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Fjord Invest

Fjord Invest is an investment company located in Sogn og Fjordane. They invest in growth companies in the west and south of Norway. Fjord invest’s active fund is a govern one to help small business start up in Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Rogaland, Vest-Agder and Øst-Agder. Your business will need to be located in one of these counties. Fjord Invest focuses mostly on oil & gas, ICT, energy & environment and marine.

Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute promotes international exchange within the areas of culture, education, and research. The goal is to strengthen the work of sustainable development in our partner countries and create important relationships for Sweden.

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator will support promising oncology biotech to commercialize successfully.

Proneo AS

Proneo AS is an innovation consulting company based in Trøndelag county in Norway. The company is private and non-profit.

Industriens Fond

The Foundation supports projects that generate application-oriented knowledge, new competences and innovation, benefiting the industry. Through inspiration and project development, the Foundation's means must help bridge cooperation between science and business. As well as supporting application-based projects, the Foundation also develops its own strategic initiatives within areas that can contribute to an overall strengthening of the industry and business communities.

Expon Capital

A VC firm based in Luxembourg, investing in ambitious startups addressing at least one of the UN SDG goals.

Pekka Vartiainen

* Member of FIBAN 2011-18 * Member of DIrectors' Institute of Finland 2011-17 * Member of Hallituspartnerit Helsinki from 2015 * Executive Board member at Cargotec, listed Finnish multinational, 7 yrs * MD for Sales companies in The Netherlands and Nordic Countries at ESAB, 8 yrs * Vast Management Experience in Global B-to-B companies * Several Board chairman and board member positions in Europe and APAC for above mentioned multinational group companies


Sitra launches and implements projects together with the private, public and third sector, all aimed at increasing sustainable well-being in Finland. The range of our projects is broad, and includes those that run for several years as well as short-term trials. Our themes are Capacity for renewal, Carbon-neutral circular economy and New working life and the sustainable economy.

Søren Bram Blidorf

Investing in various fields with a passion for development and digital disruption to create a more efficient society


VUDP (Vandsektorens Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram), has been established in accordance with the Water Sector Act. VUDP is established for the purpose of uniting and strengthening water companies to promote, develop and demonstrate water technology and efficiency. There will be focus on projects that can further develop the water companies towards a higher degree of sustainability, quality, security of supply and efficiency.

Jesper Højberg Christensen

Jesper is investing in scale up companies and as Vice Chairman of DanBAN - Danish Business Angels - he fights for better political conditions for disruptive innovators through his thought leadership and frequent public engagements. Jesper is on the board of many of the companies he has founded: Nextwork A/S, K-forum, Advice A/S, Advice Digital A/S, Groupcare, World Climate Ltd. and 8 others.

Mosaic Ventures

Mosaic Ventures is a new Silicon Valley-style venture capital firm based in London. They focus on Series A investments. Mosaic Ventures are industry agnostic but prefer to invest in original products and radical innovation.

A. P. Møller Fonden

There are three types of grants available: - AP Moller and Wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Moller Foundation for General Purposes (AP Moller Foundation) - The AP Møllerske Støttefond (Støttefonden) - The Fund for the Advancement of Medicine

Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the corporate venture capital arm of the Maersk Group who invest in early stage (seed to A-round) start-ups under the umbrella “Building the Future of Trade”. They invest in the technologies and startups that will shape the future of trade. As an investor, Maersk Growth provides more than funds. They use Maersk Growth's global infrastructure and operational expertise to power exponential growth.


At the Danish Energy Agency we make a difference every day. In Denmark and in countries around the world. We see climate change as the biggest task we have to help solve. We know we need to think ambitiously, and we know we need to think new. Our goal is a smart, green transition where Denmark is ahead and Danish experience is applied globally. Where new solutions and a secure supply come together.


I Proventia har vi fokus på å bidra til å utvikle gode forretningsidéer til lønnsomme bedrifter i Telemark.

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