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Kelly Hull

We help entrepreneurs and venture capital fund managers turn promising ideas into market-defining and market-leading businesses. We are committed to spreading the Foundry Group ethos through our investment activity as well as in the other ways we engage with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

byFounders VC

byFounders is a “for founders by founders” fund built on the foundation and backing of a strong Founders Collective, comprised of a significant group of some of the most successful Danish & Nordic entrepreneurs investing in and supporting a new generation of globally ambitious Nordic & Baltic entrepreneurs.

Vesa Helkkula

President and CEO of public and private internationally operating ICT companies for around 30 years. Now also Chairman in several growth companies and advisor on strategy for profitable and sustainable growth.

Medical Device Business Catalyst

Early-stage incubator that invests market expertise and capital in tomorrow’s ground-breaking medical devices.

DGI Impact

At DGI, we are looking for entrepreneurs who can help us with new solutions to the following challenges. The challenges are central and an important part of making Denmark the world's most athletically active nation. - Digitization - Polarization and inactivity - Rethinking physical activity

Eva Redhe

During my over 30 years career I have worked at Swedens largest investment company, as an entrepreneur, as CEO and chairman of a bank, and on the board of some 25 companies. During the last 10 years I have focused on private investments. I am currently fully invested, and am therefore not looking at any new proposals.

Blossom Capital

We lead the Series As of the courageous. We’ve been investors and operators in unicorns across the US and Europe, so we know what it takes to build for hyper-growth. Fierce determination, bold ambition and willingness to go after hard challenges. When we find it, we don’t hesitate to give founders the backing they need to succeed.

Fast Track Malmö

Fast Track Malmö is a startup accelerator based in Malmö, Sweden's vibrant Skåne Region. They help amazing startups launch their product, meet great mentors, get investment and enter the international market.


GROWING REVENUES WHILE SAVING NATURAL RESOURCES. We operate on markets undergoing a revolution due to competition for resources, infrastructure overload, socio-economic change and decreasing cost of key technologies. Our companies are high impact, capital light, and scalable. We share their journey to success and try to help accelerate it.

Den Sociale Kapitalfond

Defining themselves as a social venture fund, Den Sociale kapitalfond was established in 2011 by Trygfonden. The fund invests in companies that give opportunities to socially vulnerable people.

Otto Bruuns Fond

The Otto Bruuns Foundation supports research in Danish industry and the development, as well as the development of industrial inventions and other purposes of general social interest by entrepreneurs and inventors. The support is provided in the form of grants and in some cases subordinate capital, and the fund supports individuals - inventors, entrepreneurs and students - as well as institutions and companies.

Paul Nemitz

High Profile Policy maker and academic writer on Privacy, GDPR and AI. First round Investor in startups in those areas, provided they present a credible concept on how they support fundamental rights like privacy and data protection, the good functioning of Democracy and the Rule of Law. Examples are Citizen’s engagement, data vaults or data trustees, reporting or monitoring in public interest, forensic and enforcement tech /Reg Tech and empowerment Tech, Political Party or NGO tools, new forms of Journalism. is a registered alternative fund manager that manages I Ky fund. Assets under management in the fund are 2.5 million euros from Finnish corporate investors. The fund’s strategy is to invest into pre-seed and seed stage startups, who bring new technological innovation into the energy industry. Integral part of the strategy is to bring our partners’ expertise, piloting opportunities and possible customers for accelerating the portfolio companies development and growth.

Creathor Venture

A Venture Capital Fund with offices in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Zurich and a Swedish office in Stockholm.


SUP 46 is the leading Startup hub in Sweden. They help companies succeed faster through their network & ecosystem: fundraising, recruitment, international expansion, PR & Marketing plus office space in Stockholm.

Norsk Katapult

The Technology Foundation is located in Oslo, with the whole of Norway as a field of impact. The purpose is for the foundation's funds to come in handy and to promote technology development in Norwegian business and industry. Katapult-katalysator/Catapult is one of the current projects in cooperation with Næringshage and Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.

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