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Red Brick Accelerator

Red Brick Accelerator is an Intensive program for early-stage startup ideas, guiding their development from the idea phase to first customers. It combines both coaching and mentoring support. The program is FREE and does not claim any equity!

Avanto Ventures

Avanto Ventures help innovative businesses grow. Avanto has a focus in corporate venturing and descripes itself as a venture architecht that builds growth to corporations helping them to work with and like startups. Avanto helps corporations in field of CVC investments and venture development, building external accelerations and internal incubators and organises innovation challenges (aka business hackathons).

NMBU Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

NMBU TTO helps great ideas from NMBU become real services and products that can benefit the society.

Copenhagen-based VC Investing in beautiful minds building epic companies. is a founder-friendly pre-seed fund based in Copenhagen, investing all over the Nordics. Ideally, they write the first check into early-stage tech companies. We look for bold founding teams, typically with strong technical backgrounds. In your quest for world domination, Futuristic's only goal is to provide you with maximum value as your investor.

Next Commerce Accelerator

Next Commerce Accelerator is a multi-corporate, single industry focused innovation network, startup acceleration program and investment fund.

M. F. Bendix

I am an investor who has great experience with Operations and Digital Marketing. I, myself have recently started a company that generates over 10M USD per year in profits, within the first year. I am looking to invest, and help other startups achieve a good start as well as good and steady growth through my investments and help that I can provide.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

At the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the core task of research and development activities is to proactively produce knowledge, expertise and innovations to support decision-making, promote the competitiveness of economic activities and ensure the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.


The INCENSe accelerator seeks to accelerate promising startups in the energy sector.

Mette Fløe Nielsen

Impact investor with focus on purpose driven solutions within the areas of environment/energy and social causes Personal specialties: Impact investing with focus on environment (energy) and social causes (children and families), scale-up funding, start up and scale up advisory, IT strategy, IT service management, Financial management, Leadership, Sale, Vendor Management.

FDE Fonden

The purpose of FDE Fonden is to provide financial support, initiate and participate in projects, activities and initiatives related to and/or benefiting the freight and logistics industry in the following main areas: - Research and innovation - Knowledge dissemination and education - Road safety - Promotion of the reputation and visibility of the industry - Signature projects

Javier Miranda

Global CMO at Too Good To Go. Founder of Jam & Co. ApS About me: • Strong leader, reputable executive and global citizen • Full-stack Growth professional with +15 years of international experience, playing multiple roles in hyper growth tech companies • Razor sharp data analyst, with holistic overview on growth models, sales processes and marketing activities • Strong drive, leading by curiosity combined with solid work ethic based on transparency, direct communication and dedication * MY TOP SKILLS True Leadership | Rainmaker | Resilience | Analysis | Business Acumen * MY WEAKNESSES Honesty | Rara Avis | Alpha player | Nonconformist * MY VALUES Transparency | Ambition | Dedication | Respect | Humbleness

Terhi Johanna Vapola

Results-oriented entrepreneur, board professional & leader, with a proven capacity to drive growth. Venture capitalist, angel investor and accelerator for early stage start-ups and spin-offs. Interested in finding solutions to the world’s largest problems, products & services that truly touch the user, leading & inspiring people, and driving business deals in various parts of the globe.

Change Com

Inspiring entrepreneurial ventures.

James McDougall

James McDougall is an entrepreneur, CEO, global connector, advisor, venture capitalist and start-up professional with global experience in building high performing teams, commercializing new technologies, leading companies in their crossing of the chasm and implementing strategic pivots, turn arounds and corporate restructuring necessary for rapid growth and value creation.

Ilkka Ruotsila

Passionate about Banking, FinTech, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Digital


Innoexplorer is a grant to employees at public research and educational institutions and hospitals who have created a research result with commercial potential, but where the result is still at a pre-commercial stage, and where clarification or maturity is therefore required to establish whether it can be further developed in preparation for commercial or societal exploitation.

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