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Innovestor is a startup venture investor and financial services company, with the largest private venture backed portfolio in the Nordics.


Tuborgfondet and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship are collaborating in the Micro grant initiative for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to put a focus on young entrepreneurs and new businesses that are driven by solving big global challenges. We will seek to strengthen these young entrepreneurs, among others by distributing 150 SDG micro grants over the next three years.

Pertti Korkhonen

Pertti Korhonen is Board Professional, industrial Advisor and Investor active in start-up and listed companies in several industries. He has a long career as an Executive and CEO. His current duties include e.g Chairmanship of DNA plc and Business Finland, and Board Membership of Climate Leadership Coalition.

Delta Capital

Delta Capital is a privately held venture capital firm dedicated to realizing the full potential of start-ups. The firm is founded by serial entrepreneurs whom all have first-hand experience in building multimillion-dollar companies from scratch. In addition to providing traditional venture capital financing, they have an in-house incubator, only offered to selected entrepreneurs, that covers all the needs of a start-up wanting to get a head-start and increase the chance of success.


LIFE is the EU subsidy scheme for nature, environment and climate. The program provides support for projects that contribute to the implementation of EU environmental and climate policy.

Dan Nilsson

I started working with web design, web development and e-commerce in 1998 as an employee. In 2002 I started my first company and I had my first e-commerce project online in 2003 on my own platform. Through the years I have started, co-founded or invested in over 20 e-commerce projects.


An incubator focused on developing solutions within social innovation. SoCentral brings together entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from different sectors to find solutions to societal challenges.

Danish Business Angels

Copenhagen-based business angel network backed by 90 active investors and several financial companies.

ELY Centre

The founder of the company must secure the company's financing for the start-up and start-up phase, either through equity or external financing. The ELY Center can also contribute to the financing of company development projects. Funding is always granted on a discretionary basis, and there are different conditions for obtaining funding, which must be met by the applicant and the project. ELY experts can find out more about funding policies, project eligibility and how to apply for support.

Niklas Adalberth

Niklas is a Swedish business manager and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of the Swedish bank Klarna Bank AB and founder of the Norrsken Foundation, which support and invest in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, whatever we believe makes most sense to have a positive impact on society.

Business Finland Company Funding

Determined to accelerate the international growth of the most promising Finnish startups. The fund is intended for a startup that has been in operation for less than five years. You need a proven business concept and you should already have customers. Business Finland funding can be applied for by companies registered in Finland.

Maria Pennanen

Maria's passion is to support startups in the early and growth phase. She believes that DLT and AI is going to disrupt the way we do business today. She has 10 years of experience in startups and 17 years in corporates with up to $800 million in P&L (sales, strategy, growth, people). Maria has advised over a hundred start-ups. She was nominated in 2018 and 2019 as one of Europe’s most influential women in Startups and VCs.

Investor Hub Viborg

Investor Hub Viborg is an investment fund founded by a broad investor base of successful business owners from multiple industries organized with a professional and lean fund management. We are targeting ambitions companies looking for an active investor. We have a broad network of competence partners, who can add industry knowledge in several sectors and as a fund we are industry agnostic.

Linda Liukas

Linda Liukas is an internationally acclaimed speaker whose past clients include Google (US), Nokia Siemens (FI), Wired (UK), MIT (US), Rakuten (JP), New York Department of Education (US), City of Stockholm (SWE), NGV (AU), Gemalto (FR), Mahindra (IN) and Schibsted (ES).

Bumble Ventures

Bumble Ventures is a Copenhagen-based venture capital fund. We invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups in the Nordics. We are generalists and industry agnostic, but have a strong track record with B2B SaaS, iGaming, E-sports and Direct-to-Consumer. We help founders architect and execute their ideal escape velocity blueprint and land the best possible Series A round. Our engagement style is sleeves-up and hands-on, and our value-add occurs in-between the board meetings, not only at them. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, not investment bankers.

Norsk Katapult

The Technology Foundation is located in Oslo, with the whole of Norway as a field of impact. The purpose is for the foundation's funds to come in handy and to promote technology development in Norwegian business and industry. Katapult-katalysator/Catapult is one of the current projects in cooperation with Næringshage and Stiftelsen Teknologiformidling.

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