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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now nearly 1 600 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.

Cuiz Game Design

Cuiz Game Design is a game design studio that aims to communicate academic & scientific knowledge of our sustainable future through the experience of game playing. We design, develop and consult game learning solutions on topics such as climate change, sustainability & circular economy. Climate change and sustainability are no longer buzz words, but global priorities, new climate policies, and commitments create new jobs and demands for knowledge upgrade so we can do our job in the low carbon future. Our survey showed that working professionals are motivated to learn but often overestimate how much they know about sustainability and climate. This inspired us to create games that people can erase this illusion and learn what’s needed to be successful at their job


Hi! We are MuskeBear - and we are developing the next big thing for families with babies all around the world.  Short about us: The team behind MuskeBear consist of Tobias Seegert (CEO) and Freya Herluf (CMO). We are two young students from Denmark that are working as machines on our incredible business idea. We are developing a personalized Heartbeat TeddyBear! MuskeBear is a new concept that is going to revolutionize the traditional Teddybear by incorporating smart technology. More specifically our product is a combination of two things. A sweet and soft teddybear and a technological device that can record heartbeat soundtracks in a high quality and play it back too. Our product is developed based on a strong psychological foundation. Several studies have shown that babies have a special need for attachment with what we define as "caregivers". Caregivers are specific persons that a baby has a special relationship with. That would primarily be the baby's mother and father. If this need is satisfied, then the baby will be more curious, socially stable and in general better equipped for growing to be a socially well functioning human being. But! If this need on the other hand is not met, then the opposite scenario can be a possible outcome.  Therefore it is safe to say that sustained positive attachment and security is a necessity for a new born child. Our product offers exactly this attachment, because it can be ASSIST whenever the parents are not able to be with their baby. That could be when the baby has to sleep, is getting babysitted, is in nursery and in many other situations.  Go-to-market strategy and target group: We operate on a B2C market. We are going to sell our product through our own channel, which is our webshop. Our primary target group IS parents with children AT the age of 0-2 years. This target group is also reflected in our marketing focus and strategy. However, our product is also suited for children that are a bit older.  The thing that makes our product stand out in the crowd is our technology based solution. Our innovative solution enables mothers and fathers to record their own heartbeat rhythm- and sound in high quality and incorporate these audios into the teddybear. The fact that we enable families to make personal heartbeat recordings in their own home (Instead of requiring a scanning-process at a hospital or otherwise facilitated by the midwife) is revolutionary. We make the product accessible for everybody, and with our solution you can have your child's first teddybear become a family project. Why are we spending days and nights to create this product? Think about IT. We have conceived an idea that has the possibility to assist hundreds of thousands of families in establishing strong and caring bonds that will last for a whole lifetime. All due to the personal care and attachment that our product brings to the baby and the family. With other words we can make a living while making families happy all over the world.

Omtanken ApS

Welcome to Omtanken. Our mission is to eradicate waste of time, lives and ressources. We are the technological foundation on which the church of circular building industry will be built. We will radically change the way we percieve waste in the building industry, and with time we will eliminate the concept of waste entirely. But that's not all. We will improve the health of the people working in the building industry and we will improve effeciency and contribute to science and new technological advancements. All this is possible due to the technology we're producing. We will see you in the future.

