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Validé helps bridging the gap between innovative research and creating new businesses. Validé work together with employees and students from UiS, SUS, IRIS, NOFIMA, NIBIO and HSH, as well as Bioforsk West, Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund, Polytec, NVH Sandnes, Misjonshøgskolen og Helse Fonna. They focus mostly on environmental energy, oil & gas, ICT, health and bio technology.

Seed Capital

Seed Capital is Denmark's largest seed stage venture capital fund investing in technology companies.

Hatch CoLab

Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build social ventures that solve the most challenging problems of the world and drive social change. We are driven by our desire to be a positive force in the world and we truly believe in a future where impact ventures are considered essential to foster equality, better humanity and a sustainable world. In our program, with roots in Geneva but global reach, we provide them with the tools and connections to scale their impact-tech ventures.

Kristian Enger

Kristian has a long-standing engagement with social entrepreneurship, being a co-founder/advisor for Forandringsfabrikken from 2004. He is also an active angel investor, advisor and board member for different startups and accelerator programs. Kristian is aiming to help talented people & facilitate growth for promising startup using tech as means of change.

IMPACT Growth Fund

IMPACT partners manages investment funds with and for social impacts. IMPACT partners also promotes an inclusive economy by supporting great entrepreneurs all over Europe. With more than 150 portfolio companies and €200M under management, IMPACT partners proves that we are able to achieve both social and financial performances.

Tharald Nustad

Tharald is a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech sector. He is the founder of Nordic Impact, a company that incubates and invests in social/environmental impact tech startups and impact funds. He is co-founder Katapult Future Fest, Katapult Accelerator, Katapult Ocean.

Welfare Tech Invest

Administered by Accelerace, Welfare Tech Invest seeks to help companies in the Region of Southern Denmark expand.

Forward Venture Capital

Forward Venture Capital is a private equity firm that invests in early-stage companies that provide clever solutions to new or existing problems. Their investments are typically in Seed or Series-A rounds, and they take a long-term approach. Although they don’t pass on good opportunities elsewhere, their focus is on tech investments in Northern Europe and the Rocky Mountain States.

AAU Inkubator

In the Incubator you will find a startup community and workspaces, where entrepreneurs have a place to work on their startups and where guidance is always just around the corner The AAU Inkubator hosts a series of workshops, programs and social events that gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to start up your business venture. Through our events your will learn to test and validate business ideas, build a strong business concept, and learn how to get your business off the ground running

Caspar Høgh

Investor and advisor for start-ups making an impact on the environment. Interested in companies at all stages.

Otto Bruuns Fond

The Otto Bruuns Foundation supports research in Danish industry and the development, as well as the development of industrial inventions and other purposes of general social interest by entrepreneurs and inventors. The support is provided in the form of grants and in some cases subordinate capital, and the fund supports individuals - inventors, entrepreneurs and students - as well as institutions and companies.


VUDP (Vandsektorens Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram), has been established in accordance with the Water Sector Act. VUDP is established for the purpose of uniting and strengthening water companies to promote, develop and demonstrate water technology and efficiency. There will be focus on projects that can further develop the water companies towards a higher degree of sustainability, quality, security of supply and efficiency.

Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the corporate venture capital arm of the Maersk Group who invest in early stage (seed to A-round) start-ups under the umbrella “Building the Future of Trade”. They invest in the technologies and startups that will shape the future of trade. As an investor, Maersk Growth provides more than funds. They use Maersk Growth's global infrastructure and operational expertise to power exponential growth.

Björn Jeffery

I'm an entrepreneur that works within media and technology. My main interest and driver is to identify and understand the underlying systems that control why things happen, and then create something that works well with them. I'm an abstract and strategic thinker. I'm skilled in pulling pieces apart, putting them back together again, and communicating why we are doing it to my team and the outside world.

VF Venture Debt

The venture debt product is a loan aimed at mature startups, who already have (or are in the process) of securing equity funding from a venture capital fund. Apart from the right to receive payment of interests and the principal, the lender (Vækstfonden) will receive a few warrants, by which Vækstfonden can subscribe for shares in the company.

Nordic Eye

The Nordic Eye is a Danish Venture capital firm based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles, California. They invest in carefully selected and mainly Nordic early-growth companies in tech and lifestyle business areas. They look for companies that can scale globally and where they can add value while helping to provide great exit opportunities within approximately five years.

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