A European venture capital firm, dedicated to investments in the field of life science. Their investment strategy is focused on diseases with high unmet medical needs and breakthrough therapies. Through their investments, HealthCap wants to change medical practice and the lives of patients.
Type VC

Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Growth and expansion
Investment range
€ 0,5 - 1M
€ 1 - 5M
€ > 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies
Investing in countries
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Focus areas

Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science

Invests in SDGs

More about HealthCap

HealthCap is a specialized provider of venture capital. Their investments are exclusively focused on the field of life science. They support companies developing targeted therapies for rare diseases, cancer, and genetic diseases.



HealthCap was founded in 1996. Since then, the fund has raised more than EUR 1 billion, backed and built more than 100 companies and taken more than 30 companies public. They have furthermore developed more than 20 pharmaceutical products and brought more than 40 innovative medical device products to market.


How much do they invest?

HealthCap’s investments vary significantly, depending on the prospects of the venture. Previous Series A investments have been made between $3.9 million and $124 million.


How do they work?

After receiving an investment proposal, HealthCap will evaluate whether or not the project lives up to their criteria. If the business opportunity is estimated to be favorable, the entrepreneurs will be invited to a meeting where they will present a more thorough pitch.


This makes a difference to them

HealthCap only makes an investment if there is a prospect of a timely exit at an attractive return.


Key People

Mr. Andrew Kay - Senior Advisor
Andrew brings more than 30 years of commercial and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical sector. He has held positions as CEO, Executive Director, Global Head of Marketing and Sales.

Prof. Bengt Samuelsson - Senior Advisor & Professor of Physiological Chemistry
He was former president of the Karolinska Institute. Prof. Samuelsson was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1982. He was also Chairman of the Nobel Foundation 1993-2005.


Startups they funded

Affibody, Sopherion Therapeutics, Inion OY, and Pharmion.

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