farmers reduce water usage and increase their yield. Our company is born global with systems deployed in Peru, Kenya, and Denmark. Since 2018 we have worked to develop our product and market fit, and in 2020 we started selling our solution to the first base of customers. Our focus in 2021 will be on maturing our hardware for production and distribution, adding advanced software features to our platform, and scaling sales to European markets.

DSruptive Subdermals AB

DSruptive is a deep tech company specialized in implantable microelectronics, based in Sweden and Spain. The company has developed a proprietary platform for frictionless health logging using small, injectable subdermal sensor implants. Our platform can, among other applications, be used for early detection of fever both on the individual and on the population level. It could be used for monitoring of the spread of an epidemic like the Covid-19 virus as well as other flu epidemics.

Orbit Plastic

Orbit Plastic's goal is to drive the development of replacing virgin plastics with recycled plastics. There are several challenges associated with making the transition from virgin plastics. However, one alarming problem is that the industry is struggling with a non-functioning market: -Buyers and sellers have a hard time identifying each other -A non-functioning market results in no market prices -There is a lack of product standards for recycled plastics External forces such as regulations regarding Circular Economy and increased demand from larger plastic producers are also driving the transition toward recycled plastics. To make this transition possible a well-functioning market is vital. Therefore, Orbit Plastic's first goal is to create a marketplace for recycled plastics.

Xilium A/S

Xilium is a software and consultancy company that has specialized in providing clinical decision support and regulatory compliant software to handle healthcare communication between medical professionals and patients. To be a bit more specific, we develop and market the product, DizzyGuide. In basic terms, DizzyGuide is a patient questionnaire (for patients with dizziness symptoms) that, once answers have been processed by the algorithm, will provide healthcare professionals with guidance to ensure the shortest and best patient journey through the healthcare system. The questionnaire and algorithm which our software is based on were initially developed by experts at Mayo Clinic, The number 1 hospital in the World. Today, the development of the questionnaire and algorithm is continued in collaboration between members of our advisory board: Xilium, Mayo Clinic, Michigan Medicine, and the University of Lund, in Sweden. NOTE. we are in the process of changing our name. Therefore the link to our old website.

Period Pack Sweden AB

Sanitary protection should be as obvious and accessible as toilet paper and soap Period Pack is today Sweden's leading company when it comes to menstrual protection containers. The company was founded in 2019 by Amanda Mattsson and Lova Svensson with the aim of making menstrual protection in toilets a matter of course. The company has expanded fast and today we are a team of 6 people based in Örebro. You will find our products set up at workplaces and schools all over Sweden - and soon in Denmark. Read more on our website

FLID tools

FLID makes high quality tools from upcycled FSC wood and leather for a new non-gendered audience to give equal opportunities for all. The Team: Solveig Kolstad Co-founder, Journalist and Master in Rhetoric. Solveig communicates FLID tools vision in both short and long stories to spread the joy of creating, turning traction into sales. She’s also ensuring that FLID tools develops into a fully responsible business with a solid business model and growing revenue. Julia Sand Skovsted Co-founder, Master in fine Art of Industriel design. Julia is constantly developing and testing prototypes. She joins form, function and aesthetics and doesn’t compromise until she tested and adjusted the design thoroughly. She’s also our main graphic designer and pretty handy with all kinds of tools. Ditte Marie Fog Ibsen Co-founder, Master in Fine Art of Industriel design. Ditte Marie is our expert in design processes and responsible production. In addition to maintaining manufacturer and supplier contact she’s also in close dialogue with Julia regarding product development. Testing form, materials or business models. She’s always good for a new idea plus a plan for realising it. We are a part of Innovation fund Denmarks program Innnofounder Graduate Cohort 7

Audientes A/S

Founded in Denmark, Audientes mission is to make smart, high-quality hearing aids accessible and affordable to the millions of people around the world currently suffering from disabling hearing loss. We achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative assisted hearing solutions.

Edison Systems ApS

Edison is a startup selling photovoltaic systems for private consumers. We want to make the world green through an attractive offering of green products for the home, and in longer term for businesses and on a grid scale as well. We are a new startup with an experienced founder base with +8 years in the industry.