Servisen Investment Management

A Swedish venture capital fund located in Stockholm. Their goal is to develop “best of class” companies generating returns beyond expectations. They do through investments and by actively engaging in the management of their portfolio companies.
Type VC

Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Growth and expansion
Investment range
€ < 25K
€ 25 - 50K
€ 50 - 100K
€ 100 - 500K
€ 0,5 - 1M
€ 1 - 5M
€ > 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
Investing in countries
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Focus areas

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Energy & Greentech
Energy & Greentech
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
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Mamia Music

Key people

Investment Manager, Owner, Chairman
Anders Lönnqvist
Investment Manager
Frank Bonn

Invests in SDGs

More about Servisen Investment Management

Servisen has a broad investment scope and doesn’t exclude any specific area of business. They seek to diversify their investments by focusing their efforts on a blend of mature companies, growth companies, wholly owned businesses and financial investments.



The fund was established in the early 1990 ‘s and it quickly became one of Sweden’s primary options trading and options trading systems companies. In 1992 it was acquired by Anders Lönnqvist, who is the current owner of Servisen. They have since their founding invested in over 100 small-to-medium sized companies.


How much do they invest?

They approach each company differently depending on their business groups. Their investment strategy involves establishing value creation plans for each company, focusing on operational efficiency, growth, capital and industrial structure and organizational changes likely to generate the greatest value. They are always actively engaged in the management of their portfolio companies.


How do they work?

You apply for funding, by sending a brief description of your project to Frank Bonn, Investment Manager of Servisen. Your pitch can be sent in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a word document or as a short teaser. If your proposal is found interesting, you will be contacted for further negotiation.


This makes a difference to them

They believe good management to be the prime resource when building a successful company. The interests of management and the directors of the board should be aligned. They believe linking the owner compensation to value creation to be the best way to accomplish this.

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