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Jesper Højberg Christensen

Jesper is investing in scale up companies and as Vice Chairman of DanBAN - Danish Business Angels - he fights for better political conditions for disruptive innovators through his thought leadership and frequent public engagements. Jesper is on the board of many of the companies he has founded: Nextwork A/S, K-forum, Advice A/S, Advice Digital A/S, Groupcare, World Climate Ltd. and 8 others.


We invest earlier and faster than any other venture fund in Denmark There are many VCs in Denmark, but Accelerace Invest II is the only fund that invests solely in pre-seed stage startups. That means we invest before you have customers, revenue, or traction. Our fund is the biggest and most aggressive pre-seed fund in Denmark making up to 30 new investments per year. That is about 5 times as many as most other investors. Investing in startups since 2011, we were the first VC in companies such as Coinify, Reapplix, Churchdesk, Actimo and Monta Biosciences. We use our extensive experience to help all the founders we invest in.

Malin Berge

Angel investor. Driving strategic growth at Mastercard with key focus on inclusive growth, better societies and overall connecting private/public partners to achieve the global goals.

Sami Etula

Sami began a career as entrepreneur when he was just 18. For over 10 years he has worked as a specialist and in training and has been on Boards of Directors. Sami has advised hundreds of companies and been on the juries and panels in growth entrepreneurship competitions. His specialities are growth strategies, turnaround management and growth funding.

Medical Device Business Catalyst

Early-stage incubator that invests market expertise and capital in tomorrow’s ground-breaking medical devices.

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society is distributing funds to the civil society in the form of support for organisations, projects and international cooperation.


Investment AB Latour is the investment company investing in companies with their own products and with a great development potential based on key global megatrends to create a long-term sustainable value for its shareholders.

Arctic Accelerator

Arctic Accelerator assists startups with innovative business ideas within areas important to Arctic environment and climate, to grow and scale their businesses.

Seed Capital

Seed Capital is Denmark's largest seed stage venture capital fund investing in technology companies.

Kristian Enger

Kristian has a long-standing engagement with social entrepreneurship, being a co-founder/advisor for Forandringsfabrikken from 2004. He is also an active angel investor, advisor and board member for different startups and accelerator programs. Kristian is aiming to help talented people & facilitate growth for promising startup using tech as means of change.

Jiri Kupiainen

I am a tech entrepreneur and an angel investor, keen to invest in and advice early stage startups focused on sustainability.

Perennial Capital

Perennial Capital is a hand-on venture capital firm based in Copenhagen with close ties to New York state. We bring together capital with a cause, innovative ideas and best practices to develop perennial companies that will stand the test of time. While our primary objective is to deliver superior returns to our investors by providing active management, our role go beyond the financial and also include the impact our decisions have on society, the environment and the wider world.

Invesdor Ltd

Invesdor Group is a pan-European financing company that operates digital investment platforms that host funding rounds for companies of all life stages, from startups to large corporations. Through its parent company, Invesdor Ltd, it holds a MiFID II license and offers a wide range of digital financing solutions on its two financing platforms, and Today, Invesdor Group has close to 60,000 registered users from 150 countries who have invested close to 160 MEUR via the Group's platforms.

AAU Inkubator

In the Incubator you will find a startup community and workspaces, where entrepreneurs have a place to work on their startups and where guidance is always just around the corner The AAU Inkubator hosts a series of workshops, programs and social events that gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to start up your business venture. Through our events your will learn to test and validate business ideas, build a strong business concept, and learn how to get your business off the ground running

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Norad

A large proportion of the grants are awarded to development projects, but support is also provided to projects in key foreign policy areas such as security, Arctic issues, EU/EEA affairs, cultural cooperation, and public diplomacy. Grants allocated under the Ministry's budget may be managed by the Ministry, Norad, FK Norway, or other agencies.

Finn Strøm Madsen

Board and Executive Management - Experienced global executive leader in B2B - Working for listed companies and private equity - Turnaround, restructuring and Change Management - Renewables, Cleantech, wind energy - M&A and business development - Strategy Development and Performance Management - Highly result-oriented and performance driven - Industry, Technology, IPR, Quality - Product-, Technology- and Competence- Roadmaps - Asset Management, Reliability and Diagnostics F33

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