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Nyskapingsparken Inkubator

The Innovation Park Incubator wants to invest in companies with growth potential in the Hordaland region.

Susanna Campbell

Susanna has an extensive background in finance, consulting and advisory. After working as a investment director and CEO at Ratos, she has served in multiple boards as a board member and chairman.

Christian Nielsens Fond

The Fund may provide support in the form of loans or capital contributions to Danish technological and industrial development, including to: - Inventors or manufacturers for the exploitation of inventions or other technical advances of importance to Danish industry. - Research in Danish industry, agriculture and forestry as well as fisheries when the research has industrial aims.

Kalle Katevuo

Kalle Katevuo is Strategic thinker, architect with strong experience in marketing and sales, investor, MSc EE. He has proven track record of success developing new business for start-up's and established companies. He loves to connect people, knowledge and resources to form a new way of thinking and change making in harmony.

Johan Attby

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building game changing businesses. I founded the software company Tific and I took it all the way from an idea and raising venture capital to a highly profitable company with a rapidly growing international customer base. In the spring of 2011 I orchestrated a successful exit when the company was acquired.

Innovatum Startup

Innovatum Startup’s mission is to build growth companies that are sustainable, and can contribute to society by creating jobs and economic growth in the region. Through our entrepreneurial business coaching and access to financial support we help entrepreneurs verify, develop and scale their ideas. We work primarily with startups and entrepreneurs from Fyrbodal region, an association of the 14 municipal governments in the region of Västra Götaland. For spacetech ventures we work with startups and entrepreneurs nationwide.

Henry Nilert

As Co-founder and CFO of MCB Finance (exit to IPF Digital) I was responsible for the financial and operational build-up from idea to a leading non-bank consumer lender in six markets. As Co-founder and COO of iobox (exit to Telefonica) I helped build one of the largest early mobile entertainment portals in Europe.

Ludvig Linge

Co-founded TAT, licensed embedded software and mobile UI design to top mobile brands, now working with new startups as angel investor, enjoys people with big and scalable ideas that can make a difference, spare-time musician. Big believer in innovations that emerge in the intersection of different disciplines.

Courage Ventures

WE HELP YOUR TEAM STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME. Courage Ventures is a boutique advisory and seed investment fund with global networks. We work with existing companies, public sector organizations and startups.

Fiil Good

Impact Venture Builder. Our Mission in Fiil Good is to have a positive impact in the world where our children are going to live. We have an impact by active shareholding in mostly Finnish companies. We target both financial return and positive non financial (SDG) impact, and we promote circular economy. At the same time, we make it possible to have an alternative investment model.


The INCENSe accelerator seeks to accelerate promising startups in the energy sector.

Aapo Bovellan

Investor in innovative, early stage companies. Experience as an early shareholder in 24 companies, including one decacorn. 16 of the investments to date are through Proxy, world's first venture capital company with its own brand studio designing brands for all of it's portfolio companies.


Danish-based early-stage startup accelerator, helping startups find product-market fit and get ready for product launch and raising investment rounds. In August 2020, we launched our new pre-seed fund Accelerace Invest II that is also the biggest and most aggressive pre-seed fund in Denmark, making up to 30 new investments per year. To get investment from Accelerace, you need to participate in our free acceleration program

Mist Ventures

Mist Ventures invests in technology-based companies (deep tech) based on proprietary technology superior to to competition. Our main areas of specialization, where we possess strong technological and industry backgrounds, are: embedded software, hardwave, ASIC, telecom, machine learning, and algorithms.

Wave Ventures

Wave Ventures is the first student-run VC in the Nordics and the biggest one in Europe. We provide pre-seed funding for the boldest teams in the Nordics.

Next Step Challenge

High-growth companies have the opportunity for systematic business development and access to a unique eco-system amongst established corporates, industry specialists, business experts, technologists and investors.

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