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Fresh.Land is a scale-up with a new model for the food industry. We developed a pioneering platform that shortens and digitizes the food supply chain. It allows farmers to sell fresh products directly to consumers, using the trees as their “warehouse” and cutting 3-5 middlemen. Our platform provides all the logistics, payment, legal, and knowledge required in one integrated solution. Fresh.Land was coined “truly pioneering” (WWF) and “one of the most promising green startups in Denmark” (Forbes). Our disruptive startup won the Sustainary Award (Denmark), Frederiksberg Iværksætterpris (Denmark), European Youth Award (Austria), EcoSummit Gold Winner (Germany), Nordic Cleantech Open (Sweden), WWF Climate Solver Award (Denmark), Portugal Digital Awards (Portugal), and Green Tech Challenge (Denmark). We have offices in Copenhagen and Portugal. The company is profitable and growing at a very fast pace. We are preparing to launch commercially in 8 EU countries. The management team includes former senior McKinsey consultants and senior executives, with a proven track-record in building and exiting successful companies in the past. According to WWF, “Fresh.Land can save 88% of CO₂ from storage and reduce food waste by 10%, saving 12.7 million tons of CO₂ annually by 2026”. Our just-in-time model is at the forefront of the green transition in the food industry and fostering a shift to a more plant-based diet.

Nøie ApS

Nøie is science. Nøie is a community. And Nøie is you. Rather than mass-producing skincare products, we work with the customer to create the very best solution for their unique skin. We do this by combining the credibility of science with the experiences of the community — all in order to meet their individual needs. In fact, we take the matter so seriously that we write their name on the packaging. Our vision is to increase the quality of life for people with skin concerns and to create a new honesty about a taboo issue. Our goal is simply to reinvent skincare by creating the best skincare products in the world for each and everyone. And that’s what we call customised skincare. Read more about Nøie and try our skin test at Nøie is backed by top investors, such as LEO Pharma, PreSeed Ventures, Seed Capital, Thomas Ryge Mikkelsen, and other fantastic business angels.


We connect all medical supply purchases in one, easy-to-understand solution. Responsibly. Medical distribution industry has broken. Offshoring, lack of trust, and old-fashioned distribution processes do not adapt to the new normal. Shortcuts in critical supply chains endanger first-line employees and people-in-need. Droppe is a Finnish medical supply marketplace company for medical supplies. Via our two-sided marketplace, we support small and mid-sized B2B buyers in technical purchases with intuitive product data, comparisons for complex products, and hyperlocal customer support. For suppliers, we give access to ready-to-ship customers, instant B2B payments, and lower customer related costs. In our first year, we have helped over 250 B2B customers in 3 countries. The story of our business is our founders' mission wanting to help during the 2020 crisis. We wanted a solution that would allow quick reactions to the changing situation. Droppe was made possible by implementing and leveraging modern technology as a tool for helping those affected by the crisis. Droppe, a safer tomorrow is created today.


Founded in 2020, we were born out of frustration with the EV market. How is it possible to drive around in an electric car packed with cutting-edge technology, while the charging experience is limited to practically a start and stop function? This question – along with many others – kept roaming around in our digitally-driven minds and slowly a concept started to take the form: Charging your EV should be at the same – if not higher – level as driving your electricity-fueled automobile. This was the beginning of Monta! After assembling a team of senior profiles, Monta landed a million investment from the Danish state’s investment fund, the Innovation fund and a few private investors on a promise to change the entire market with tech.


GoMore is a rapidly growing online service for ridesharing, peer-to-peer car rental, and car leasing. GoMore has more than 2.7 million members in five markets and ambitious plans to grow the company over the coming years. Our investor base consists of strong profiles from the Danish start-up scene. We are currently 90 people located in Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Finland.

kleen hub

We are fighting single-use because we realized that the problem was not just plastic, but more in general our habit with single-use items. The restaurant and cafe sector uses large amounts of single-use containers that cause a waste of resources and a threat to the environment. We focus on solving this issue by providing reusable stainless steel food boxes and cups to restaurants and cafes and charge them by usage. Thanks to our free mobile app for consumers, we make sure that the product's circulation takes place smoothly by keeping track of the boxes and cups and ensuring that they are returned into circulation.


Fizzit is a soda and beverage tech company. Our mission is to create circular economy starting with users of soda machines and on demand carbonators. We currently offer CO2 refills on our innovative FizzPANT (patent pending) system that postpones and eliminates the reverse logistics problem associated with popular soda machines CO2 cartridges(kulsyrepatron ombytning). We soon plan to offer a complete carbonating technology solution for lease on a set monthly price, we take care of everything else, you just have to sit back and enjoy your beverage We envision a world where we all enjoy carbonated beverages without plastic, packaging and climate friendly. We are a mission driven impact startup.   We are humble, hard but also fun working individuals. We are social, chill, very diverse and open minded.

