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HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Their technology products, services and engineering are built on four decades of innovation, with a world renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships.

Topi Valtakoski

The biggest part of my career I have worked with the development of human health and well-being in different roles mm. as an entrepreneur, CEO, business manager, service developer and consultant / advisor.

Bootstrap Ventures

Bootstrap Ventures is an early-stage investor focused on long-term value creation. We believe in sustainable businesses that can be accelerated by external capital, but we steer away from opaque business models that aren't viable without continuous external financing.

Nordic Capital

Nordic Capital support the development of enduring companies, create long term value, and generate superior returns to their investors. Since 2003 they are investing through Fund VIII. It is diversified, but with a special focus on healthcare investments. They invest mostly in large and medium sized companies, targeting the Nordic region and German speaking countries. They often invest buy-out opportunities.

SE Vækstpulje

With the funds of the growth pool, we can take even greater responsibility for the business, education, association and cultural life in which our customers and co-operatives move and are part. The Board of Directors of SE Growth Pool handles the selection of the projects that the grant grants crowns. The Board of Growth Fund embraces broadly throughout our supply area.

SMV Digital

SME: Digital is a comprehensive program where you can get help with digital conversion of your business and to boost your online sales through the program's E-Commerce Center. The program contains a number of relevant offers in the form of grants for the purchase of private counselling, innovative sprint courses, competence courses, sparring and networking, as well as guidance on regulation and competitive conditions.

Scion DTU's Smart Innovation

Smart Innovation seeks to help small and medium-sized companies develop their ideas and products. They look to accelerate companies in all areas of technology. From IT to robotics and sensors. Whether your product is too unfinished to participate will be determined by an assessment of your application.


Rocket57 is the preferred experience-based Incubator and Accelerator hub for early-stage and intermediate startups within Blue Biotech, IT and the Blue Economy in general.


Ineosito is an industrial partner and active investor assisting startups to scale up, mainly in energy, production, aquaculture and health.

Nikolai Gjerløff

I am a Computer Scientist who have been working with startups since I started my first small software development company in 1998. Since then I have done a lot of work in data driven eCommerce/online marketing, business intelligence, SaaS - and more nerdy areas like performance optimization of large databases. In the beginning mostly as a software developer, but in recent years business and concept development - as well as business related analysis and optimization - has taken up more and more of my time. I love helping a company become profitable by solving both technical challenges and business challenges - and can do the most good in cases where it is important to have a solid understanding of both. This is what I am looking for when I invest (money and/or sweat). So send me a message if you think I can be of help. :)


We invest earlier and faster than any other venture fund in Denmark There are many VCs in Denmark, but Accelerace Invest II is the only fund that invests solely in pre-seed stage startups. That means we invest before you have customers, revenue, or traction. Our fund is the biggest and most aggressive pre-seed fund in Denmark making up to 30 new investments per year. That is about 5 times as many as most other investors. Investing in startups since 2011, we were the first VC in companies such as Coinify, Reapplix, Churchdesk, Actimo and Monta Biosciences. We use our extensive experience to help all the founders we invest in.

LU Innovation

LU Innovation is the hub for innovation and commercialisation at Lund University. They work with the University's researchers and students to bring benefit and growth to society.

Marko J Koski

Focus on cleantech, energytech, but not not unfamiliar with other industries. Looking forward to hear from exiting new technologies and solutions.


Propagator is a Venture Studio. We aim to turn promising innovative ideas into successful companies. There is not a cookie cutter approach to develop startups. Each startup has specific needs to foster its potential, lie in different business contexts, and has a divergent road to market. So, we strongly believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Being a Venture Studio means that we play an active role throughout the process from idea generation to scale the company. We thereby offer an exclusive program with services within product development, market validation, network of experts, seasoned mentors, business relations, office space, community, logistics and seed funding, all in one box. We want to create an open community filled with innovative and talented people. Our only criteria for you is that you are: - At an early stage in your startup. - An entrepreneur who has the idea but no idea of how to start. - A talented person who wants to be an entrepreneur but needs support and sparring in idea generation.

&grow Ventures (Louise & Jeppe Rindom)

We are a small "family office" investing alone and with others in Nordic start ups. We have a passion for tech and impact and a preference for being active investors. We have a background from fintech, corporate and management consulting. We love... - edgy concepts which hold the potential to have a real impact - cool digital products customers can only fall in love with and - passionate teams who dares to be bold and ambitious

Vesa Helkkula

President and CEO of public and private internationally operating ICT companies for around 30 years. Now also Chairman in several growth companies and advisor on strategy for profitable and sustainable growth.

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