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Joe Wright

I work at the intersection of investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and social impact. Mobilising capital, people, and innovation to deliver social and environmental impact is the defining theme of my professional life. I spent the first half of my career working as an economist for the World Bank and DfID in developing countries, mobilising private investment in infrastructure to drive growth and poverty alleviation.


Ineosito is an industrial partner and active investor assisting startups to scale up, mainly in energy, production, aquaculture and health.

Peder Nedergaard

From 1990 to 2003 I held various executive positions in primarily large IT organizations. From 2003 to 2011 I was co-founder and CEO at a IT company within high tech security and surveillance systems. By the end of 2011, I sold my shares and the company became a part of TDC. Today I primarily work with companies from Europe and USA as an early stage investor, professional Board Member and mentor.

Niels Meldgaard

Experienced executive in the insurance industry. Business development, portfolio management, developing customer services, processes, products and organisations.

Lifeline Ventures

Lifeline’s team wants to help your startup reach its potential, whether its within web, games, or research-driven tech.

Energi Invest Fyn

Energi Invest Fyn invests in startups and companies in the region of Southern Denmark. The initiative is a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the local energy firm Energi Fyn.

Anne H. Worsoe

I work with founders with ambitions to solve global challenges and invest in early-stage technology startups.

Mist Ventures

Mist Ventures invests in technology-based companies (deep tech) based on proprietary technology superior to to competition. Our main areas of specialization, where we possess strong technological and industry backgrounds, are: embedded software, hardwave, ASIC, telecom, machine learning, and algorithms.

Sten Nymark

Experienced investment banking and finance professional with experience within M&A, capital raising, funding, leveraged finance, debt restructuring, debt capital markets, and risk management. Has furthermore worked with strategy development, implementation and monitoring (Market segmentation, commercial strategy, large scale IT implementation, strategy dash board, etc)

The Index Project

Each award cycle we receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of nominations, which are boiled down to just five winners. But, (and it's a big one) while we believe it's important to celebrate the best, we don't believe the impact should stop there. The Index Award pipeline is an invaluable and ever-growing source of great solutions, regardless of winning status, that are ripe for investment — both human and financial. That's why we've gone beyond award-giving to invest.

Peter Agger

Private investor with strong management experience and board and advisory background. Looking for investment opportunities where my background can provide value to the company.

Velux Foundation

THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS are comprised of the two philanthropic foundations VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN. Among our grant areas are science, environmental, social and cultural purposes in Denmark and internationally. In 2019, the two foundations gave joint grants of approx. EUR 178 million. Both foundations were established by the founder of VELUX and other companies in the VKR Group, whose mission it is to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people’s everyday lives.

Ludvig Linge

Co-founded TAT, licensed embedded software and mobile UI design to top mobile brands, now working with new startups as angel investor, enjoys people with big and scalable ideas that can make a difference, spare-time musician. Big believer in innovations that emerge in the intersection of different disciplines.


VUDP (Vandsektorens Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram), has been established in accordance with the Water Sector Act. VUDP is established for the purpose of uniting and strengthening water companies to promote, develop and demonstrate water technology and efficiency. There will be focus on projects that can further develop the water companies towards a higher degree of sustainability, quality, security of supply and efficiency.

Ilkka Ruotsila

Passionate about Banking, FinTech, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Digital

Rasmus Bøgelund Lajevardi

Since 2008, Rasmus has been involved as owner, board member, director and real owner in 6 different Danish companies. Rasmus is currently active in 2 companies and holds 2 directorships.

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