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The Research Council stimulates competitiveness and growth in Norwegian business through financial support and advice for research and innovation projects. Companies that need research and development to manufacture new or improved products, services or production processes can receive support and advice from the Research Council. We can support research and innovation activities where the goal is new knowledge that the company needs to realize something new in the industry or field.


A mentorship-lead early stage development program. The twelve-week program offers top-notch mentorship, an expansive network, a nice workspace, and the chance for seed funding. Their goal is to accelerate the development of ground-breaking fintech concepts and companies.

Thomas Berglund

Thomas has been investing in start-ups for more than 10 years and as Business Angel full time the last four years, holding a portfolio of twenty four companies. Currently working full-time in one of his investments


A startup incubator for design-driven entrepreneurs. The Nest is co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth. They help early-stage startups by applying people-centred design methods to entrepreneurship.

Saffron Hill Ventures

Saffron Hill works with entrepreneurs and partners to transform disruptive ideas into world class companies.


Early-stage venture capital with strong Nordic roots. Inventure is a leading early-stage venture capital company in the Nordics. We invest in innovative and fast-growing companies, led by exceptional entrepreneurs and willing to disrupt their industries.

Norrsken Foundation

A foundation focused on social tech entrepreneurship - where doing good meets modern technology.

North East Venture

North-East Venture is a venture fund based in the heart of Copenhagen. We aim to invest in both Danish and global growth companies. NEV has few, but financially strong investors with a long time horizon. We are openminded, patient, and thorough in our research and screening. We focus our investments on strong and passionate teams with a good understanding of both value creation, business, creativity and hard work.

Bank Financing

Banks offer a wide range of financial products and services like accounts, cards, payment solutions, credit, loans and asset finance.


GROWING REVENUES WHILE SAVING NATURAL RESOURCES. We operate on markets undergoing a revolution due to competition for resources, infrastructure overload, socio-economic change and decreasing cost of key technologies. Our companies are high impact, capital light, and scalable. We share their journey to success and try to help accelerate it.

Rasmus Helmich

Investor in several start-ups and property. Long history in datacom and telecom industry. Seking investments.

Lasse Lehtinen

Ten years ago I was lucky to get the opportunity to join Roottori, a very small Helsinki-based startup at that time. It ended up becoming the 2nd fastest growing Finnish tech company in '07 and '08, and then got acquired by Fonecta. From then on I've been curious about tech and how it changes the world. Before Icebreaker, I was the CEO & Founder at Frontier Accelerator where we invested in Finnish and Swedish startups.


ProVenture invests in early-stage technology companies and has solid entrepreneurial experience with significant expertise within oil and gas, technology and business.

Norinnova Incubator

Norinnova Incubator guides you as an entrepreneur through the process from development of your business idea, set-up and market entrance and to establish and grow your business.

Fredrik Posse

Since the 1980's, I have been finding and joining talented entrepreneurs with great, globally scalable projects: as a partner, advisor, venture catalyst, co-entrepreneur. Since 2012, however, I am fully engaged in the development of Soundtrap and plan to continue with that for several years. I have been working with startups and business development in different industries e.g. clean-tech, IT, entertainment and music

Thomas Black-Petersen

I'm an active Business Angel Investor, Chairman of three Danish companies, board member of a large international retail chain and advisory board member at a venture fund. I have been involved in three exits in 2016 and 2017. Before this I was for 10 years a founder, entrepreneur and managing director of a very fast-growing consulting company, Inspari A/S. My focus was on Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Big Data and Data Driven Business Transformation.

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