Skills to the Future

Skills to the Future, is developing a digital learning platform to help schools to provide supplementary STEM courses in topics where they lack the resources or competence. We think that our present education could be better. Now the content comes more from looking in the rear mirror, than through the windshield. It should take better account of the constant acceleration of our living environment. We want to help the schools to provide our youth education that trends to the future as much as possible. We cannot exactly tell what skills in 10 years are needed, but we can make good guesses and at least show them in the right direction. Our obligation is to give our youth a kick and a spark starting to learn new skills for the future. How we differentiate ourselves from the other course providers? Our pillars 4 are: #1 The quality of pedagogy first We align, curate, and orchestrate all our course material to achieve pedagogic competence and meet the quality requirements of the ‘Finnish Education Standards’. #2 The how: Blended project-based learning with a flipped approach Digital courses mostly rely only on the delivery of educational material. Our digital platform relies on blended open-ended project-based learning with a flipped approach. That means that also we deliver the educational material online but that’s only one-half of what we do. We also deliver teacher/educator lead workshops, Q&As. We want to ensure that the student really can utilize the information given and convert that to skills by practicing aka by doing homework. Just watching videos and answering some quizzes gives you the illusion you have now learned a skill! #3 High impact needs high completion rates By following and complying with the Finnish pedagogical guidelines we aim to raise the completion rate from Udemy like under 10% to over 80%. A raise in engagement is achieved also with help from our 4th pillar. #4 Co-operating and collaborating with the schools We aim to co-operate with the schools by trying to include our courses in each school’s learning curricula and embed them in the school’s teaching environment. We also aim to collaborate with schools by co-creating courses on topics they want. Searching co-workers with a calling I have been working on this project for a couple of years quite loosely. Soon, when the Helsinki Education Hub starts and opens its doors, we are applying to the EdTech Incubator program. So now is the time to onboard and start the cruise, isn’t it? A person on my wish list for co-founders and early team members could be: - a teacher, educator, course builder, or at least be interested in or somewhat familiar with pedagogy. Curating the courses would be one of the tasks - a tech guy who would run and tackle the Learning Management System or Virtual Learning Environment in all its complexities - a hacker, data guy, designer, or whoever who would join testing and building the product/service in the right direction and helping it grow - an audio/video person who would be in building the courses and participating in the marketing activities broadly understood - a content provider because we are going to build ourselves only some MVP’s - there are many other jobs and tasks you could do, so practically anyone who is self-motivated is welcomed to join! My primary target is to have an impact on my activities. Even though money helps in living, I would rather make a ding in the education universe than get wealthy. I prefer diversity in age, gender, and nationality and I am searching for like-minded people who want to share my calling. I am not inviting you to join right away. Working as a co-founder is like marriage, you just can’t quit when you feel like it. Therefore, it’s best for both parties just to make a small project together and after the experiment, we know how we like to proceed. Please contact me or just call +358 40 725 2547.


FullBrain is a social e-learning platform where students study together, find personalized learning material and connect with top companies. FullBrain has unique spaces for each university course of each university out there. In these spaces, students ask, answer and share resources to pass their exams together. Helping the community rewards you on FullBrain. Based on each student's learning impact to their peers and using our novel (magic) Machine Learning algorithms we connect top students with top companies. When using FullBrain, students graduate with their dream job!


RePack maximizes the value of second-life EV batteries by repurposing them into high-quality energy storage systems in a streamlined, safe, and cost-effective way. We develop novel technologies for reassembly and operations to convert usable second-life EV batteries into modular plug-and-play battery storage systems. Our ambition is to make battery storage truly accessible for a wide range of applications, including reducing peak energy demand (peak shaving), increasing self-consumption of energy from solar panels, providing critical services to grid operators, and increasing available power in an environmentally friendly way to underserved locations and applications.


Meety is developing a service to help seniors with video communication by offering a customized tablet and application that is easy to use and specially designed for seniors who find technology difficult. We are helping seniors make use of the technological advances so many of us are native too, but can be difficult to learn for others. The service help elderly connect with families, friends, children and grandchildren directly from their own home. We are working hard perfecting the application to be as seamless, intuitive and easy to use as possible. We are eliminating as many steps as we can to simply offers a solution and service that takes care of everything and works from the moment you plug it in. We saw the need for this product ourselves as our parents and grandparents were living far away, getting older and not being able to use any type of technology, expect for maybe a tv remote. We wanted to find a way to check up on them and stay more connected, and so, the idéa was born. Many of the technological solutions that are available today can be difficult for someone who doesn't even use the internet so we wanted to create something that works, is intuitive and enables anyone to make use of the technological wonders of world.

Lyssna På Oss Nu!

Lyssna På Oss Nu! is world’s first music-tech based integration platform for youth. We are giving voice and power to the youth to make a change. Right now we are working on “street violence” as the theme by crowdsourcing world’s longest song from the violence marked areas and towns of Sweden. Venture team comprises experienced marketers, music and production specialists, and social impact sector professionals.


