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Henry Nilert

As Co-founder and CFO of MCB Finance (exit to IPF Digital) I was responsible for the financial and operational build-up from idea to a leading non-bank consumer lender in six markets. As Co-founder and COO of iobox (exit to Telefonica) I helped build one of the largest early mobile entertainment portals in Europe.

Delta Capital

Delta Capital is a privately held venture capital firm dedicated to realizing the full potential of start-ups. The firm is founded by serial entrepreneurs whom all have first-hand experience in building multimillion-dollar companies from scratch. In addition to providing traditional venture capital financing, they have an in-house incubator, only offered to selected entrepreneurs, that covers all the needs of a start-up wanting to get a head-start and increase the chance of success.

Courage Ventures

WE HELP YOUR TEAM STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME. Courage Ventures is a boutique advisory and seed investment fund with global networks. We work with existing companies, public sector organizations and startups.


Norfund - The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, is owned by the Norwegian Government and serves as an instrument in Norwegian development policy. Norfund contributes to poverty reduction and economic development in the poorest countries through investments in profitable businesses and transfer of knowledge and technology. Norfund invests equity and/or debt capital, always as a financial minority together with partners, international or Norwegian.


LIFE is the EU subsidy scheme for nature, environment and climate. The program provides support for projects that contribute to the implementation of EU environmental and climate policy.

Social Startup

Den Sociale Kapitalfond’s accelerator division, Social Startup, offers socially oriented startups an acceleration program over five months.


uBIT builds the tech startups of the future and offers software development, project management, interim CTO, UX / UI design. With the focus of three different verticals - consultancy, in-house projects and equity. We invest in tech startups though our equity fund. This enables us to to work outside the box and assist entrepreneurs in their journey of creating exciting companies.

North East Venture

North-East Venture is a venture fund based in the heart of Copenhagen. We aim to invest in both Danish and global growth companies. NEV has few, but financially strong investors with a long time horizon. We are openminded, patient, and thorough in our research and screening. We focus our investments on strong and passionate teams with a good understanding of both value creation, business, creativity and hard work.


A European venture capital firm, dedicated to investments in the field of life science. Their investment strategy is focused on diseases with high unmet medical needs and breakthrough therapies. Through their investments, HealthCap wants to change medical practice and the lives of patients.

Investo Capital

Investo Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Denmark. Their team has for more than two decades been actively involved in Nordic venture and private equity, actively helping entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into transformative businesses.

Eva Redhe

During my over 30 years career I have worked at Swedens largest investment company, as an entrepreneur, as CEO and chairman of a bank, and on the board of some 25 companies. During the last 10 years I have focused on private investments. I am currently fully invested, and am therefore not looking at any new proposals.

Scion DTU's Smart Innovation

Smart Innovation seeks to help small and medium-sized companies develop their ideas and products. They look to accelerate companies in all areas of technology. From IT to robotics and sensors. Whether your product is too unfinished to participate will be determined by an assessment of your application.

Venkata Gandikota

Seasoned senior consulting, entrepreneurial, non-profit and investment leader with demonstrated ability to recognize and build strategies to capitalize on market opportunities, delivering data-driven solutions to global clients. Demonstrated leadership, deal-flow ownership, event production, operational, entrepreneurial and financial acumen, driving €10M+ of impact via effectively leading global cross-functional teams to achieve bottom-line and social impact.

Schibsted Growth

With an international perspective and offices in Oslo, Paris and Stockholm the Schibsted Growth team invests in ambitious digital companies with a plan to change the world. Schibsted Growth invests in ambitious digital companies that can create value for consumers or businesses.

Norsk Katapult

The Technology Foundation is located in Oslo, with the whole of Norway as a field of impact. The purpose is for the foundation's funds to come in handy and to promote technology development in Norwegian business and industry. Katapult-katalysator/Catapult is one of the current projects in cooperation with Næringshage and Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.

Karri Koskenkorva

Experienced Attorney-at-Law with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Corporate Law, Dispute Resolution, Privacy Law, International Law, European Law, Intellectual Property and Transactions. Strong legal professional with a Master of Laws from Helsinki yliopisto. Specialized in SME companies - development and managing challenges.

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