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Susanna Campbell

Susanna has an extensive background in finance, consulting and advisory. After working as a investment director and CEO at Ratos, she has served in multiple boards as a board member and chairman.

Peter Arnoff Nielsen

Looking for a startup missing my skills within International Sales, Key Account Management and Product Line Management of (high) tech products

Niels Meldgaard

Experienced executive in the insurance industry. Business development, portfolio management, developing customer services, processes, products and organisations.

Hatch CoLab

Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build social ventures that solve the most challenging problems of the world and drive social change. We are driven by our desire to be a positive force in the world and we truly believe in a future where impact ventures are considered essential to foster equality, better humanity and a sustainable world. In our program, with roots in Geneva but global reach, we provide them with the tools and connections to scale their impact-tech ventures.

Ludvig Linge

Co-founded TAT, licensed embedded software and mobile UI design to top mobile brands, now working with new startups as angel investor, enjoys people with big and scalable ideas that can make a difference, spare-time musician. Big believer in innovations that emerge in the intersection of different disciplines.

Servisen Investment Management

A Swedish venture capital fund located in Stockholm. Their goal is to develop “best of class” companies generating returns beyond expectations. They do through investments and by actively engaging in the management of their portfolio companies.

Greenwise Invest

The Greenwise Invest is trying to contribute to a greener tomorrow. We wish to invest in upstarts that are align with our mission. We are entrepreneurs from the gaming world with export expertise to the whole world. We worked with plastic sleeves to protect the gaming cards and now wish to use money from that enterprise to protect the environment.

Riku Asikainen

Founder and Managing Partner of EGP, a growth capital fund for new Nordics. Seasoned entrepreneur with strong emphasize on growth investments on small and medium-sized companies.

Tapani Tanskanen

IAM Expert (Identity & Access Management) with successful IAM delivery since 2000. A CISSP® and CIAM® certified IT security expert with Master’s Degree in Computer Science, focusing on Identity & Access. Neo-Generalist. Coachable and quick learner, willing to share knowledge.


A mentorship-lead early stage development program. The twelve-week program offers top-notch mentorship, an expansive network, a nice workspace, and the chance for seed funding. Their goal is to accelerate the development of ground-breaking fintech concepts and companies.

Första Entreprenörsfonden

A Stockholm-based venture capital fund with a new approach to early-stage investments. They have a strong focus on teams, rather than on any specific field of business. Första Entreprenörsfonden not only value companies on their business opportunity, instead, they carefully estimate the strength of entrepreneurial teams.

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

NEFCO is an international financial institution established in 1990 through an intergovernmental treaty between sovereign states, the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Our objective is to generate positive environmental impact of interest to the Nordic countries. We do this by facilitating investments related to green growth and climate mitigation and adaptation globally, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe, as well as the Baltic Sea, Arctic & Barents regions.

Björn Jeffery

I'm an entrepreneur that works within media and technology. My main interest and driver is to identify and understand the underlying systems that control why things happen, and then create something that works well with them. I'm an abstract and strategic thinker. I'm skilled in pulling pieces apart, putting them back together again, and communicating why we are doing it to my team and the outside world.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator will support promising oncology biotech to commercialize successfully.

BHJ Fonden

Are you a company, organization or individual that contributes tothe UN's SDG Goals? If so, take the chance to win the BHJ Foundation's Initiative Award! This initiative calls for those who have developed products, services, competencies or knowledge that contribute to the sustainable agenda.

Balderton Capital

A Venture Capital fund with a strong focus on European tech startups. Balderton Capital is the largest Europe focused venture fund. Their funds are totaling $2,3 billion. They believe in long-term investments, supporting their portfolio companies from start to exit.

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