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LIFE is the EU subsidy scheme for nature, environment and climate. The program provides support for projects that contribute to the implementation of EU environmental and climate policy.

Agera Venture

Agera Venture accelerates ambitious scale-ups through expertise, capital and network.

CapCo ApS

CapCo is the investment vehicle 100% owned by Cornelia Müller. Having a strong background in Mobile Telecoms and since 2005 in Web and Mobile Startups herself, Cornelia has invested as an angel investor in several startups all over the world, incl. South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and of course Europe. I enjoy helping the startups get off the ground in a very early stage, before a ''proper'' first investment round can take place. My focus is on digital, mobile (Apps-based) and mostly B2C solutions and I have also been part of one of the earliest impact investment funds in SEA. Currently B2B and agriculture are topics that I want to explore more. Having recently moved to Denmark (with my Danish husband) and after spending almost 20 years all over the world, it is now time to focus on startups here and in Europe. I grew up in Germany and Switzerland and also still have some roots there.

Frederik Vind

Passionate about startup, entrepreneurship, impact and growth My area of expertise is people & organisation, growth & impact and sales & business development, primarily in B2B. I work as an independent Venture Developer supporting early-stage tech startups on their growth.

Nordic Capital

Nordic Capital support the development of enduring companies, create long term value, and generate superior returns to their investors. Since 2003 they are investing through Fund VIII. It is diversified, but with a special focus on healthcare investments. They invest mostly in large and medium sized companies, targeting the Nordic region and German speaking countries. They often invest buy-out opportunities.

Raja Skogland

I am an entrepreneur at heart who strongly believes in the limitless human potential and I am dedicated to empowering my peers. Since 2015, I have been helping 1000s of entrepreneurs build their network, gain knowledge and access capital, to be able to start and successfully grow their startup.


ELFORSK is Dansk Energi's research and development program. We support end-user research and development in efficient energy use. ELFORSK supports projects that ensure efficient and flexible use of electricity and energy in buildings and industry. This Includes new knowledge about consumer behavior that can support the green transition. We also support the substitution of fossil fuels with electricity-based alternatives, as part of the electrification.


Describing themselves as the most active investor in the Nordics eEquity works tightly together with their companies to accelerate growth and maintain profitability. They are a Stockholm based venture capital fund, with an ambition of building large market leader within the field of internet retailing.

Liss og Egon Kristiansens Fond

Elkær Group's founders come from humble beginnings, but the family has a tradition of helpfulness, loyalty and generosity to others. As the business grew, opportunities arose to provide moral and financial support, including for those who were doing their best but had inadvertently ended up in need. This could be those who dreamed of building an independent future through their own efforts and hard work, or employees and others with links to the family who found themselves in difficulty.

Saga Forss

As an investor, my industrial sector focus is food, wellness, fitness and health. In special circumstances I might invest in other areas as well. I invest in small, early stage (turnover 0-1 M€) entrepreneur lead Companies or small mature (1-5 M€) Companies with international potential. Specialties: Mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory, negotiations, food, wellness, health, food concepts, impact investing and entrepreneurship.

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society

Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society is distributing funds to the civil society in the form of support for organisations, projects and international cooperation.

Kjeller Innovasjon

They aim to generate value for the society by commercialising opportunities provided by research.

Malin Berge

Angel investor. Driving strategic growth at Mastercard with key focus on inclusive growth, better societies and overall connecting private/public partners to achieve the global goals.

Agder Energi Venture

Agder Energi Venture looks to invest in companies in the Energy business, from an early to mature phase. Agder Energi is Norway’s third largest energy group of hydroelectric production. The Agder Energi Venture fund is focused on renewable energy and related technology, including smart grid & energy efficiency, decentralized production, suppliers to renewable energy production and digitalization.


Minc is a non-profit accelerator program with the mission to make Malmö one of Europe’s best cities for entrepreneurs and startups. They offer business development, creative workspaces, network and programs designed for entrepreneurs in Malmö.

LEGO Ventures

LEGO Ventures is the venture capital arm of the LEGO® brand, focusing on the future of learning, creativity, and play.

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