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Susanna Campbell

Susanna has an extensive background in finance, consulting and advisory. After working as a investment director and CEO at Ratos, she has served in multiple boards as a board member and chairman.

SmartOslo Accelerator

An accelerator created to establish a dialogue between Oslo and the startup community. SmartOslo Accelerator invites a broad range of technologies capable of solving smart city challenges, some examples are sensors, IoT, big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, beacons, and virtual/augmented reality.

E.R. Rasmussens Fond

For 75 years, ER Rasmussen's Foundation has supported both established and start-up Danish companies with advantageous loans to advance their development. ER Rasmussen's Foundation is established by wholesaler Erik Rudolf Rasmussen with the aim of supporting Danish companies in their development.

DTU Science Park

The leading deep tech incubator in Denmark! DTU Science Park with Futurebox is the leading Danish deep tech and hardware incubator and accelerator. We supply strong mentors, business developers, tech advisors, investors, acceleration programs, access to fundraising and DTU.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator will support promising oncology biotech to commercialize successfully.

Skiltmax Stipendum

Do you have a solution to the climate threat, an idea that alleviates people's stressful lives or may make life easier for toddlers' parents? As a young entrepreneur, we know how important it is with extra support to realize your idea. We will help you complete your assignment or project. We love innovation, and all ideas are welcome.

Korkia Capital

We build sustainable growth by constantly seeking to discover new opportunities and if needed – creating some ourselves. The world is full of opportunities, but recognizing them is difficult. We do this by combining corporate development, financing and investing in a unique way. We enjoy solving complex problems and thus enabling successful futures for our clients. The direct consequence of the services we provide promotes sustainable development. This we can verify.

Red Brick Accelerator

Red Brick Accelerator is an Intensive program for early-stage startup ideas, guiding their development from the idea phase to first customers. It combines both coaching and mentoring support. The program is FREE and does not claim any equity!

EMAX Norway

Emax is an arena where young people who are genuinely dedicated to entrepreneurship and to ​the possibility of one day in the future leading their own business. This is done over four days where the contestants are challenged on their skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship, in interplay with workshops, inspiring lectures, social activities and most importantly; networking.

Verdane Capital

Verdane private equity is an experienced firm with flexible funding opportunities. They invest in companies with strong growth potential. They focus on areas like the consumer internet, software, energy and advanced industrial sectors.

Niklas Indola

Experienced problem solver, organization and process architect. Watches the world with keen and curious eyes. Investor. Specialties: Search Engine Optimization/Digital marketing, Product Security, anti-fraud, anti-theft, anti-counterfeit, Digital Rights Management, incident response, security engineering. Venture capital, investment perfomance, business angelship.

GP Bullhound

GP Bullhound Sidecar helps tech startups become billion dollar companies, thereby​ giving them the "unicorn" stamp. Investments in themes which address large global market opportunities where innovation is driving change or disruption.

Pan Innovasjon

En inkubator for bærekraftig utvikling og trebasert næring. Vi er tilknyttet Siva miljøet og støtter gründere og bedrifter i utvikling av deres idé, gjennomføring, finansiering og kommersialisering.

Add Health Media AB

Leading media company in health and medicine that also invests in e-health start ups. We looking for start ups in Sweden that fokus in e-health.

Søren Stig

General and broad based expertise in leading international logistics, supply chain, sourcing, project management and multi-cultural organisations. Likewise solid General Management experience as well as experience in change & project management, sustainability, e-commerce, human resource development, CRM, international sales & key account management.


Describing themselves as the most active investor in the Nordics eEquity works tightly together with their companies to accelerate growth and maintain profitability. They are a Stockholm based venture capital fund, with an ambition of building large market leader within the field of internet retailing.

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