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Aapo Bovellan

Investor in innovative, early stage companies. Experience as an early shareholder in 24 companies, including one decacorn. 16 of the investments to date are through Proxy, world's first venture capital company with its own brand studio designing brands for all of it's portfolio companies.

Ålesund Kunnskapspark / ÅKP

ÅKP bidrar til å skape fremtidens arbeidsplasser og en attraktiv bo- og arbeidsregion. ÅKP fasiliterer flere prosjekter knyttet til innovasjon, næringsutvikling og samfunnsbygging i regionen. I ÅKP kan du som gründer få råd og veiledning i spørsmål knyttet til etablering av egen bedrift. Innovasjonssystemet ÅKP er Sunnmøres eget nyskapingsmiljø beregnet både for eksisterende bedrifter og nyetablerere.


We believe that the best source of new treatments comes from identifying, shaping and strengthening early drug innovation. We want to challenge and apply science in combination with creativity and entrepreneurship to maximize health care value for society.

Connecting Capital

An Investment Company with roots in Swedish industry and genuine understanding of the entrepreneur. Their investment strategy is based on long-term ownership, contributing with knowledge competence, and capital.

Finn Strøm Madsen

Board and Executive Management - Experienced global executive leader in B2B - Working for listed companies and private equity - Turnaround, restructuring and Change Management - Renewables, Cleantech, wind energy - M&A and business development - Strategy Development and Performance Management - Highly result-oriented and performance driven - Industry, Technology, IPR, Quality - Product-, Technology- and Competence- Roadmaps - Asset Management, Reliability and Diagnostics F33

Kjeller Innovasjon

They aim to generate value for the society by commercialising opportunities provided by research.

Jannick B. Pedersen

Since 2010, I have spent considerable time studying exponential technologies and their impact on our future. I have attended several Singularity University programs, and I have co-authored "Face the Future", co-founded DareDisrupt and arranged conferences and spoken to numerous audiences to reduce fear and unleash creativity. I am a positivist - I believe the future will be so much better.

Janicke Allers

I am working as an investor and advisor for growth and start-up companies. I work closely with and within the innovation ecosystem connected to several support organisations and investment organisations in Bergen. I run my own investment company. In addition I am part of the Privanet team in Norway and active member of Connect BAN Bergen and Tripod Capital Collective. I also engage in organisations and events supporting entrepeneurship like InnovasjonsukenOPP.

Katapult Accelerator

Katapult Accelerator is an Oslo-based accelerator program supporting impact startups with a tech foundation.

Creathor Venture

A Venture Capital Fund with offices in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Zurich and a Swedish office in Stockholm.

Fredrik Posse

Since the 1980's, I have been finding and joining talented entrepreneurs with great, globally scalable projects: as a partner, advisor, venture catalyst, co-entrepreneur. Since 2012, however, I am fully engaged in the development of Soundtrap and plan to continue with that for several years. I have been working with startups and business development in different industries e.g. clean-tech, IT, entertainment and music


VIS contributes to solve challenges in our society efficiently, making sure that knowledge and ideas quickly turns into benefits for the society at large. Researchers, entrepreneurs and established businesses contact VIS with challenges and ideas that we further develop together. Our ambition is to be the natural supporter of scientists, entrepreneurs and students with results or ideas. The goal is for the idea to be successful in the future, and to deliver better services, products and processes to society. VIS has the collaborative skills that is needed so that the Western Norway’s ecosystem for innovation and growth can have width, focus and ambition. Our business developers and consultants provide relevant advice, links different environments, implements projects, and allows you to use our extensive expertise. - VIS gives advice: We have extensive expertise in advising on business development and innovation. - VIS builds networks: We find partners and funding for entrepreneurial projects and research-based innovation projects. - VIS conducts: We carry out new establishments and innovation processes.

BioInnovation Institute

BII is a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative. In the first three years of operation, until the end of 2020, BII has been granted DKK 392 million. After this establishment phase has been evaluated, the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Board of Directors will decide whether to establish BII as an independent foundation and grant funding for the next seven years of operation.


Industrifonden is a Nordic venture capital investor with an evergreen fund, focusing on technology and life science.

Nordic Impact Investing Network

Making impact investment mainstream. The Nordic Impact Investing Network (NIIN) connects the venture ecosystem in the Nordics, driving action and capital flow to tackle the world’s largest problems.

Epistemic EU USA Venture Fund

A venture fund focussing on enterprise automation. Luxembourg based, with a global reach. Presence in Luxembourg, Oslo, Helsinki, and San Francisco.

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