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Wavy Wonders ApS

We're on a journey to reintroduce sugar kelp as a natural part of nordic food - first by way of a sustainable, nutritious, ready-to-eat snack product. By 2050, the world is required to produce at least 50% more food and do so while achieving 'Net Zero' carbon emission according to the UN. Seaweed has unique properties in that it can be grown on lines of rope in the ocean, with no requirement for artificial inputs (fertiliser, fresh water, light). The output is nutritious seaweed that is stock full of essential vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2), Iron, Calcium, and Omega-3 fat - usually only found in fish. And there's more - seaweed also sequesters about 5x as much CO2 as land-based plants. In short, seaweed can be part of the solution for some of the world's largest issues. Our dream, is to create local demand, for locally produced seaweed, to support foods of the future and Danish companies.


BikeTrace is a service provider making bicycles smarter and digitally connected. The company is pioneering integration of bicycles onto smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT). BikeTrace is currently developing a Smart Bicycle Lock that can be operated with a smartphone. Once permanently mounted to your bicycle, the lock enables you to track and trace it in the event of loss or theft.

Cling Systems

Electric vehicle batteries mostly end up at scrapyards or in private households after they have been used in the vehicle. This results in lost traceability as well as trapped potential sustainable energy and critical raw material soon worth billions of euros. At the same time, recycling companies are scavenging for batteries. Basically, batteries don’t find their way to repurposing or recycling. Cling Systems is solving the is issue by developing the first b2b market platform that allows responsible reuse and recycling at scale. We work closely with the industry, developing the standard for end-of-life treatment. And imagine, if we couple each battery with its material content and allow battery manufacturers source raw material from used batteries, we’ve developed the world’s first online mine.

Unga Programmerare

Unga Programmerare lär barn och ungdomar att programmera. Genom att skapa egna spel och program har hundratals barn och ungdomar har lärt sig att programmera genom vår plattform. Med programmering kan vi bättre förbereda nästkommande generation för framtiden. Vi vill att alla barn och ungdomar ska få möjligheten att lära sig programmera.


We’re a small SaaS and Mobile Application startup based in the heart of Copenhagen. We deliver a best-in-class digital experience for owners of electric vehicles and specifically target owners of residential charge points. We’re very product-focused with a profound focus on continuously listening to and learning from our users.

Material Exchange

Material Exchange is a unique B2B platform that works with leading footwear and apparel brands to digitalize the material sourcing processes. Global restrictions on travel and a shift to digitalization has accelerated the need for digital material data. Material Exchange has a comprehensive library of materials that are required by brands to develop and produce footwear, apparel and accessories. The Material Exchange database is a highly secure vault containing approximately 40,000 digital materials from some of the largest material suppliers in the world including, Clarino, Tiong Liong Corp, Kuraray and over 350 more. Material Exchange brand customers include Ariat, Keen, Caleres, Steve Madden, Deckers Brands, Global Brands Group and many more. By leveraging the platform brands can reduce sourcing costs, improve product development timelines and reduce supply chain risks. The platform supports suppliers in better connecting to their brand customers and enables them to find opportunities for new business.


Swiftly is the world's 1st E-ID verified matchmaking platform, equipped with AI job hunting, feedback-based learning and NextGen automated Recruiting. It is designed to streamline the hiring process for both recruiters and job seekers while creating a mutually beneficial, self-sufficient, and secured ecosystem for both. Swiftly aims to provide equal opportunities to 100% of the community instead of placing just the top talent removing bias and promoting inclusion along the way. Therefore, we aim at uplifting the community by bringing a revolutionary product to the market that bridges the very knowledge gap that exists between learning and recruiting.


Works is a subscription-based furnishing model, letting your business adapt to the needs of tomorrow. We are a fully circular business, which means that we work to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Instead of throwing out perfectly good furniture to order new, we prolong the products' lifespan. We create workspaces where people love to work, and update layouts, items and plans at any time to match our customers needs. You can be part of creating a better way of doing business, where circularity is at the core - enabling surprisingly affordable price levels. We have our funding in place, and we are quickly ramping up our team. We are looking for a talented Chief Digital Officer, Product Owners, Business Developers, 3D Architects, Analysts and many more. And by the way, Danish is not a requirement - all work is done in English. Intrigued? Send us a note, and we will be in touch. It simply works. Come and join us!


