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Bonnier Ventures

The financially driven venture arm of the Nordic media group Bonnier. The company makes minority investments in fast growing digital companies across multiple growth stages and sectors, i.e. Digital health, Marketplaces, B2B and FinTech.

Martin Hauge

It’s four years since I left my role as General Partner in Creandum which I held for 11 years, but I am still staying in touch with my old colleagues as a stake holder in the Creandum funds while being a board member at the Guernsey based Creandum GP Fund IV and V.


They fund more efficient energy consumption and want to increase the production of “new” renewable energy.

Shamon Tainer Hanna

MBA in International business from European school of economics. Entrepreneur & Investor posses strong background in startup, marketing, sales and business strategies. Co-founder Fairlo- financial services made truly fair. 8 years within MTG (Kinnevik) where I worked with sales and marketing both operational and strategical.

Equinor Energy Ventures

Equinor Energy Ventures is one of the world’s largest corporate venture funds dedicated to investing in attractive and ambitious growth companies in renewable energy. The fund was established in February 2016 as part of Equinor’s business within New Energy Solutions, reflecting the company’s aspirations to gradually complement its oil and gas portfolio with profitable renewable energy and low-carbon solutions.

Investo Capital

Investo Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Denmark. Their team has for more than two decades been actively involved in Nordic venture and private equity, actively helping entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into transformative businesses.


Tillväxtverket, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.


Ineosito is an industrial partner and active investor assisting startups to scale up, mainly in energy, production, aquaculture and health.

Smart Incubator

Smart Incubator is one of Norway’s most ambitious incubator environments within the areas of smart technology, energy, smart city and sustainable business models.

GLD Invest

GLD Invest is a private company GLD Invest is a private company investing in the early venture phase of companies across most business fields.

Nordic Capital

Nordic Capital support the development of enduring companies, create long term value, and generate superior returns to their investors. Since 2003 they are investing through Fund VIII. It is diversified, but with a special focus on healthcare investments. They invest mostly in large and medium sized companies, targeting the Nordic region and German speaking countries. They often invest buy-out opportunities.

Bumble Ventures

We help entrepreneurs mature early-stage startups into exceptional businesses. Our target investment markets are Copenhagen, Aarhus, Berlin, Oslo and Helsinki. We partner with founders that mirror our own values. Meaning teams consisting of hungry, execution-driven professionals, who have a clear understanding of the problem they're trying to solve.

Propel Capital AB

Propel Capital AB is an investment company established in 2014 by the Swedish business accelerator STING. The capital comes from 40 of Sweden's most active business angels.

Mist Ventures

Mist Ventures invests in technology-based companies (deep tech) based on proprietary technology superior to to competition. Our main areas of specialization, where we possess strong technological and industry backgrounds, are: embedded software, hardwave, ASIC, telecom, machine learning, and algorithms.


A BRIGHTER STORY TO TELL Racism, pollution, climate change, war and terror. The world may seem grey and dull. That is why Colorich was founded on a dream to create a diverse community where people aiming to do good benefit from each other, sharing networks, knowledge, business and fun. ON A MORE FORMAL NOTE Colorich is investing time (Development, UX/UI + Branding) or money in other companies offering services or products supporting our over all vision "Erase Alienation and Save the Planet.

Balderton Capital

A Venture Capital fund with a strong focus on European tech startups. Balderton Capital is the largest Europe focused venture fund. Their funds are totaling $2,3 billion. They believe in long-term investments, supporting their portfolio companies from start to exit.

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