Circular Innovation Lab ApS

We are a circular economy firm based out of Copenhagen. We work with global innovators, governments and international organisations to accelerate the global transition towards a circular economy.  As part of this mission, we in March 2021, we have launched ShopC- the world’s first digital marketplace to buy and sell circular products. The marketplace can be accessed at


Let's make the world sustainable - one travel choice at a time! TripDoodler is a unified online travel planning platform for the growing community of conscious travelers to discover, plan, book, rate, and share sustainable travel, all in one place. Unlike our competitors, we directly integrate and enable sustainability at every step. Making it easy for travelers to leave their best footprint. Our world is full of extraordinary destinations. And we all LOVE to travel. But when we do, we put a lot of pressure on the environment, culture, nature, economies, societies, and people. The global traveler's dilemma. Knowing the travel industry from the inside we see a huge gap in the market. Because travel planning today is time consuming, complex and disconnected. Making it impossible for global travelers, who want to make more sustainable choices, to actually find and verify the options. TripDoodler gives global travelers a place to start and provides one platform for all your sustainable travel needs. Dream & Plan Collect inspiration, compare sustainable options, add destinations, routed, accommodation and plan with your co-travelers. Build & Rate Calculate your carbon emission, find accredited certifications, rate sustainable travel options and see other traveler’s ratings. Book & Share Get inspired from other travelers trips, book with ethical providers and share your past plans with the community. And with sustainability at our core we of course integrate carbon emission calculation, display accredited tourism certificates and have developed our own algorithm which makes it possible for the travelers to rate sustainability without being an expert, simply by using the sustainability parameters set. Together we build the world's first and largest database of better travel choices. Let's make the world sustainable - one travel choice at a time!


Rektra is a digital headhunter matching employers and talents with the candidate’s future vision in mind. What Recruitment today is - Costly, and without any guarantee of success - Inefficient, where cold calls consumes more time than the candidates that actually matters - Prejudiced, leading to poor fits and unhappy employees How Rektra provides an automated sourcing tool matching employers and candidates using AI, enabling efficient and unprejudiced recruitments. In contrast to the traditional CV, Rektra is forward-looking focusing on the candidate’s preferences for their next position, allowing for quality matches and sustainable employments. Why Rektra was founded to create a new, innovative way of recruiting; sourcing talents where skills and ambitions matter and name, gender and age don’t. Our vision is a fair job market though technology. Rektra has received external funding to kick-start the business.


Existing surface cleaning liquids are not only a major contributor to global plastic waste but further use toxic ingredients and produce CO2 emissions by shipping unnecessary water weight around the world. Consumers want to be more sustainable, but there is just no ready-to-go solution out there. We bring cleaning back to the essentials in a sustainable fashion by introducing cleaning agents in the form of tablets, which turn your tap-water to actual cleaning-liquid. Skosh tablets are everything you need to clean your entire household (Multi-purpose, Bathroom, Glass-cleaner). With our solution, we are not able to save tons of one-time-use plastic waste, but also 96% of transportation CO2 emissions compared to existing cleaning liquids. We are a small team of entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation located in Lund, Sweden :-)

Swap Language

Swap Language is the future of engaging language learning. With the focus on educational technology, we combine the latest online streaming software and e-learning methods with real-life meetings with locals online and offline. We are in what we call, the edutainment business! With our technology, we can teach the biggest languages in the world to thousands of members at the same time live and on-demand. Our vision is to break down language and cultural barriers all over the world. In order to do that, we need to make languages fun and easy to learn. Over the last 2 years, Swap Language has won the title as the most innovative startup within social impact in Denmark and Spain.

Find Helpie

Find Helpie is a secure platform and mobile app where Anybody can Register for Free to Post any Task or Work to get done at fair price or Anybody can create Free Profile with their skills and hobby to become a Helpie and create Extra Income. Find Helpie is enabling the community to Connect with three types of Services which consists of General Tasks, Professional Tasks and Quick Tasks.


EdAider is an EdTech startup founded by researchers at Stockholm University and supported by SU Innovation, SU Holding, Vinnova and Sting. The company is currently developing cutting edge AI and Analytics technology for educational purposes based on state-of the art research, with the aim to support data-driven decision making in schools and universities and for providing powerful support for adaptive learning that make sure that students needs are intelligently supported. Our overarching aim is to transform current modes of mass education into personalized education.


Dianox is a biotechnology company for diagnostics of infectious diseases. We produce diagnostic tests to make a sustainable impact on global health. We are at an early stage, so there is a lot of room to grow. With us you have great opportunity to take ownership, and put your mark on the company. If you are excited about this project's impact potential please apply to one of our openings.