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Florence Korhonen

Florence is an entrepreneur and angel investor. She is a member of FIBAN, and is the chairperson of the recently established Nordic Female Business Angels Network (NFBAN). She started her career in business as an entrepreneur of Medical Assistive Devices in Helsinki, which she operated for 6 years.


Familie office with investments in equities, real estate, agriculture and more. Founded by Oluf Sørensen and is today under the leadership of the founder and his three children. Competences in strategy, accounting, finance and internationalization. Based in Billund, Denmark.

Voima Ventures

Voima Ventures helps founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. We shed light on the ideas and technology which require time and courage to build. The way we work is simple: we combine science-driven innovation together with the Nordic serial entrepreneurial experience and a global mindset. Having roots at VTT, who is our cornerstone investor, enables us to see further. Oh, and the network. Global Network. Trust us and we trust you – this one pays back.


I Proventia har vi fokus på å bidra til å utvikle gode forretningsidéer til lønnsomme bedrifter i Telemark.

Korkia Capital

We build sustainable growth by constantly seeking to discover new opportunities and if needed – creating some ourselves. The world is full of opportunities, but recognizing them is difficult. We do this by combining corporate development, financing and investing in a unique way. We enjoy solving complex problems and thus enabling successful futures for our clients. The direct consequence of the services we provide promotes sustainable development. This we can verify.

Peter Johnson

CEO/Owner of Phirica AB. I have a long and solid background from the IT Industry (main US based companies incl Noric consulting firms) and a special interest in Offshore sailing. Currently working with the Linköping University


Danish-based late stage startup accelerator. Accelerace helps startups grow by attracting new customers and investments.

Anette Nordvall

Active Early Stage Tech Investor and Environmentalist, focusing on the New Nordic markets on ICT, and Deep-tech Science based innovation; while adding for profit Impact, Diversity, Environment, and Global goals into the mist. Appreciated Board member, Public speaker and Business leader.

Pan Innovasjon

En inkubator for bærekraftig utvikling og trebasert næring. Vi er tilknyttet Siva miljøet og støtter gründere og bedrifter i utvikling av deres idé, gjennomføring, finansiering og kommersialisering.

Belawal Khan

Career highlights: At Katapult, I have been integral in forming its sourcing, screening and due diligence strategies. All processes I currently lead. I have also accumulated managerial experience as I manage a team of Research Analyst (We called them scouts) as part of the many responsibilities I have at Katapul Accelerator. Semi-annually, my team and I build a new pipeline of start-ups which counts more than 1800 companies from more than 100 countries.

Tapani Tanskanen

IAM Expert (Identity & Access Management) with successful IAM delivery since 2000. A CISSP® and CIAM® certified IT security expert with Master’s Degree in Computer Science, focusing on Identity & Access. Neo-Generalist. Coachable and quick learner, willing to share knowledge.

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society is distributing funds to the civil society in the form of support for organisations, projects and international cooperation.

Engel Freddy

Angel Investor primarily within technology/digitalisation. From Seed to more mature organizations. Also open to investing time and knowledge in exchange for warrants.


The Swedish Board of Agriculture is Sweden's administrative authority in agriculture, fisheries and rural areas. We work for Sweden to produce food in a sustainable and profitable way. We also contribute to good animal welfare throughout Sweden and a vibrant rural area. We are responsible for paying out money from EU funds to various beneficiaries.

Spintop Ventures

Venture capital firm backed by a network of successful tech entrepreneurs, institutional investors, family offices and private investors in early-stage growth companies. Spintop Ventures invest in early-stage tech companies in the Nordics and the UK. Spintop Ventures focus their investments on Nordic tech companies pursuing global success. They make investments in early-stage companies with a global perspective. They are sector agnostic and do not exclude any field of business.

Servisen Investment Management

A Swedish venture capital fund located in Stockholm. Their goal is to develop “best of class” companies generating returns beyond expectations. They do through investments and by actively engaging in the management of their portfolio companies.

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