Edvent utvecklar ett heltäckande system som följer med nyanlända genom hela deras integrationsprocess. Systemet ska samla och underlätta integrationsarbetet kommunalt och privat genom att följa upp och kompetensutveckla nyanlända samt automatisera administrativa uppgifter och processer hos handläggare, coacher och lärare. Dagens integrationsarbete är långt ifrån anpassat till verkligheten. Sverige och många andra länder i Europa har tyvärr inte hunnit anpassa sig efter den stora vågen av nyanlända under de senaste åren. Det leder dessvärre till att integrationsarbetet blir oerhört krångligt, kostsamt och ineffektivt. Detta leder oss till lösningen på det stora problemet. Vi håller på att utveckla ett system som samlar hela integrationsarbetet under samma tak. Det vill säga SFI, samhällsorientering och stöd för vidare sysselsättning i Sverige. Systemet kommer att vara anpassat och fyllt av funktioner för deltagare befinnande i ett digitalt utanförskap eller analfabetism. Vårt arbete kommer resultera i att nyanlända har en och samma aktör att vända sig till gällande deras nya liv i Sverige. Kommuner, myndigheter och privata företag har ett verktyg som effektiviserar och automatiserar flera delar av deras dagliga arbetsprocesserna och administrativa uppgifter. Systemet automatiserar även den krångliga uppföljningen och dokumenteringen av nyanländas etablering. Motivationen till vår satsning kom efter vår kartläggning av integrationsarbetet. Som då nyblivna gymnasiestudenter vart vi oerhört besvikna över hur vårt land hanterar resurser ineffektivt kopplat till integrationsarbetet. Vi såg även att integrationsarbetet sköttes mer eller mindre på samma sätt över hela landet och vi ansåg att vi kunde enkelt skapa ett system som täcker alla delar av integrationsarbetet nationellt.

Cerecaptio Oy Ltd

Cerecaptio is a Finnish start-up focusing on remote IT recruitments. We started our business three months ago. Now we have customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway from start-ups to listed companies. Recruiting domestically is competitive and companies see recruiting from global markets difficult and time consuming. Recruiting is a slow, complex and not cost efficient for companies. 50% of the recruitments lead to wrong hirings. Traditional recruiting is broken. To serve our customers faster we have started a platform project which will match companies and IT professionals. We are building a digital recruitment platform with the help of AI and machine learning to make recruitment faster, more cost efficient, and fun. We base the decision making on core competencies and cultural fit and are eliminating the barriers in terms of geographical location, gender, or nationality. Our end goal is to bridge the gap between companies and talented people around the world!


Airplant ApS is an innovative and sustainable company with focus on research and development, creating indoor climate solutions with a holistic “sustainability mindset”. We develop innovative and effective indoor climate solutions, with an onset in nature. Our purification and humidification system Airplant has been tested to be as effective as traditional mechanical systems. The Airplant system supports the natural growth of living plants and boosts the effect so one single plant can work as 10. To treat larger spaces, such as open office areas, simply connect several Airplant systems in a network. Airplant significantly reduce the amount of chemistry in the air and raise the humidity level when needed. Thereby it supports human health and well-being, improving the quality of indoor life. We always consider both the social, environmental and economic sustainability aspects of our solutions and in the way we operate as a company. We work with and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guidance for our product and business development. We are “engineers with a purpose”. We love to work with ideas that solve important problems and to bring the products to life, do product development, prototyping and the initial low volume production. Our products involve mechanics, electronics, software (embedded and end-user applications), data management and information system solutions (cloud-based). We already have a strong partner for sales and service that will bring our product to the market in Denmark. In the coming years we will enter the Nordic and European markets. Furthermore, we are met with a growing interest in our product from Asia and the US. We have a PCT patent pending for the Airplant system. We are always interested in exploring new ways to improve indoor climate in cooperation with others. With the Airplant system there is plenty of opportunity to develop interaction with other products, e.g. to support solutions as part of smart buildings and smart cities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are inspired and see potential in a partnership, investment or you would like to work at Airplant.

Urban Oasis

Far down below, in the caves of Stockholm, we are growing flavorful secrets well hidden from the city life above. To make the best use of the big spaces down here the plants grow vertically, which brings us more food in less space. The lives of our greens are closely monitored and lovingly nurtured by technology. We make sure to carefully store all data to grow wiser and more attentive to the unique needs of our little ones. And since we're in the middle of Stockholm, our greens find their way up to the local markets faster than you can say "Wow, that's fresh!"


We're building the first and next generation of digital depression treatment. Before Covid-19, an estimated 10 % of the world's population were suffering from depression or depressive symptoms. This number is increasing across the globe. In some countries there is a heavy stigma associated with mental health, while other regions have limited access to human therapists. The cost of traditional therapy is often high. There are vast amounts of people that could benefit from digital treatment of their symptoms. We are a founding team covering the fields of psychiatry, pedagogy, product development and entrepreneurship. We are collaborating with universities to perform scientific research on our work, and are looking to the world as our target market. Our MVP has already helped thousands of people, and we’re just getting started.