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Lakestar makes early and growth stage investments in disruptive, technology-enabled businesses predominantly in Europe and the United States driven by exceptional entrepreneurs.

Start-up Booster

Start-up Booster connect startups and investors from all over the world. They reside over a network of more than 15.000 startups helping them find funding.


VF Venture is The Danish Growth Fund’s division for equity investments.


Rocket57 is the preferred experience-based Incubator and Accelerator hub for early-stage and intermediate startups within Blue Biotech, IT and the Blue Economy in general.

Promentum Equity Partners

A Danish venture capital firm with excellence in the technology space that works side by side with founders to help them grow and take their solutions to market.

Forward Venture Capital

Forward Venture Capital is a private equity firm that invests in early-stage companies that provide clever solutions to new or existing problems. Their investments are typically in Seed or Series-A rounds, and they take a long-term approach. Although they don’t pass on good opportunities elsewhere, their focus is on tech investments in Northern Europe and the Rocky Mountain States.

Mosaic Ventures

Mosaic Ventures is a new Silicon Valley-style venture capital firm based in London. They focus on Series A investments. Mosaic Ventures are industry agnostic but prefer to invest in original products and radical innovation.

Startup Bootcamp

Startup Bootcamp is a global network of locally anchored accelerators. Their overall scope spans wide, and most products will fit into one of their programs.

LEGO Ventures

LEGO Ventures is the venture capital arm of the LEGO® brand, focusing on the future of learning, creativity, and play.


Investment program from Innovation Fund Denmark targeted innovative projects by small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and researchers. The fund requires no equity or earnings in return.

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is Norway’s biggest business plan competition. This event is made to help young entrepreneurs develop their ideas through, and making structured business plans to make it happen. Those who do not have their own ideas can team up with other students or scientists. You can also choose to write a business plan of an imaginary project.

Foundation Asset Management (FAM)

FAM AB is a privately owned holding company that manages assets as an active owner with a long-term ownership horizon. FAM focuses its ownership on a number of strategic holdings and a number of alternative investments.


InnoFounder is a 1-year design driven incubator that targets recent graduates from Danish accredited educations.


MOOR is a private investment company located in Stockholm. They describe themselves as being able to act differently and more flexible than most other VC’s. They invest in digital solutions and disruptive ideas that challenge the way we see the world. Their primary focus is the digital space. What matters most, however, are disruptive ideas and passionate entrepreneurs capable of growing to a global scale.

Nordic Capital

Nordic Capital support the development of enduring companies, create long term value, and generate superior returns to their investors. Since 2003 they are investing through Fund VIII. It is diversified, but with a special focus on healthcare investments. They invest mostly in large and medium sized companies, targeting the Nordic region and German speaking countries. They often invest buy-out opportunities.

Schibsted Growth

With an international perspective and offices in Oslo, Paris and Stockholm the Schibsted Growth team invests in ambitious digital companies with a plan to change the world. Schibsted Growth invests in ambitious digital companies that can create value for consumers or businesses.

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