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Jacob Lynov Mindak

Working within the field of venture capital. Connecting promising startups with the right investors.


Industrifonden is a Nordic venture capital investor with an evergreen fund, focusing on technology and life science.

Danish Business Angels

Copenhagen-based business angel network backed by 90 active investors and several financial companies.


Invesdor is the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the Nordics connecting companies from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and UK with investors from all over the world.

Sarsia Seed

Sarsia Seed AS is a Norwegian Seed Capital Fund which invests in Norwegian early phase technology companies within the energy & cleantech and biotechnology & life science sectors.

Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the corporate venture capital arm of the Maersk Group who invest in early stage (seed to A-round) start-ups under the umbrella “Building the Future of Trade”. They invest in the technologies and startups that will shape the future of trade. As an investor, Maersk Growth provides more than funds. They use Maersk Growth's global infrastructure and operational expertise to power exponential growth.

Henry Nilert

As Co-founder and CFO of MCB Finance (exit to IPF Digital) I was responsible for the financial and operational build-up from idea to a leading non-bank consumer lender in six markets. As Co-founder and COO of iobox (exit to Telefonica) I helped build one of the largest early mobile entertainment portals in Europe.

STOAF - Stockholm Business Angels

Stockholm Business Angels (STOAF) is an early-stage angel group backing ventures within the fields of tech and med-tech. The group currently consists of close to 50 business angels, pooling their time, networks, experience and money together. They support promising teams and ventures with global potential.

Pontus Stråhlman

An entrepreneur at heart and spirit, looking for new ideas and new ventures to finance and help scale!

Contango Kapital

Contango invests in growth companies within Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Telecom in the Nordic region. Contango contributes both with capital and expertise and creates value through an active ownership role. 


Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) is a Stockholm-based ecosystem for tech startups. It includes an incubator, an accelerator, financing, recruitment support, co-working spaces and a large international network.

Peter Lindström

Special area of skills and business interests + New business start-up Business idea evaluations, company structure set-ups, organization development + Sales Establishing, steering and motivating sales teams, CRM, sales process optimizing + Logistics Optimizing, re-structuring processes + International business Export and Import connections, negotiations, partner evaluating + Business re-structuring Evaluating and restructuring business logic, crisis situations

Climate KIC

Our vision is to contribute to creating a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy. We believe that innovation will achieve the deep decarbonisation required, and strengthen climate resilience. We instigate transformative climate action and breakthrough innovation at the systems level, support the development of relevant, timely and strategic innovation experiments to generate alternative business and industrial models that work towards this vision.

Telemark Group

Telemark Group dynamically provides seed stage venture capital to promising companies in the area. Telemark Group focuses mainly on oil & gas, energy & infrastructure and healthcare. They also invest in innovations in information technology and nanotechnology. They operate in Telemark and the neighboring counties.

Susanna Campbell

Susanna has an extensive background in finance, consulting and advisory. After working as a investment director and CEO at Ratos, she has served in multiple boards as a board member and chairman.

Backing Minds

We believe in the business of doing things differently. We look for potential in areas that others overlook.

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