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Equinor Energy Ventures

Equinor Energy Ventures is one of the world’s largest corporate venture funds dedicated to investing in attractive and ambitious growth companies in renewable energy. The fund was established in February 2016 as part of Equinor’s business within New Energy Solutions, reflecting the company’s aspirations to gradually complement its oil and gas portfolio with profitable renewable energy and low-carbon solutions.

Fund for Organic Agriculture

The purpose of the fund is to strengthen development opportunities and competitiveness for organic farming. The fund was formed in 2001. The fund is a special managing authority and is based on the Agricultural Support Act.

Scale-Up Denmark

Scale-Up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. They want to establish an elite of high growth companies in Denmark. Scale-Up Denmark is a cross-regional initiative. Its foundation is the five regional business development strategies, and some of Europe's most competitive eco systems.

Leena Niemistö

Dr. Leena Niemistö is a health care professional with 30 years of clinical and leadership experience. She is also an active investor in several health-tech growth companies. She has been recognised as the Business Angel of the year 2016 by FiBAN, as the Top 2 Influencer of Healthcare sector 2015 in Finland by Mediuutiset, and the Top 3 Female Businesswoman in Finland years 2017-2019 by Talouselämä.

Janicke Allers

I am working as an investor and advisor for growth and start-up companies. I work closely with and within the innovation ecosystem connected to several support organisations and investment organisations in Bergen. I run my own investment company. In addition I am part of the Privanet team in Norway and active member of Connect BAN Bergen and Tripod Capital Collective. I also engage in organisations and events supporting entrepeneurship like InnovasjonsukenOPP.

Innovatum Startup

Innovatum Startup’s mission is to build growth companies that are sustainable, and can contribute to society by creating jobs and economic growth in the region. Through our entrepreneurial business coaching and access to financial support we help entrepreneurs verify, develop and scale their ideas. We work primarily with startups and entrepreneurs from Fyrbodal region, an association of the 14 municipal governments in the region of Västra Götaland. For spacetech ventures we work with startups and entrepreneurs nationwide.

Malin Berge

Angel investor. Driving strategic growth at Mastercard with key focus on inclusive growth, better societies and overall connecting private/public partners to achieve the global goals.

Engel Freddy

Angel Investor primarily within technology/digitalisation. From Seed to more mature organizations. Also open to investing time and knowledge in exchange for warrants.


MEGATREND INVEST is a well consolidated provider of capital between investors looking for alternative investments and sustainable start-ups and growth companies seeking capital. Through risk diversification, we provide a high return of investment for our investors. MEGATREND INVEST has several experienced investment advisors who provide information about the projectsto potential investors. They all have the Red Certification required by The Financial Supervisory Authority when issuing unlisted shares. MEGATREND INVEST has also been authorized to manage alternative investment funds according to the The PRIIP Regulation and is therefore covered by the FAIF-act. We expect companies to conduct a responsible and sustainable business based on 9 leading worldwide megatrends. This will benefit companies, investors and the society and contribute to an investment in thefuture focused on sustainable products and solutions. In MEGATREND INVEST we focus on sustainable development goals 8,9 and 10 and strive to include an impactcase in each of our MTI companies. We define impact investments as investments that have the purpose of making a difference for particularly vulnerable groups.

Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose past clients include Google (US), Nokia Siemens (FI), Wired (UK), MIT (US), Rakuten (JP), New York Department of Education (US), City of Stockholm (SWE), NGV (AU), Gemalto (FR), Mahindra (IN) and Schibsted (ES).

Karri Koskenkorva

Experienced Attorney-at-Law with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, Privacy Law, International Law, European Law, Intellectual Property and Transactions. Strong legal professional with a Master of Laws from Helsinki yliopisto. Specialized in SME companies - development and managing challenges.


Minc is a non-profit accelerator program with the mission to make Malmö one of Europe’s best cities for entrepreneurs and startups. They offer business development, creative workspaces, network and programs designed for entrepreneurs in Malmö.

Anette Nordvall

Active Early Stage Tech Investor and Environmentalist, focusing on the New Nordic markets on ICT, and Deep-tech Science based innovation; while adding for profit Impact, Diversity, Environment, and Global goals into the mist. Appreciated Board member, Public speaker and Business leader.

Jannick B. Pedersen

Since 2010, I have spent considerable time studying exponential technologies and their impact on our future. I have attended several Singularity University programs, and I have co-authored "Face the Future", co-founded DareDisrupt and arranged conferences and spoken to numerous audiences to reduce fear and unleash creativity. I am a positivist - I believe the future will be so much better.

Propel Capital AB

Propel Capital AB is an investment company established in 2014 by the Swedish business accelerator STING. The capital comes from 40 of Sweden's most active business angels.

Ingrid Bojner

Business Leader with broad experience from both Executive and Non-Executive work across multiple industries. Passionate about sales & marketing, customer experience, strategy and business development. Believe in equal opportunities, diversity, own responsibility and mindfulness

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