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Evli Growth Partners

Venture capital for the most beautiful Nordic and Baltic companies in Series A and Series B.

Jenni Risku

I am a business kickstarter & entrepreneur with 10+ years of hands­-on business development experience across Europe & Asia. Currently focused to empower people and companies with technology, and to create opportunities that serve this ecosystem in Asia. I've led go-to-market teams and business expansions (reporting to C­-level or main shareholders), and focused on diversification of existing businesses via partnerships and/or equity investments.

Walsh & Co.

Walsh & Co. is a one-man-band, that combines experience from; marketing, design and tech, with a growth mindset. Looking for a opportunities within early-stage startups - ideally a combination of financial investment and sweat-equity.

Hatch CoLab

Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build social ventures that solve the most challenging problems of the world and drive social change. We are driven by our desire to be a positive force in the world and we truly believe in a future where impact ventures are considered essential to foster equality, better humanity and a sustainable world. In our program, with roots in Geneva but global reach, we provide them with the tools and connections to scale their impact-tech ventures.

Impact Hub Stockholm

Impact Hub Stockholm is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. They pride themselves on being a business incubator, innovation lab and community of social entrepreneurs.

Olli Mäntylä

I'm a business minded and client focused ICT service business professional & Project Manager with +25 years experience in corporate companies and having a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology, Outsourcing, Offshoring and services industry. I'm also actively seeking new investment opportunities and partnership with Start Up companies across all industries and domains. Specially I'm interested in data driven innovations executed by top notch teams!

LU Innovation

LU Innovation is the hub for innovation and commercialisation at Lund University. They work with the University's researchers and students to bring benefit and growth to society.

Delta Capital

Delta Capital is a privately held venture capital firm dedicated to realizing the full potential of start-ups. The firm is founded by serial entrepreneurs whom all have first-hand experience in building multimillion-dollar companies from scratch. In addition to providing traditional venture capital financing, they have an in-house incubator, only offered to selected entrepreneurs, that covers all the needs of a start-up wanting to get a head-start and increase the chance of success.

Fast Track Malmö

Fast Track Malmö is a startup accelerator based in Malmö, Sweden's vibrant Skåne Region. They help amazing startups launch their product, meet great mentors, get investment and enter the international market.

Hub Invest

Startups looking for funding, typically at Seed stage – when you are past your first days and have a proven business case, while still being early-stage. All industries are welcome to apply. We expect startups to be based in Finland or have a close link to Finland

Aapo Bovellan

Investor in innovative, early stage companies. Experience as an early shareholder in 24 companies, including one decacorn. 16 of the investments to date are through Proxy, world's first venture capital company with its own brand studio designing brands for all of it's portfolio companies.

Procom Venture

Procom Venture invests in early stage technology companies. They focus on companies in the petroleum, clean energy, and industrial biotechnology sectors.

Gullspång Invest

Swedish private investment office run by the Brandberg family. The focus is on investments in companies within energy, foodtech, water, health, education and resource efficiency.

Connie Søborg Hansen ApS

Med mig som investor og bestyrelsesmedlem får I en ressourcestærk og engageret teamplayer, der brænder for at omsætte gode ideer til handlinger. Jeg brænder for at hjælpe andre med at nå deres mål og værdsætter at løse opgaver ordentligt, hurtigt, enkelt og pragmatisk, med respekt for de involverede. Jeg har i mange år arbejdet med forretningsudvikling og strategi med fokus på sund vækst – og er stærk i udvikling af enkle opfølgningsprocesser for strategiimplementering. Jeg er facilitator ved strategi- og forretningsudviklingsprocesser. Jeg har mange års erfaring som deltager i bestyrelsesmøder, hvor jeg har rådgivet bestyrelsen indenfor mange områder. Jeg får ofte ros for at kunne udvikle og designe relevant og overskuelig bestyrelses- og ledelsesrapportering, herunder at gøre det komplekse enkelt og anvendeligt som beslutningsgrundlag. Jeg er stærk til vurdering af risici og processer. Jeg er god til at formidle svært stof på forståelig og anvendelig måde. Jeg har været ejerleder i mange år og har opstartet og udviklet egen virksomhed som voksede betydeligt over en kort årrække. Som leder og ejer var jeg med til at gennemføre en turnaround, der betød at indtjeningen i virksomheden blev mangedoblet over nogle år. Jeg har et stort netværk, som jeg gerne bringer i spil, hvor det måtte være relevant.

Impact Invest Scandinavia

Impact Invest Scandinavia is an intermediary connecting companies with VCs and business angels. Companies they support have impact at the heart of their business idea.


Minc is a non-profit accelerator program with the mission to make Malmö one of Europe’s best cities for entrepreneurs and startups. They offer business development, creative workspaces, network and programs designed for entrepreneurs in Malmö.

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