PESITHO Pesitho is a Danish based enterprise, committed to providing affordable and clean energy solutions for cooking to marginalized and vulnerable people around the world. We have developed the ECOCA solar powered electric cook stove, to meet the daily cooking and energy needs to families living in off grid areas. Pesitho has established a locally run co-operative outside of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, from where stoves are assembled, distributed, and serviced by refugee residents and members of the host community. The company was founded in 2018 and has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the renewable energy industry. The Problem we are solving Currently, 4 billion people around the world lack access to clean, efficient, and affordable access to energy for cooking. Polluting fuels and technologies for cooking have a detrimental impact of health, nutrition, gender, and the environment, hindering the process of a sustainable development, in many cases, in already fragile settings. The lack of progress in clean cooking, reportedly costs the world more than $2.4 trillion each year, driven by adverse impacts on health, climate, and gender equality. Left unaddressed, communities will continue face multiple adverse consequences, that are further amplified by poverty, climate change and future global pandemics. To solve this problem Providing access to an affordable and sustainable technology for cooking with the ECOCA solar powered electric cook seeks to address energy security not just for cooking but also to reduce environmental issues like deforestation, pollution, also gender inequality and poverty. Research and design for our stove was conducted with residents of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, where pilot testing permitted additional adjustments, allowing for a stove specifically designed to meet the cooking needs of vulnerable groups of people living in off grid areas. The ECOCA comes with a solar panel, insulated 6l cooking pot, 1 LED rechargeable household lamp, 1 LED rechargeable torch and USB ports for charging small items. Studies conducted with end users by organizations such as Caritas and World Food Program, have shown improvements to overall health and wellbeing, reducing exposure to harmful pollutants from smoke and usage of firewood, improvements in taste of food, income generation from USB port charging station and hours saved from collecting firewood being reinvested in education and skills training. The Spark Pesitho was founded on the belief that all should be able to have access to modern clean energy for cooking. Seeing a map over Africa showed that a large portion of the continent is without access to modern energy. This sparked a willingness to learn why. Understanding the why lead to the understanding of scale of lacking modern energy in that region of the world. While other continents where mowing a positive direction in relation to rural electrification sub Sarah Africa is still mowing in the wrong direction with the number of people living without access to electricity growing. This knowledge inspired the team to pursue the development of the ECOCA, off grid E-cooker


We offer functional sugar free gum enriched with vitamins, minerals and ingredients to boost your immune system, energy, performance, skin glow and much more. We ship them directly to your door step and they are available on subscription! Shewy is a Swedish start-up with a determination to give YOU an alternative to a dated proposition in the store, while combatting the world’s vitamin deficiency issue. Gum does not only taste great and keep our mouths busy, it also has health benefits. Chewing gum has been proven to improve concentration, mood, stress and anxiety. Research suggests that chewing gum is an excellent vitamin delivery system.


Lalatoys is a new startup, building a sharing economy retail service for children’s toys. The concept is simple: you sign up and pick the toys you want to play with. Whenever the toy becomes needless for your child, send it back and get something else. Billions of dollars are put into the children's toy market yearly, and of these, millions of unwanted toys are send to landfills every year. What is even worse is that a high amount of children's toys are produced from non-biodegradable plastic. By swapping instead of shopping, we can let our children play in a more eco-friendly way. We are currently in the progress of building the platform. The platform and its features are essential for us to be a scalable business and require our deepest attention at the moment. The idea started, when I, Dinesan, became father for the first time last year. We bought a lot of toys for our daughter (and still do), but in the end it showed that most of the toys our daughter didn't play with after a very short period - it was quite frustrating that we spend money of something, we either would loose money on reselling and would pile up together with the rest- Currently we are three people in the team: Dinesan Rasiah (Founder - CEO) Christian Nielsen Henriksen (Co-founder CTO) Thanusaan Rasiah (Developer)


Ence is a Norwegian marketplace that offers everyday products of good quality. We work to gather both ethical and as sustainable producers as possible in one place, with the aim of making the path to ethical choices shorter for Norwegian consumers. The company was founded June 2020. It started with my personal experiences with trying to find ethical and sustainable brands to shop from, but feeling like it was unfair that the process was so time consuming. People who want to make good conscious choices when shopping, should not have to use hours background checking and surfing from one web shop to another to find products they need. So I decided to create a market place, strictly for ethical and the most sustainable brands. An honest and ethical Amazon if you like. This would spare the costumer of time; by collecting all the products they need in one place, and doing the background checking for them, and knowledge; by introducing them to brands they may not have heard of before, and provide them with information about sustainability that the dishonest brands do not want to provide for them. I recently launched the platform and is now working to make the platform more robust and better equipped for a higher number of customers.


We are building a VR solution to teach driving for students in a more effecient, affordable and fun way. Our main idea is to complement the current system to teach driving with a simulator that can be combined with physical classes to reduce cost and enhance students learning journey as they aim to get their driving license.

Tír Bakery

Tir Bakery is dedicated to stone milling and baking fresh with old biodiverse Danish grains grown in regenerative eco systems. Tir’s bread solves 2 important modern problems: - The effects of climate change: old varieties are able to adapt and develop into the changing environment. - The ill effects high gluten and chemically grown wheat is having on our health. Anders Borgen is a leading Danish wheat farmer who promotes biodiversity working towards the needs of the organic movement ( - Modern bread readily available today is high in gluten and low in nutrition. The modern grain is a genetically modified form of grain that is very high in gluten. This high gluten and low nutrition is making people sick. - Industrial millers also strip the grain of vital nutrients, removing the germ where the oils and nutrients reside, and the bran husk where the fibre is, leaving only the endosperm. - Stone-grinding the flour fresh retains all the nutrients in the flour and the bread. Once the flour is milled oxidation begins to take place and nutrients decrease fast. At Tir the flour is used straight from the mill retaining the highest nutritions and flavour: - The bread will be the highest nutritious bread in Denmark. - Tir Bakery has been collaborating with Birkemosegaard Biodynamic Seasonal Farm where the grain grows (March - October). The bread has been a huge success. During high season 150 breads sold out within a few hours a day. - Due to these farming and milling methods the distribution chain is a lot shorter which reduces the carbon footprint.


We are combating age-related inactivity. Through the development of the next generation of virtual reality therapeutics, we strive to prevent inactivity and sensory deprivation. We specialize in the development of active virtual reality for institutionalized elderly. We have made a sensor that we place on exercise equipment from which the motion data is transmitted wirelessly to a virtual reality headset and subsequently used to gamify experiences for our users.