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Forward Venture Capital

Forward Venture Capital is a private equity firm that invests in early-stage companies that provide clever solutions to new or existing problems. Their investments are typically in Seed or Series-A rounds, and they take a long-term approach. Although they don’t pass on good opportunities elsewhere, their focus is on tech investments in Northern Europe and the Rocky Mountain States.

Nordic Impact Investing Network

Making impact investment mainstream. The Nordic Impact Investing Network (NIIN) connects the venture ecosystem in the Nordics, driving action and capital flow to tackle the world’s largest problems.

Venkata Gandikota

Seasoned senior consulting, entrepreneurial, non-profit and investment leader with demonstrated ability to recognize and build strategies to capitalize on market opportunities, delivering data-driven solutions to global clients. Demonstrated leadership, deal-flow ownership, event production, operational, entrepreneurial and financial acumen, driving €10M+ of impact via effectively leading global cross-functional teams to achieve bottom-line and social impact.

Ira Stening

I am a growth driven leader & foresight strategist with 20 years of experience in consultative sales, creation of digital information services, efficient strategy work and leadership. My experience ranges from working in multinational corporations in the construction, telecommunications, utilities and retail industries to delivering growth & renewal as an advisor to publicly listed companies and growth businesses.


CoFounder gives an all-round help and invests pre-seed capital in interesting businesses. Their main focus is oil & gas, ICT and aquaculture. They invest regardless of the phase, if they take interest in your project.

Next Step Challenge

High-growth companies have the opportunity for systematic business development and access to a unique eco-system amongst established corporates, industry specialists, business experts, technologists and investors.


We believe that the best source of new treatments comes from identifying, shaping and strengthening early drug innovation. We want to challenge and apply science in combination with creativity and entrepreneurship to maximize health care value for society.

Gorilla Ventures

VC dedicated to pre-seed and seed investments in Finnish startups! Gorilla Ventures exclusively make seed investments in Finnish startups. On a yearly basis they invest in 10-15 companies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Norad

A large proportion of the grants are awarded to development projects, but support is also provided to projects in key foreign policy areas such as security, Arctic issues, EU/EEA affairs, cultural cooperation, and public diplomacy. Grants allocated under the Ministry's budget may be managed by the Ministry, Norad, FK Norway, or other agencies.


The aim of Swelife and Medtech4Health joint call for project proposals, is to help maintain Sweden’s position as a leading life science nation. The goal is to promote innovation for better healthcare and sustainable growth in the life science sector in Sweden.

CapCo ApS

CapCo is the investment vehicle 100% owned by Cornelia Müller. Having a strong background in Mobile Telecoms and since 2005 in Web and Mobile Startups herself, Cornelia has invested as an angel investor in several startups all over the world, incl. South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and of course Europe. I enjoy helping the startups get off the ground in a very early stage, before a ''proper'' first investment round can take place. My focus is on digital, mobile (Apps-based) and mostly B2C solutions and I have also been part of one of the earliest impact investment funds in SEA. Currently B2B and agriculture are topics that I want to explore more. Having recently moved to Denmark (with my Danish husband) and after spending almost 20 years all over the world, it is now time to focus on startups here and in Europe. I grew up in Germany and Switzerland and also still have some roots there.


They fund more efficient energy consumption and want to increase the production of “new” renewable energy.

Greenwise Invest

The Greenwise Invest is trying to contribute to a greener tomorrow. We wish to invest in upstarts that are align with our mission. We are entrepreneurs from the gaming world with export expertise to the whole world. We worked with plastic sleeves to protect the gaming cards and now wish to use money from that enterprise to protect the environment.

Niklas Adalberth

Niklas is a Swedish business manager and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of the Swedish bank Klarna Bank AB and founder of the Norrsken Foundation, which support and invest in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, whatever we believe makes most sense to have a positive impact on society.


At the Danish Energy Agency we make a difference every day. In Denmark and in countries around the world. We see climate change as the biggest task we have to help solve. We know we need to think ambitiously, and we know we need to think new. Our goal is a smart, green transition where Denmark is ahead and Danish experience is applied globally. Where new solutions and a secure supply come together.


Access2innovation er den danske platform for innovative, bæredygtige, kommercielle løsninger til de afrikanske vækstmarkeder. Siden 2007 har platformen skabt over 70 partnerskaber med virksomheder, NGO’er, investorer, vidensinstitutioner og myndigheder ved at tilbyde netværk, finansiering og ekspertise i innovation og forretningsudvikling.

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